Review of The Wine Society, Bin #007 Encruzado 2019 wine

Portugal’s Dao region is a source of some really Good wines It’s a more inland slightly mountainous Region where the vineyards tend to be Planted at some Altitude and that combination of Altitude And its distance from the moderating Effect of the coast Means that the wines tend to retain very Good acidity With very good cool evenings to keep That acidity within the grapes As they develop this wine is a new one For the wine society It is their bin civen en cruzado 2019 it’s been made in association with One Of the wine society’s buyers joel locke Mw and it’s for sale at 11 pounds 50 From the wine society so in cruzado a Local indigenous grape of the dao region And Quite a lot of white wine made from Incredible in that region And this one unoaked so it’s all about The kind of freshness and expression Of the variety and on the nose A nice kind of herbal touch to this As well as that something quite serious A little bit of kind of melon skins or

Lemon rind To give it a little bit more than just Fruitiness although it does have a good Fruit And on the map on on the palate While the acidity is there and acidity Is really very good It has a kind of pithy lemon grapefruit Gonna drive to the wine But hanging around that it’s just a Little bit of something more peachy more Sweet It never goes into the full-blown Tropical it’s not that style of wine That stays quite Cool quite precise quite sharp always Using that little herbal edge A little bit of citrusy bite to the Acidity But a really nicely balanced savory wine Great for fish and seafood i would say It’s That style of kind of sharpness a Freshness Immediacy that if you really like a Chablis for example This should be kind of up your street The wine is the bin 7 encrusado 2019 It’s for sale in the wine society at 11 Pounds 50 per bottle And it is my wine of the week [Music] [Music] You