Review of The Society’s, Exhibition Santorini Assyrtiko

The volcanic greek island of santorini Is kind of synonymous with one grape Variety and that grape variety is a Certico And it’s something if you haven’t come Across it before deliver such a lovely Kind of combination now i haven’t been To a santorini but i’ve seen the Pictures and i can imagine it and this Wine kind of sums up the Sunshine of the mediterranean the lemon Groves of the mediterranean along with That kind of really quite wild salty Seaside character of this volcanic Island in the med and i think it does it Wonderfully well this is the society’s Exhibition Assertico From santorini it’s a 2020 vintage and it’s for sale from the Wine society it’s one of their own label Wines at 14 pounds and 95 pounds now i Know the vines for this wine are 50 years old and it’s made in a Wonderfully kind olympic fresh style on The nose Well masses of kind of Fresh lemon and slightly hairy slightly Floral character here it is like walking Through a lemon grove i can just imagine That and there is that saline that salty Touch too which suggests the seaside and Then the pallet

Absolutely beautiful there is no Shortage of fruit here It doesn’t quite make it into the Peachy ripeness but it does have some Softness and elegance it’s not at all a Steer but then that big sweep of lemon Acidity that saltiness that fresh ozone Tang of the seaside comes bursting Through And an absolutely delicious wine Great with fish and seafood and although It’s not cheap i guess at 1495 a really Distinctive wine of A great expression of a circle from Santorini The society’s exhibition ascertico 2020 priced at 1495 Is my wine of the week [Music] You