Review of The Crossing Marlborough Pinot Noir

Now my wine of the week this week is a Pinot noir from new zealand from the South island the malborough region of Course home to so much sauvignon blanc But i have to say the pinots from Marlborough have been getting better and Better over recent decades And this is a good example of that this Is the crossings Malborough pinot noir 2018 It’s for sale for around about 12 pounds 80 from divine fine wines and From a whole host of independent Merchants for between around that 1280 And 15 pound mark i’m going to put a List of all the retailers i can find at The end of this video so interestingly This wine comes from the avatiri valley Which is a southern valley and the Original valley of marlborough where we Think of the sauvignon blancs is waiaroo Towards the north of the region but Further and further south cooler and More exposed to the oceans influence we Have valleys like the southern valleys And in this case our terry valley And that cool climate suits this pinot Very well 30 alcohol a little bit of Aging oak barrels too on the nose Well it’s one of those quite savory Pinots there is a little bit of kind of Cherry and maybe a kind of red currant Fruit there’s also quite a lot of kind

Of beetroot notes in here slightly Truffley slightly rhubarb those slightly More vegetal characters which are very Valid expressions of pinot noir And in the palette Well more of that dry cranberry red Currant fruit A little bit of kind of briar wooden Brush wood a little bit of smokiness and Vanilla also from the barrel aging Good spice to the finish of this as well As those Subtle red fruits And nice balancing acidity in tannin It’s a well balanced savory style Lighter very lighting color of pinot Noir from marlborough This is the crossings Maltrepinoid 2018 For sale at around about 13 pounds to 14 Pounds per bottle from divine fine wines And a number of other retailers about to Come up on your screen my wine of the Week [Music] So [Music] You