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Having a difficult time figuring out if Your riesling has sugar in it Me too With so many different styles riesling Can be really hard to understand Hi I’m master of wine christine marcilio And head wine educator for wine folly And i’m here today to figure out what we Need to know about riesling [Music] Riesling can come in many different Styles but i’ve picked this one today to Dive into to understand more We’ve got kunsler hawkheimerhola m Neuenberg from the rhinegow in germany Does it have sugar Who knows Let’s dive into this wine and use it to Better understand riesling as a grape Variety we’ll start in the homeland of Riesling Germany The main regions you’ll find riesling Grown in in germany are The mosul The rhinegal And the false The further south you go the warmer it Gets and the riper fruit flavors you Will find in the wine But christine how do we know if german Riesling is dry or sweet Well if you see the following on the

Label you’ll know that the wine is sweet Ice fine Truck and baron ausch laser Ausch These are all very late harvested styles Of riesling laid harvested grapes have Higher levels of sugar in them which Means there’s a much higher chance that The resulting wine will be sweet Let’s take a look at our german Resilient to find some clues about its Sweetness level as you can see This wine is from the rhinegow But that doesn’t really tell us if it’s Sweet or dry There are a couple of clues though on This bottle that will help us better Understand this wine First of all you can look for the word Truckin which means dry in german And you can also check out the alcohol Level if it’s above 12 percent there’s a Very good chance that that wine will be Dry if i spin this bottle around we can See on the back that it does indeed say Truckin And the alcohol level is 12.5 percent so This wine is definitely going to be dry Let’s taste it to double check Let’s give this a smell to see what Reasoning smells like Wow it’s really aromatic With notes of jasmine White peach

Lemon zest And wet slate Pretty much what you would expect from a Pretty cool climate wine It’s even starting to develop a petrol Or kerosene aroma which is the Archetypal aged aroma of riesling Okay let’s give it a taste to find out If it is dry Yep that is bone dry can’t taste even a Little bit of sugar there and that’s Also because the acidity is really Really high very racy Laser sharp which is typical of riesling The grape variety This also has a really long kind of Mineral finish which is really typical Of a very high quality wine whilst Germany is really the homeland of Riesling you can also find it in alsace France Where they make mostly dry riesling with Intense peach and red apple flavors the Claire and eden valleys in australia Make mostly dry riesling with intense Aromas of lime lemon and petrol and Washington state in the u.s where Rieslings range from dry to sweet with Delicate aromas of jasmine and apricot So what does good riesling actually cost And what should you pair it with truly Exceptional reasoning is actually a Bargain compared to many other grape Varieties if you look to spend around 20

Dollars in any of the regions that we Mentioned you’re probably going to find Something that’s really quite good and Age-worthy for some of the finer and Rarer wines though you can expect to Spend upwards of 10 times that for some Of the best wines in the world Riesling is a great match for many foods Because of its really high level of Acidity Because it’s so aromatic it can handle Intense flavors like lemongrass ginger Clove and even sichuan peppercorns Try a thai green curry or really stinky Cheese like epos to go with it for the Sweeter versions i love pairing it with An apple chart If you want to learn more about riesling Check out the link below to subscribe to Winefolly.com And if you want more awesome video Content make sure you like and subscribe So you don’t miss any of our videos Cheers