Review of Vina Leyda Syrah Reserva wine from Chile

This week’s Wine of the week comes from chile and it Comes from a favorite producer of mine Called vinaleda i visited them once um And their vineyards were really Impressive the attention to detail Throughout their operation In the later valley on the pacific coast Of Chile very close to the ocean and Influenced by the fogs from the ocean to Give Cool conditions which suit this variety Seerah This is the vineyard lada sira Reserve 2019 and it’s in The cooperative at 10 pounds currently On Offer it’s normally 12 pounds per bottle But currently on offer at Um 10 pounds so a Striking purple color and Vivid crimson purple color and the nose Well there’s a lot of um kind of green Hair bolt character to this which is Very typical of cool climate syrah But as well as that there’s a lovely Kind of blue black Fruit something a little bit like Blueberries a bit like Damsons um quite a nice cherry-ish kind Of lift too So you’ve got that kind of cherry floral

Grassy kind of notes which are typical Of cool climate Syrah and on the palette Very pure plenty of tannin here quite Dry A little bit meaty but again the purity Of that Red and black blue fruit comes through Really nicely um Fills the mouth with a smooth fruitiness Good acidity tannins modest but they’re There And a really nice mouthful of wine this Is the vigna leda Reserva sera 2019 it’s in the Cooperative at 12 pounds normally Currently on offer at time of review for 10 pounds this Is my wine [Music] You