Review of three sweet wines for Christmas 2022

Foreign Fortified wines is a wine at only 9 Pounds 95 pence from the wine Society For a full 75 CL bottle so it's not Expensive this is the ermeline de Freitas Muscatel the situ Bal or stubble as they Pronounce it in Portugal it's a Fortified Muscat wine so a little like a Port in the way it's made 17 and a half Percent alcohol but much more floral and Lighter and as you can see a kind of Golden color for this one on the nose A lovely kind of barley sugar and Butterscotch here but also quite a Distinct kind of vivid orange and those Floral notes from the Muscat grape Muscat one of the most aromatic Varieties Then on the palette But it's fully sweetness with over 140 Grams per liter of our sugar but it also Has a kind of likely toffee note and Very good acidity that makes it medium Body not heavy And Luscious enough for any kind of Orange-based dessert so if you have one Of those uh Christmas puddings with an Orange in the middle this could be a Cracker with it um but light enough to Maybe have uh with trifle or something Like that too this is the ermelinda Freitas For sale in the wine Society at nine

Pounds 95 for a full bottle wine number One Number two of my Christmas fortified Wine Roundup is a little bit different It's a very Muth this is the barbadillo Ataman vermouth or original vermouth Selling for about 15 pounds from weed Bridge wines but quite a lot of people Stock this there's going to be a full List at the end of the video of all the Stockists that I know of So uh vermouth based on really fine old Manthenia cherries produced by this Bodega barbadillo and the Sherrys have Then been aromatized with lots of Different aromats things like wormwood And cassia bark and Elderberry Rosemary Lots of fragrances added to this for a Typical vermouth style In the on the nose Loads and loads of caramel and toffee Speaks of the kind of age of this the Long wood aging delightful nose then on The palette Foreign Exotic spice and floral and herbal Character which is lovely it has a real Bitterness in the Finish A real blast of That kind of um bitters that people Really look for in something like a Negroni cocktail for example But you know I think this is possibly Too good to mix in a cocktail just sip It on its own as a wine with ice if you

Like and it's absolutely delicious very Grown up very dark very complex and a Cracking take on a Vermouth made from The marathonia Sherry by barbadillo and On sale for about 15 pounds for the 50 CL bottle It's my second recommendation and it's a Cracker On to Wine number three of my sweet Fortified wines for Christmas 2022 and I've turned to Port one of my favorite Houses the house of Quinta de noval and This is their unfiltered late bottle Vintage port 2016 selling for around about 20 pounds From a whole range of suppliers Including ocado but I'll put the list Again at the end of the video So Naval make their late bottle vintage Port uh very much like they make their Vintage port but instead of spending Only two years in barrels it spends five Years and that means that once the wine Is released like this 2016 it's kind of Ready to go from the off there's no need To Edge it further though being an Unfiltered wine it will age better than A lot of LBVS in this case a beautiful Dark Vivid purple color on the nose Well so much Um deep black fruit and chocolate and Mint and lots of spices here too and Something that's a little bit kind of Ashy and tobacco and mineral which I

Think is really intriguing then on the Palette Just beautifully pitched Such a Sumptuous depth of fruit such Lovely sweetness but a firmness too I Can a little bit of backbone of acid and Tannin that long barrel agent that gives It a kind of structured Savory appeal as Well as that sweetness What a banker for a Christmas pudding This would be or mince pies Um price as I say about 20 pounds 25 Pounds depending on the supplier If you can stretch to the noval 20 year Old Tony Port you get a different Beast Tony in color so delicious so nutty and Mellow and Rich and ripe and a fantastic Wine too but you're going to pay around 30 pounds for a half bottle of that 55 Or so for a full one That is my third and last fortified wine For Christmas 2022. Foreign