Review of the Dynamite Factory sauvignon blanc 2022 from South Africa

[Music] [Music] Thank you I admit to have become a little bit Cynical about wine Brands seems to be a Flood of them at the moment people Sending me samples of wines and looking At a seven to ten pound range which is a New brand from some big Australian or South African or French company but a Lot of them very kind of Undistinguished just very kind of boring Wines that are pretty average and the Only thing they have got going for them Is some smart branding and however I Retain an open mind and here's a new Brand uh in Sainsbury's and Morrisons at Nine pounds there's also a red partner To the sauvignon blanc at nine pounds The reds or Shiraz and it comes from a Big company called Accolade wines but Specifically from one of the um wineries Within their portfolio the flagstone Wine Company in South Africa which Started out as a local and booty Corporation it's now part of a big Company but the wines still made in Their original Factory which is a 1901 Dynamite Factory which was kind of Repurposed as a winery hence the label Here the dynamite Factory sauvignon Blanc 2022 so if you see nine pounds in Sainsbury's Morrisons and

It's a souvenir in sourced from very Cool areas of South Africa like Elgin And elim And also made in a style which I guess Is more on the kind of tropical buoyant Exotic fruit Spectrum than the very Aggressive grassy spectrum and I quite Like that in this wine the Aromas are of Kind of mango and Peach then on the Palette Well again juicy Lychee mango A nice streak of lime acidity to freshen Up the Finish quite well balanced And it's a Sauvignon block that drinks Very nicely 12 and a half percent Alcohol with enough freshness but also That tropicality Um enough to go with goat's cheese Certainly always a banker but it's a Very broadly food friendly or even Aperitif style so another new brand but Uh in this case I like this wine and It's also carbon neutral certified it is The dynamite Factory sauvignon blanc 2022 pick it up in Morrisons or Sainsbury's at nine pounds like all of These Brands look for deals too and it Is by wine of the week [Music] [Music] Thank you