Review of The Underworld, Grenache Blanc 2018, a white wine from South Africa

Now south africa is for me one of the Most exciting Wine nations on the planet ever since The fall of apartheid there has been a Kind of renewed Zeal amongst the winemakers loads of new Winemakers coming into the profession Lots of experimentation and exploration With New regions opening up new grapes being Discovered and Old vines being rediscovered and Repurposed From making brandy and port as they did A century ago To make really interesting fine wines This is the underworld grenache blanc 2018 it comes from the western cape in South africa And it’s for sale of 11 pounds 50 from Wood winters i’ll put a link to them at The end of the video And it’s on screen now um so the wine It’s a blend of fruit From two areas from the parallel a very Traditional area Where there’s some really old vine bush Vine Grenache blanc planted so these are Vines which are not trained in wires They simply grow as a bush from the Ground unsupported

Along with fruit from picconiers cliff a New area Much much further north even further North and swat land if you know your South african wines which has become Quite a trendy source again of Old vine fruit so it’s a wine which has A bit of the kind of natural wine feel To it You may not see it here but quite a kind Of deep buttercup Note to the colour and on the nose Something quite kind of earthy and Yeasty but also Lovely fruit it’s very much in the Spectrum of kind of Peach apricot a little bit of lemon zest In there too But a lovely nose very appealing made With wild yeasts which also Accents that kind of natural feel to the Wine And on the palate Um it is gorgeous um it’s a real Favorite of mines at the moment There’s a broad kind of expansive Texture to this wine Quite creamy quite wetty in the mouth But as well as that there’s kind of pin Sharp acidity And all of that kind of rounded waxy Lemons in there a lot of peach love Nectarine a lot of weight to the fruit Those stone fruit flavors but

Beautifully balanced Substantial yet very fresh and it’s a Great wine i would match this with Anything from You know from roast chicken to a kind of Tapas it’s like A broadly food friendly white because of That balance again of fruit Acidity and good texture this is the Underworld Grenache blanc 2018 vintage It comes from south africa and it’s for Sale from wood winters At 11 pounds 50 pair bottle it Is my wine of the week [Music] You