Hello there my name is Konstantin bomb I’m a master of wine retailer and a Consultant and this is my channel where We are thirsty for knowledge and wine This tagline is really awkward but I Still like it This is one in ten where I tell you Everything you need to know about a Region or a grape variety in this Episode we are going to talk about one Of the greatest white grape varieties in The world some might even say the Greatest white grape variety in the World recently first of all to get this Out of the way it is pronounced recently Think of Reese Witherspoon rather than Egg fried rice recently the amazing Thing about reasoning is that you’re Able to produce a huge diversity of Styles at a very high level you can make Great dry Riesling and great sweet Riesling you can make beautiful Sparkling wines and great still wines They are beautiful young fresh Rieslings But Riesling is also able to age for a Long long time there are very few grape Varieties in the wine world that are Able to do that at a large scale Chenin Blanc is pretty much the only one That really comes to much DNA tests Revealed that the grape variety grows Blanc is actually a parent of Riesling Gris prawn is one of the original Vitas Vinifera grape varieties and there are

Many different grape varieties that are Children of quiz law so that means that Reasoning is actually related to grape Varieties like Chardonnay Kamiya and for Mint Through grace block but Riesling is also Used for breeding new grape varieties Some of the more popular ones are for Example Kiana and surely the most widely Planted grape variety that was used by Crossing Riesling with another grape Variety is muratova even though the Names are similar reasoning is not at All genetically related to various Ling And listening in Telugu the grape Variety probably originates from the Rhine Valley the first historical Evidence of Riesling production is from The Rhine go and the Mosel and it is From the 15th century but they’re also Still some really old reasoning bottles Around the city all of Bremen famously Stores quite a few of those old bottles The oldest one is from 1653 which is Insane the name reasoning might come From the German word ISIL which means to Tear or to split or it might come from The German word Ferguson which means Willimon – or short berries now you Might want to know what Riesling looks Like in nature I don’t have any leaves Here but I have one of my favorite books It’s called wine grapes spy Jancis Robinson and it is a very nerdy book but

It’s just beautiful so the reasoning Leaves actually quite small and they Have three to five lobes the lobes are Basically those little bits where the Leaf opens up the grapes are quite small Quite compact and cylindrical and this Is also one of the reasons why noble rot Sets quite well on reasoning but I’ll Talk about that more in a minute when it Comes to viticulture Riesling is also Quite interesting normally most grape Varieties really look for warmth or heat And this grape variety really prefers The cooler pockets in the vineyards the Quality is generally the highest in Areas that are a bit cooler and that is Also one of the reasons by Germany is so Successful with this great variety Riesling is known as a court resistant Grape variety so the trunk is quite Woody and strong and the vines don’t die As easily in very cold conditions it is Also a late bloomer which is beneficial If you have spring frost What is also quite interesting about Reasoning is that it can produce really Good qualities at fairly high years so It’s not very uncommon to have sides With 60 hectoliters or 70 hectare litres Per hectare in yield that produce pretty Amazing Riesling botrytis is actually a Very important factor as well when it Comes to wine making and Riesling The skins of the berries punctures them

And sucks out water and to concentrate Sweetness and acidity the legend has it That botrytis winemaking or late harvest Wine styles were invented in schloss Johannesburg in the rhine go in germany In 1775 a messenger from the Bishop of Folder ripe late with message to start Harvest the seller master still Harvested the fruit but the fruit was Attacked by botrytis so it didn’t really Look very well but he made wine out of It and realize that it’s beautiful and Delicious obviously that’s just a story But writers was around before that Happened and it’s quite likely that Someone else made us bait later style Before lost Johannes back did in 1775 if You see my video on the Mosel and you Should definitely see that video you Already know that reasoning wines used To be the most expensive wines on most Wine lists in the world more expensive Than the top wines from Bordeaux or Burgundy This very clearly is not the case Anymore but the most expensive white Wine in the world is again German Riesling the 2003 shots of burger from Yvan Muller it’s at rotten manos laser And it sold for 12,000 euros a bottle on Option there roughly 64 thousand Hectares of vineyards in the world Planted – Riesling 24,000 of that so Roughly 40% of the total are planted in

