Review of Vergelegen Octagon Fairtrade Cabernet Merlot Wine

Well one of the week this week comes From one of my favorite south african Producers an estate called fergalechn Which is based in somerset west just Next to stellenbosch in fact this is an Appalachian stellenbosch wine it’s a Blend of cabernet sauvignon and mellow Along with a little bit of cabernet Franc and Or bordeaux style wine it’s called the Octagon Fair trade cabernet merlot 2018 vintage In the cooperative at nine pounds per Bottle Now it’s fair trade certified which is a Body which makes sure that um amongst Other things that farm workers are paid A fair wage and and are living and Working in good conditions And they audit and certify farms that Apply for and are granted the fair trade Certification which it implies to this Wine so the wine itself um Predominantly cabernet sauvignon Aged in french oak barrels for 18 months And 20 of those barrels new so from this Very historic estate and a top wine Maker called andrean renzberg and plus Aging and oak barrels including new york Barrels nine pounds is a remarkably low Price really for that uh recipe on the Nose Really pleasant uh spiced

Tobacco-infused black berries here A little bit of kind of cassis Brightness but a more savory aspect to This more plummy i would say But again plenty of acronym tobacco Little undertow vanilla too On the palate It’s a real Note of espresso here of a kind of our Mocha coffee but a real coffee note Underpinning quite sweet fruit but it’s Not overly sweet there’s quite a lot of Savory character again that spice A cherry Lip smacking cherry acidity Decent tannins too Although it’s made for quite early Drinking i would say it’s not a wine to Lay down for from for years but you know It has a little bit of structure it has Very good liveliness and freshness and It has good fruit and quality at the Price Certainly highly recommendable This is the fergalechan Octagon cabernet mellow 2018 it’s in the Cooperative at nine pounds per bottle And it is my wine of the week [Music] You