Review of Tinel-Blondelet, Pouilly-Fumé Arrêt Buffatte 2018, a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire

This week’s wine of the week is a Sauvignon blanc But it comes from a very distinctive Terroir this is the tinel blonde delay Puyifumey 2018. it’s for sale at 17 Pounds and 99 pence from Cadman fine wines very good online Retailer Although the price does drop to 15.99 if You buy Any six bottles from cadmium so it’s a Pretty good deal So the wine it comes from the loire Valley one of the two i suppose most Famous terroirs of the loire sorcerer Are lower sauvignon blanc certainly it’s Almost there And puyofumi this is priya for me and Tinel Blondely is a family domain where the Winemaker annik Tiniel blondely is in charge and makes Wines with a very kind of Um elegant but intense style and this is No exception Interesting thing about the terroir here For this wine is that it is on a Kimirigian Soil now that’s the soil most famously Associated with Shably’s premier and grand cru vineyards Those chalky soils full of oyster shells

And Kind of remnants of past windows area Was under water And this is a very similar vineyard here Giving the wine that little bit of kind Of chalky mineral character So on the nose well it’s Not flashy and flamboyant you know it’s The kind of opposite of one of the most More pungent kind of new zealand Sauvignon styles this is all about kind Of restraint Intensity a kind of classy perfect kind Of Line of fruit to this more about kind of Under ripe Pear and lemon and lime maybe just a Little bit of grassiness But it’s all very direct and intense and On the palate Well it’s the same there is excellent Concentration there’s very good mouth Feel That chalky mineral sense definitely Comes through On the acidity which runs through the Wine and the fruit again is all in that Kind of well Tempered not too flamboyant style but There’s plenty of it crucially And making it a really nice wine with Those kind of savory qualities of the Acidity And that terroir showing through but

Good fruit too And all was great with them with river Fish you know with Anything that white fish from the river Particularly good i Think with seafood also and A really lovely example of sauvignon Blanc in the most Classic of european styles this is the Tinelle blondely P fumey 2018 it’s for sale from Cadman fine wines at 17.99 Or 15.99 if you’re buying six bottles From them And it is my wine of the week [Music] You