Review of Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro wine

Now a wine style that i Really enjoy is a sweet wine a really Sweet dessert wine fully sweet To have either instead of dessert or With the right dessert it can be just a Wonderful Wine and food combination the example i Have for us this week Is a moderately priced one from spain This is the Torres florales moscatel Oro and it’s priced at eight pounds 99 In waitrose under caddo and i think There are a few other stockists too Put a little list at the end of the Video So it is a wine that has been lightly Fortified In the style of those muscats from the South of france Like the muscat the reef shalt and Muscat the bomb de venise Well this comes from just across the Border in spain and is made in a very Similar style that means it’s had a Little bit of spirit of brandy added to It The alcohol is 15 so it’s still not a Big heavy wine But it just gives it a lot of sweetness From the sugar that remains in the wine And a little bit of power in body too It’s muscat so it’s incredibly aromatic

And lots and lots of nectarine and honey Here that’s just kind of Dripping from the glass absolutely Beautiful and it has those floral notes As i say that muscat Always displays it really very Attractive Tiny bit of muscovado sugar in there Also On the palette Rich thick viscous Loads of sweetness a little bit of Toastiness But it’s that kind of apricot and fake Depth of flavor Lovely balancing acidity of course and Very good Length you know wine like this is just So nice to sip after dinner But if you’re going to match it to a Dessert my only tip is Make sure the dessert is probably not Quite As sweet as the wine something like an Apple tart Tatan would go very well with this i Think The one of the week is the torres Floralis Moscatel oro in waitrose under caddo at 8 pounds 99 Other stockists coming up at the end of The video my wine Of the week

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