Germany 80 percent of all the vineyards In the Rhine go are planted – Riesling But when it comes to total vineyard area Planted to Riesling the fastest actually Number one so Germany is number one but Who’s number two no one would have Guessed it but it’s Romania Romania has 6,000 hectares of Riesling vineyards but There are some conflicting numbers there I’m using the oh hi V numbers which tend To be used as the standard numbers in The wine industry but there’s some People who are saying that not all of Those 6,000 hectares I actually plan to Recently But two grape varieties that are just Called reasoning number three is the US Came with four thousand six hundred Hectares Most of those Riesling plantings are in Washington State and Washington State Has really were known for its Rieslings And the biggest Riesling winery is Actually shuttle so Michelle in Washington State they have the biggest Area of Riesling vineyards under their Management on fourth place we got France And if you talk about Riesling in France It’s really just the others that you’re Talking about four thousand hectares of Vineyards are planted – Riesling the Alsace and they’re producing many Different styles but reasoning tends to Be more on the dry end when it comes to

Ization wines Australia is on the fifth Place with 3,100 hectares of Riesling Vignettes most well known areas are Clear Valley and Eden Valley next we got Ukraine China Austria Italy and more the One I know my Austrian friends won’t Like this but while there are some Amazing Austrian Rieslings when it comes To quantity Austria doesn’t really play A big role Riesling is known for making Wines that really highlight the Characteristics of the site when it Comes to Riesling from a cooler climate You often get flavors of apple maybe a Bit of peach a bit of flowers warmer Climates and put rightist wines bring Out flavors of africa pineapple and lime Riesling is also famous for flavor Called petrol petrol comes from a Substance which is called a material de – enough tahleen and this develops in The berries when they exposed to a lot Of heat a lot of sunlight and water Stress this is why you often get this Flavor from regions like others or some Parts of Australia where it’s a bit Hotter overall the freshest and most Lively Rieslings come from the cooler Regions like the Mosel anton are for Example slightly more rich and Concentrated wines are from areas like The Rangel or the vowel and the most Intense and concentrated Rieslings are From areas like others or some parts of

Australia this is just a rule of thumb Though when it comes to glasses and this Is my favorite reasoning It’s a very normal tulip style wine Glass but you also have other options When Riesling lovers sit together over a Few bottles of wine the question that is Often raised is why is Riesling not more Successful wine legends like Jancis Robinson for example labored Riesling The greatest white grape variety in the World and I also really loved reasoning But if you look at the stats there are Only sixty-four thousand hectares of Vineyards planted to Riesling while Shalini for example has 210 thousand Hectares and sodium law has 123 thousand Hectares of vineyards so that seemed to Be some reasons why reasoning is not as Successful as it is one issue for sure Is the acidity Riesling always has quite A lot of acidity quite a lot of Freshness and there are people who don’t Really like that and have issues with Acidic wines but this acidity also makes Riesling such an age worthy wine and Such a great companion with food but There’s also an issue with quality Germany didn’t really focus on producing Great quality for a period in the 20th Century and people still associate Poorly made wines with the name Riesling Which is still an issue another issue is That people often associate Riesling

With sweet wine that is not true anymore There are more and more beautiful dry Wines being made out of the grape Variety Riesling so don’t make that Mistake I also believe that Riesling Suffered during a period when oaked Wines were really popular people don’t Generally use oak when they’re making Riesling there are some exceptions to That rule but overall reasoning is Unoaked And during that period when oaky wines Were super popular Riesling just didn’t Really fit in but overall Riesling is Able to produce great very complex very Distinct wines that have lots of Freshness Lots of liveliness can age for a long Time and generally aren’t very expensive So if you liked this video please like It down here or down there subscribe to My channel to make sure that you are Missing my next videos as some pretty Amazing stuff coming up the next video Will be on one of the greatest ones in The world so stay tuned but whatever you Do stay thirsty Goodbye [Music]