Review of Yerevan, Kangun Rkatsiteli white wine from Armenia

My one week this week is something a Little bit different It comes from armenia that country over Just below georgia on the map between The black and caspian seas And one of the real kind of birthplaces Of Wine itself when they made their maybe 6 000 Years bc and that is where the wine had Its Origins the wine itself is the armenia Wine company’s Yerevan kangun catsatelli 2019. i know that’s a real mouthful but The wine itself is nine pounds 95 It’s available from tanners and there Are other stockists independent Stockists Put a little list at the end of the Video So two great varieties kangen and Ricatzitelli castelli is Quite familiar to me because i’ve spent Quite a lot of time in georgia But it’s also one of the main white Grapes kangen is in fact a cross between Rakats italian another variety About a little bit different and again Quite prominent here in armenia No oak in the wine lovely color clinic A bright emerald green tinge to the Suggesting real kind of vibrancy

And on the nose Beautiful ripe pear and pear skins A little bit of a comfy lemon a fresh Grapey note to it too which i really Enjoy All those aromatics uh really quite Appealing And on the mouth Well it has textures like kind of Creaminess to the texture here Which is lovely but lots more of that Peachy fruit And the acidity is more kind of like Lime Perhaps than lemon not quite as sharp It’s got a certain kind of sweetness Roundness slightly more tropical Character to the acidity Giving it real easy drinking appeal but It has a good bit of structure Good bit of texture and above all it is Really Interesting stuff good value to it 9.95 My wine of the week is the yerevan Kangan rakatsuteli 2019 it comes from Armenia And you can buy it from tanners for 9.95 And some other stockists about to come Up on your screen my wine of the week [Music] You