Review of Villa Blanche Terret Blanc 2019 in Waitrose

Continuing my christmas theme Of easy to drink easy to buy easy to Find wines that are quite versatile and Can be purchased in the high street As the holiday season kicks in i have And Really nice little white wine for us This week this is the villa Blanche terret blanc 2019 It comes from the longer dock in the South of france And it’s for sale at eight pounds 49 in Waitrose Stores and waitrose online i guess so Terrett blanche Turret blanc is the grape uh from this Producer and it’s quite an unusual grape In that it’s a historic grape of the Longadoc region but one which kind of Fell out of favor wasn’t seen very much But there’s a little bit of a revival of The grape variety Now made in a very fresh zingy style I guess not a million miles away from a Nicely Tempered sauvignon blanc on the nose Well lots of kind of vibrant and crunchy Kind of fruit here But there’s a succulent kind of peach And pear drop aroma there too Nice fruit very kind of buoyant very Inviting

And on the palate Well it’s more of that peachiness a Really nice soft Glowing kind of flavor here but good Acidity There’s a nice kind of streak of lemon And lime acidity through this that gives It balance And along with only 12 alcohol means That it’s a really quite versatile wine Good for sipping with canopies for Example very nice for smoked salmon or Something like that if you’re having That over christmas But as i say versatile useful and Reasonably priced what more can you ask This is the villa blanche terret blanc 2019 it’s for sale in waitress stores at 8 pounds 49 And it is my wine of the week [Music] You