Review of Yalumba, Y Series Merlot 2019, red wine from Australia

My wife’s week this week it comes from South australia this is the yalumba y Series merlot 2019 Now the y series is the kind of Entry-level Fighting range from yalumba a big but Family-owned company competing for shelf Space with lots of other wines at a Similar price this one eight pounds in Tesco but at the moment down to six Pounds we have to be quickly off our Ends very soon and it’s in majestic two Also down to six pounds but i noted this Morning that it is no longer available Online you have to check your local Store other retailers have it for a Little bit more than that So um Six pounds is about the price that i Would say makes this a bargain it’s one Of those wines that’s always going to be In promotion somewhere a merlot with a Little bit of oak influence probably oak Staves rather than oak barrels i don’t Know that for a fact but i’m talking About the price here On the nose i mean a real crowd pleaser If you’re firing up the barbie this Summer this one’s going to get everyone Going it’s deep and rich with mulberry And spice hints of chocolate all those Big kind of sumptuous crowd pleasing Notes and on the palate

Lots of sweetness to the fruit Softness to the tannins Gentleness to the acidity nothing can Disrupt that kind of velvety feel of This wine It’s a smooth devil of a wine and you Know made to a recipe made to sell on Discount for around that six pound mark So i’m not claiming it’s the most Sophisticated wine in the world but my Goodness it delivers a lot of wine and a Big glass of wine at that sort of money This is the ulumba y series mellow 2019 Currently on sale in tesco eight pounds Down to six pounds on promotion Available elsewhere um But you know as i say six pounds for me Is where the value really lies This is my wine of the week [Music] You