Review of Vida Wines Viognier from Bulgaria

A very interesting wine for my window Week this week i don’t feature that many Wine from bulgaria bulgaria had a great Kind of haiti back in the 90s with a lot Of bulgarian cabernet sauvignon on the Shelves but all the unrest of bulgaria And other central european States are in the 90s meant that Vineyards struggled to Produce We struggle to import and it’s been a Kind of slow build again to see wines From places like bulgaria back on the Shelves This was the vida vianye from the danube Plains in the north of bulgaria and it’s Priced at eight pounds a and 74 pence From an online retailer who This one is bottled for the online Youtubers called veda weinstock Link at the bottom of the video Although if you buy 12 of them the price falls to 6.99 if You buy six the price falls to 734. So what is it it’s a viony and it’s a Very lightly styled v on yay only 12 and A half percent alcohol which means it Was probably picked quite early and Perhaps that is responsible For quite a kind of flinty uh note on The nose this is a note that you find Quite often in wines where the grapes Have been picked quite early and um

That’s there and then there’s quite a Cool apple character to this not so much Of the typical the aromatics a bit Herbal too so quite interesting then on The palate Well a lot more Peachy sweetness comes through But it’s very quickly kind of sized Through by a salt and lemon character Like a cut lemon sprinkled with sea salt Very decisive quite grippy Um and a wine that’s really full of Interest it’s quite an unusual Expression of the onye but if you fancy Something a little bit different and It’s one that i can recommend this is The vida wines vionier 2020 from the Danube planes priced at 874 or a bit Less if you’re buying six or twelve and It is my wine of the week [Music] You