Review of Vina Mayor Ribera del Duero Crianza 2018

For this week’s wine of the week i’m in One of spain’s top regions up down the Northwest of spain not that far from Rioja reaching out for bera del duero This is the vinya mayor Rebel del duero creantha 2018 vintage it’s for sale for 17 pounds And 99 pence from talking wines Although there are a few other stockists Including hanford i’m going to put a List of those just at the end of the Video So Here in roberto the big grape is the Tempranillo grape the same grape is Rioja and sometimes it’s mixed with a Little bit of cabernet sauvignon in this Case i believe 100 tempranillo aged for About 12 months in 300 liter oak barrels Most of them french some of them American And um a wine with lots and lots of kind Of substance and lots of that vanilla Oaky character which a lot of people Really like Um it has that but it also has a really Quite a buoyant bramble and berry fruit Plenty of fruit here too as well as that Sheen of oak and in the palette Juicy lots of fruit succulent black Fruit and red fruit Underpinning of vanilla and that kind of Little light toastiness and lots of

Spice here too a kind of clove like Spice that adds quite a lot of interest To the wine Medium bodied and tannins quite generous Acidity is good so the wine is balanced Heaven scent for a piece of Lamb perhaps maybe something like a Masaka would work really well too Lovely wine this is the vina mayor Ribera del duerra criantha 2018 vintage for sale it’s 17.99 and Talking wines and a few other stockists Coming up It’s my wine of the week [Music] You