Review of Wise Wolf Cabernet Sauvignon red wine

Foreign [Music] Bit of innovation in the way that the Wine industry packages its wines we've Kind of fallen behind a little bit Compared to the Gins and the vodkas with Their fancy bottles and their colors and Their kind of more adventurous shelf Appeal whereas most wines still are in The standard bottle and I've finished a Few variations on that over the years And years a pair of new wines there's a Pink also in the range Um which comes in a very unusual bottle This Patterned uh small kind of squat bottle With a short neck looks um very unlike The standard wine bottle someone rather Cruel they said it reminded them of Black Tower which you may remember from The 70s but then a pair of wines we've Got a Cabernet Sauvignon here and a Chardonnay both sell for nine pounds in ASDA also in Morrison's Supermarket and Sainsbury's I think Which cost a little bit more And the brand is wise Wolf the wise Wolf Cabin is Sauvignon is what I'm going to Concentrate on today Um 13 and a half percent alcohol uh 2022 Vintage And Ah you know the wine inside is pretty Standard stuff it's made by an

Australian company Band rock station who You'll know but it's made in the longer Dock in the south of France 100 cabin is Sauvignon On the nose lots of that kind of rich Black curranty fruit a little bit of Kind of slightly baked plummy fruit in There too on the palette I'll get a thick sweet Very smooth fruit and quite a good Barbecue wine I'd say and it's not Distinguished in any way but at nine Pounds I'd quite admire the packaging in The concept 100 recycled glass and about 90 of what's here can be recycled again Chardonnay at the same price nine pounds It's okay it's a bit middle of the road And the other thing I would say is There's a little bit of a form over Function here because I didn't find the Wine particularly easy to pour from the Stumpy Little Neck so there you go it's A slightly kind of mixed review for wine Of the week uh chosen because of the Innovation and because it's something Something I think the wine industry has To see and the cabin is serving not a Decent drop certainly uh my way of the Week is the wise wolf cabinet Sauvignon 2022 comes from the longer dock in the South of France that's made by an Australian company selling for nine Pounds and Asda And it's my wine of the week

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