ROASTING Your Favorite Wines & Discovering your Wine Suggestions.

Hi I'm constantly master of wine and This channel isn't a one-way street I'm Happy to share my knowledge but I also Want to learn from you so I asked for Your favorite wines and Leon selected Six examples that I will taste review And maybe even roast let's go [Music] First of all thank you for all of your Comments I received over 400 comments Across YouTube and Instagram so I could Make subscribers suggested tastings for The rest of the year Leon went through Them all and selected six ones that Should be widely available still Affordable and interesting but I don't Know what they are yet so let's dig it All right Okay first of all we have a baba Resco From pulutory Di barbaresco Good Start Could you run from Gigan this is Actually one of the first red wines that I've that I can remember tasting because Back in the days I could still afford it And I thought it was pretty good I Haven't tasted it in a while so I'm Looking forward to trying it again this Is the Vina adansa Reserva 2017 a very Good vioja one next up we have the Foreign Something from Germany a chardonnay from Clevis this should be interesting and Then I don't know anything about this one

Eddie For Jana Single Vineyard No idea no idea what this is but That's that's what I like so I'm trying To put the wines in the right order as I Don't really know this wine so I I can't Really say whether it's rich or light or Whatever whether it was aged in oak or Not I just put this In front then we'll do the knives Chardonnay which should be a beautiful Chardonnay and when it comes to the Reds I probably start off with the produce Or maybe I just to do the code you want First then the predatory then I'll do The vineyardanza and then the master Beratino that's a tough name to say but I actually have a box of wine from them Here so I know them fairly well and well Let's let's just start so the 2020 80s Simchidge for Jana rebula single Vineyard Slovenia retails for 35 US Dollars and It's a recommendation by Alex me six soy Who wrote I've been recently to Slovenia And tried the single Vineyard for Jana Rebula 2018 from Eddie simichich for 35 Euros it's it offered Great Value it is A very balanced refreshing white wine so This is not the 2018 because it wasn't Available any more according to Leon It's the 2020 but this should still be Very interesting to be honest Slovenia

Is not really on my radar when it comes To winemaking even though the country Has a long wine making history I believe It's actually the place where the oldest Domesticated Grapevine is growing I Think it's a few hundred years old maybe 400 years I don't quite remember but the Country obviously is producing wine in Different places and using quite Interesting or chopped tuna scrape Varieties So let's taste this one I'm looking Forward to it and I'm kind of happy that I didn't do a blind tasting because I would have never known what this is Okay so this is Slightly golden in color It doesn't seem 100 clean there seems to Be a little bit of cloudiness there Which isn't an issue obviously And let's let's smell it it smells Really nice actually it and and it's not Not very edgy I think I would actually Think this feels like a Wine [Music] The wine smells of ripe apple pear There's a little bit of spice as well so I think there might be a little bit of Oak involved in the wine making process On the pad it's actually quite rich and Concentrated it has good depth It feels quite a little bit big a little Bit bulky so it's a it could be a little

Bit more acidity in my opinion but it is Really interesting I just had a look on The internet and I realized that ribula Is the same grape variety as ribola Jala Which is a fairly well known grape Variety in the northeast of Italy and That kind of makes sense because that Part of Italy is obviously fairly close To Slovenia and It's it's a great wine it's a really Good wine I I do like it quite a bit I'm Going to rate it 90 points good stuff Good start so let's move on to the next One so the next one is the 2021 knives Chardonnay and it's a recommendation by Haki who writes I'm really excited about German chardonnays at 280 Norwegian Krona roughly 25 Euros the knewitz Chardonnay 2021 is in my opinion a steal I love the crisp cool climate style Chardonnays that some producers from Germany make knives is my favorite Discovery this year and I can't wait to Taste other German chardonnays I would Say German chardonnays are getting Better and better there's some that are Really not good but some that are really Really beautiful and knives is doing a Great job with that grape variety which Was only allowed in Germany since the 1990s so the German winemakers haven't Had too much practice with this grape Variety but I think the climatic Conditions really fit Chardonnay and I

