Review of The.Dot, Austrian Pepper Grüner Veltliner 2020

Over to austria for this week’s wine of The week and their signature grape Gruner veldliner and this wine is a new One on me And in fact this is the 2020 vintage Which is not in all shops yet a lot of Them i think are still listing at least Online Listing the 2019 so you might want to Check that before you buy This is the dot austrian pepper Grinnerville cleaner 2020 and it’s Selling in independent stores And there’s a few range of prices out There i found it online for between 9.99 and 13.99 uh list at the end of the Video Of all the stockists i can find to the Cheapest seem to be Ancient sellers in oxford and vilner of Wines Who are based close to edinburgh online Too of course So it comes from vinegar traffic a Well-known austrian producer But this is a special label if there’s a Kind of trendy label called the dot And the fact that it’s called austrian Pepper reflects the fact that glue Gruner veltliner can have that peppery Aspect to it so on the nose of this one Very bright and lots of pear fruit here Youthful can appear fruit

But also there is that sprinkling of Kind of white pepper over it too just to Give it a little bit of an extra kind of Free song there Then on the palette Well there’s a bit of spritz to this Wine this young wine Which gives it an extra burst of kind of Vivacious quality And but it floods with that really ripe Sweet pear and apple fruit clean and Fresh Along those those white fruit lines and Ending with a little bit of citrus zest To to give it even more kind of spark Um it’s a really nice example of a Greener velvet layer at a reasonable Price And a nice modern interpretation of the Style And fish and seafood maybe soft white Cheeses A lot of good things would this would Match with very well And it is my wine of the week this is The Dot austrian pepper grinnerville winner This is the 2020 vintage and it is my Wine Of the week [Music] You