Review of Torres Vina Esmeralda white wine

Foreign Week this week will be very familiar to Many people it's the Torres Vina Esmeralda 2021 selling for nine pounds In Tesco now it's also available in lots Of other retailers uh this particular Wine but this special packaging which You can see with this unusual label Um is because this is a charitable Bottle where for everyone that's Purchased Torres will finance will fund The removal of the equivalent of 10 Plastic bottles from the seas around the Mediterranean the Victoria's family led By Miguel Torres are kind of serious About ecology and sustainability and Climate change and this is one of their Initiatives just to put a little bit Back into cleaning up the oceans So the way in itself it's the usual Blend vignette Esmeralda very light very Fragrant just off dry blend of Muscat And giverstromina two very aromatic Grape varieties so on the nose Well loads of florals loads of kind of Jasmine and honeysuckle very bright a Little bit of nettle a little bit of Tropical fruit but really very Attractive some wine from easel was a Banker with Chinese food only 11 and a Half percent also then on the palette Quite luscious quite succulent there is A little bit of sweetness There's a ripe peachiness to the fruit

But a very good decisive core of acidity And a little hint of saltiness Marine Air saltiness which I guess matches Quite nicely with the um with this Special Packaging So my wine of the week is the Torres Vignette Esmeralda 2021 vintage for sale In Tesco at nine pounds in a special Charitable version available elsewhere Exactly the same wine in a different Package for around the same price my Wine of the week Foreign