Review of Whispering Angel Côtes de Provence Rosé Wine

Well like the first snowdrops appearing In spring a lot of people await the Arrival of a new vintage whispering Angel probably the uk’s most popular Provost rose wine certainly one that has A bit of a cult following And that’s for good reason it’s an Extremely good example This is the brand new vintage the 2021 Whispering angel from carl disclan in Provence down there in the south of France I found it at 18 pounds 50 in henning’s Wine but there are a number of retailers Of this wine mostly in the kind of 18 to 20 pound range and i believe waitrose Often takes it too i’m not sure if the Stocks are in stores just yet So um as always it’s a blend of very Traditional local grapes for provence Pinks things like sanso and roll and Sera And and it has this beautiful delicate Pale very appealing color and on the Nose Well it’s lovely it’s got kind of Pomegranate freshness A little bit of raspberry crushed Raspberry too and lots of very fragrant Aromas here lots of very light red fruit But a clarity too and in the palette Well whispering angel’s always a very

Refined wine but i think in this vintage There’s something a little bit more Serious a little bit more Stoney about the backbone of the wine Too which is absolutely delightful makes It even more food friendly It has a little bit of salt going into The finish plenty of acidity but again That very charming red fruit it’s going To be a real kind of blast for the Summer this one it’s a terrific wine And it’s superb on its own for sure but Again we’ll match with a lot of summer Foods from salads to cold meats a Delicious wine and from whispering angel Shuttle disclaimer For the 2021 vintage This is my wine of the week the Whispering angel 2021 from provence in Henning’s wine 1850 and a number of Other retailers little list of those Coming up in just one second my wine of The week [Music] You