Review of The Wine Society Bobal 2018, wine review

This week’s win of the week Comes from the south of spain from close To valencia And it’s made from a grape variety Called bobal which you may not be Familiar with but it’s actually a really Widespread variety across spain And particularly in this area of the of The south And here it’s made 100 mobile grown Organically and certified organically This is the alto landon bobal 2018 it’s for sale in the wine society At eight pounds 95 per bottle and It’s a really interesting honest little Wine what i mean by honest is There’s nothing kind of tricked up about This wine i don’t think it sees any oak I don’t think it sees a lot of Manipulation it just seems like a really Honest rustic in the best sense of the Word Bottle of red wine on the nose Well spices and plummy Quite supple fruit in there quite a lot Of kind of fleshy plum in that Nose and that spiciness is definitely There again i think all of that coming From the fruit rather than from any Barrel And on the palate Lovely tannins are soft

And they’re quite creamy but there is That kind of grip to them that slightly Rustic grip which gives it a nice edge a Nice kind of Gastronomic quality very good acidity Kind of cherry bright acidity But then that creamier weight of plum Fruit too To give it a nice kind of mouthful a Richness Um making it quite a substantial wine But an absolute cracker for Simple foods i would say and put this With a really good Pizza put it with a really good bowl of Tomatoey ragu Pasta and with chili corn carne it’s got That bit of weight Um 14 alcohol bit of muscle behind it But a lovely creaminess and honesty too This from the wine society at 895 Is the alto london corn altura Bobal 2018 vintage It’s organically certified and it is my Wine Of the week [Music] You