Review of two organic wines, both priced at £10 in UK supermarkets

Well a treat this week with not one but Two wines of the week and i put this Pair together because they both arrived With me at much the same time And i was struck by certain similarities Between the two wines Um so on the left we have the ramen Bilbao Organic tempranillo grenache And on the right we have the yalumba Organic cabernet sauvignon merlot so Two wines both organic from family Companies Both blending two varieties and both in Supermarkets at 10 pounds each The wine on the left the ramen bow bow Is in the co-op at 10 pounds The one on the right the yalumba is in Tesco at 10 pounds So lots of similarities between these Two family companies Who are quite big on sustainability But organic wines are fairly new for Both of them And the other thing that i think is Really fascinating is that they are Brilliant examples Of the difference if you like or let’s Say the classic definition of difference Between Old world european and new world Australian wines On the left the ramen bilbao

Lots of savoriness lots of kind of herbs Brier wood and spices and this there is Oak The temp renewal from rioja obviously um But you know there is that kind of Savory cedary depth to the wine Good juicy fruit on the palate but it Keeps that kind of firm line that Savoriness That gastronomic appeal quite dry in the Finish Tannins quite firm uh smokiness a little Bit of tobacco and herbs Very european in style on the right the Alumba From their vineyards in south east Australia Um again you know lots of Mint lots of eucalyptus here that Chocolatey richness that we might expect From cabernet And mellow from um from south australia Chocolate dinners too and lots of cassis In the mouth Well much brighter much creamier much Sweeter fruit A much more kind of plumptious mouthfeel To this wine Very much new world very much old world You pay your money and you take your Choice on the left The ramen bobal organic tempranillo Grenache at 10 pounds in the co-op On the right the yalumba organic

Cabernet sauvignon merlot From australia at 10 pounds in tesco These are my wines Of the week You