Review of Zanotto, Rivolto Spumante sparkling wine from Italy

My wife’s week this week is something a Little bit different because it’s part Of a kind of promotion being run by a Retailer called wine and something which They are calling bottle of kindness and Basically when you spend 75 pounds with Wine and something you can then nominate Someone else to receive a gift bottle on Your behalf And you simply fill in a form when you Place your order with wine something and They’ll package up the bottle gift pack It and send it off to your recipient you Can choose from a small range of wines There are four of them there’s a Argentinian malbec a south african shin And blanc a french rosie and this wine So this is one of the ones that you can Either buy or gift it is the zenuto Revolto spumante from the north of italy And it retails at 11 pounds But is one of these gifting bottles So the wine is made by a very good Prosecco producer in the prosecco area But he cannot call this prosecco because It has 10 percent chardonnay in the Blend along with the usual prosecco Grape glare and that’s not a group That’s permitted under d.o.c prosecco Hence this is a spumante The wine Itself very pleasing kind of um Sliced apple a little touch like in a

Baked quality to it a nice little touch For a for a wine of this style maybe the Chardonnay contributing to that a little Bit of baked apple and on the pallet Fresh zippy It has a little bit of residual sugar in This wine it’s an extra dry which is Actually slightly sweeter than a brute But it finishes with lots of tang so it Doesn’t feel clawing at all in the mouth So are really quite a nice summery Prosecco style wine with only 11 Alcohol and you can gift it through the Skin this is the zanutto revolto Spemante From the northeast of italy retailing For 11 pounds and giftable through wine And something this is my why of the week [Music] You