Review of three Sparkling Wines for Christmas 2022

[Music] Thank you First of my seasonal sparkling wines is Not from Champagne it's a cover and it's A really nice car but it comes from the Big Rioja House of Kuni who's a ryokus I'm sure you've had in the past but they Also make kapha this one the Kuni Cava Non-vintage is in Majestic now it's 14.99 but if you buy it in one of their Mixed six deals or you're buying it in Scotland the price Falls to 9.99 and in 9.99 it is highly recommendable I have To say so it's not made from Chardonnay Or Pinot Noir some clappers these days Are it's made from the traditional Grapes of Cava zarelu parallada and Macabillo and it's aged in original Barrels it's aged in bottle for quite a Long time to give it a lovely kind of Sense of richness on the nose Well you know there's loads of battery Kind of brioche you know here uh really Creamy kind of wine Style Feels as it's not going to be too sharp And indeed in the mouth Get a Golden Delicious apples a little Bit of custard very easy to drink and Not too dry not too sweet just really Nicely pitched and at 9.99 I think it's A it's a cracking bottle for use this Festive seasoning this is the Kuni Cava Non-vintage Majestic at 9.99 is the Target price the first of my spackling

Wines for Christmas Now my second sparkling wine for Christmas is a pink as you can see this Is the tattinger or tatinji Brut Rose Non-vintage and it sells for between About 40 and 45 pounds Target price is 14 you can get in places like Tesco Asda Ocado quite a lot of retailers of this Wine you might find a few people sneak It in under the 40 pound Mark around Christmas time too So as you can see it's really quite a Deep color for a Rosy champagne and That's partly because tatanji make this With the method known as assemblage Where they actually blend some Pinot Noir vinified as a red wine into the Champagne so it picks up a little bit More color a little bit more of the Pinot character perhaps certainly on the Nose Loads of lovely fruit it's very much Kind of Strawberry Shortcake and kind of Summer berries here very inviting There's a little bit of that kind of Creamy biscuit character too from the Lee's aging but a bold kind of fruity Style of rose wine on the palette Foreign [Music] Wine so it can't be sweet it can't have So much residual sugar but it just has That elegant ripe fruit sweetness that Kind of fills the mouth

Lots of bread to this wine and very Attractive I mean again great with kind Of smoked salmon canopies for example Because it does finish dry and a really Nice Rosie from tatinji probably Available for under 40 could if you shop Around and my second spackling wine for Christmas And there are third and final wine we Turn to England and this estate gusborn Estate in Kent is for me one of the very Top-notch English marketing wine Producers and this is the new 2018 Vintage of their Blanc de Blanc and all Chardonnay wine now you can buy it from Gusborn's own website the details are Down below Under other retailers to price is around 59 pounds per bottle so not cheap but You're talking about a very careful Selection of Chardonnay made only in the Best years given three years of aging on The leaves so it's a wine made with it With kind of real attention to detail on The nose here Well there's a lovely biscuity kind of Depth to this wine those notes have kind Of biscuit lightly buttered brioche Pastry are all there but so too is a Lovely lemony freshness Um it's a wine that's very inviting so I'll take a sip And again it's lovely it really is A Tangy refreshing style of

Chardonnay-based wine you can certainly Taste the Chardonnay components in here Again Golden Delicious Apple lovely Lemony character but underpinned by that Long leaves aging to give the creaminess To Finishes really sharp really bright Without being aggressive and it's a Lovely style of sparkling wine this is The guzborn Blanc de Blanc 2018 Selling for around 59 pounds from Gosbourne's website and uh terrific English wine again putting English wines Right at the top of the tree my third Sparkling wine for Christmas [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]