Review of Whispering Angel Provence Rosé 2022

Foreign [Music] Angel is a phenomenon similar in some Ways to the great cloudy B sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and totally Different wines of course but there are Wines which um sell a relatively high Price 220 pounds a bottle yet have a Really substantial widespread following Among people who probably wouldn't pay That normally for a bottle of wine the Average price in the UK still hovers Around six pounds that people pay for Their wines But these have genuine iconic status and There's a good reason for that they are Excellent whites now this is the 2022 Vintage of whispering Angel so it might Just be appearing in stores around now I Don't have definite prices but lots of People will stock this it's quite Generally available and it will hover Between around kind of 16 and 20 pounds Of that kind of price so there's a wine From Provost Minnesota France Um made predominantly from grun Nash Along with a couple of other varieties Local to the provence region and made in This incredibly delicate Style on the Nose Well it's lovely there's a real kind of Um potpourri rosehip kind of fragrance To this but as well as that lots of Fresh red berry fruit a little hint of

Something like watermelon maybe that's Really kind of Juicy really kind of Fresh in their Aromas On the palette Oh that is delightful this is well Chilled and it has that real kind of Clarity like a kind of running fresh Mountain stream lots of dry red berry Fruit in here a hint of Darkness that Just gives it kind of gastronomic appeal But it is a dry wine a very grown-up Wine And are totally delicious yet again so This is the whispering Angel uh 2022 Edition of the Rose from Provence cannot Fault it and selling quite widely Somewhere around the High Teens to 20 in Stores if not now then very soon by wine Of the week [Music]