Think there's quite a lot of potential For that grape Variety in Germany so Knewitz is based in Ryan Hassan and they Are part of the VDP which you can see From the eagle on the capsule and also On the label [Music] I love the pup the great thing about German Chardonnay is that most of them Are still pretty affordable this retails For roughly 25 years in Germany so That's pretty cheap if it is really good Let's find out oh yeah it is good it's Really good so it actually on the nose Combines different elements really well On the one hand there is this lemon tart Citric flavor coming through on the Other side there is also the oak Aroma Coming through but it's really well Combined with the fruit and on top of That there's this slight struck match Aroma the reductive side of it which can Be well can be overpowering but if it's If it's at the right level it is Absolutely beautiful and in this case it Is really at the right level so you have All of those elements coming together And well giving this one a beautiful Nose and on the palette there's good Richness but there's also a lot of Freshness and vibrancy so the wine is Really Lively without being Well being simple there's yeah it Actually has all of the elements it

Needs for being a great Shadow name so The knives Winery did a great job here I'm going to rate the one 91 points I Think it's beautiful and then this price You can't go wrong really if you like Chardonnay if you like good Chardonnay Then taste this so I definitely agree With you Hakim this was a great Recommendation but now let's move on to The next one so the next one is the 2019 And Jacob Stokes Writesuron is always super value for Money year after year although it may Not be the most lucrative or expensive One it shows identity and varietal Expression every vintage for under 10 Pounds super stuff Let's tasted so when I was a young Waiter trying to make it into the wine Game I actually bought this wine if I Could afford it I mean back then I Didn't really have any money so so I Couldn't uh even a cheap wine like this Was fairly expensive to me and I always Liked it because it actually has quite a Lot of identity and it is Affordable cut Your own in general is just such an Interesting category because the ones Can be really really amazing and they Usually are pretty cheap I mean around The 10 euro Mark some might be a little Bit more expensive some a little less so But I think around 10 euros you can get Really good value for money gigas is one

Of the icon wineries in the Ron they've Really built a reputation for producing Amazing wines from the entry level to The very high end and But I think this is probably kind of Their bread and butter wine I think they Sell a lot of it and probably therefore Also generates quite a lot of income for Them so that they can spend a little bit More money on some of the really Expensive wines wines that are really Expensive to make as well so this is an Important one for the region in general But I haven't tasted the wine in a while So let's see whether it's still that Good many kotiations I feel nush heavy But this is actually more dominated by Surah so it's darker in color it has Pretty dark fruit flavors so you have Blackberry character you also have like Dark cherries coming through there's not A lot of spice there apart from the Pepperiness of the Syrah on the pad it's Actually juicy and Rich it doesn't have A lot of grip but it this is not a wine That is supposed to be aged it's the one That is supposed to be enjoyed early and Young and It is pretty nice so this is definitely A wine that is widely available you Should be able to get it in many Supermarkets and specialist retailers All around the world so if you're ever Standing in front of a shelf not knowing

What to pick and you see that label you Can get it it's a benchmark and you Won't be disappointed I actually think there are some cartoons At roughly the same price point that are More interesting but it is a very good One so I'm going to rate this 88 points I definitely think at that price point It offers Great Value so I agree with You Jacob Great pick so next up we have the 2018 Barbaresco from productory the babaresco And it was a suggestion by Mama Lauren Bear which which means uh Jam bear Pretty much and he writes or she writes I don't know It first when I visited the region for The first time and was thoroughly Impressed by what is possible for under 30 Euros in Italy I agree this is this Is one of those wines that is also Really widely available offers Great Value and I'm looking forward to tasting It the last time I had a bottle of Budatori di barbaresco was when I was in The region in Alba and had a beautiful Dinner by myself and ordered this and And I think it was actually like even in The restaurant it wasn't much more than 40 to 50 Euros so so it is pretty Affordable and that's something that Can't be said about all barbarescos and Barolos they are getting more expensive As the one is in high demand and it's

Not necessarily always easy to make so I'm not blaming the wine makers but it Is sometimes a bit of a shame that These ones are getting less and less Affordable support Basically means producers of babaresco So this is kind of a producer Co-op but Not a normal one I guess it's one that Really produces great quality really Focuses on making beautiful expressions From that region so this one is 100 Nebiolo And you can see that already from the Color nebula tends to be very light in Color tends to have lots of acidity and Tenons nowadays it also has a lot of Alcohol so this is around 15 And the wines can be amongst the best Italy has to offer so the wine smells of Cherries cranberries black tea and Licorice it's quite complex I really Like that about nibiolo it tends to have Lots of different layers on the pad it's Rich with grippy Talons and lots of Freshness so this is definitely a wine That is age worthy I would say it's Probably going to age for 15 years and It's still a little bit too young so I Would keep it for another five years Maybe before opening the next bottle or You opening a bottle so yeah really nice And complete wine if you drink it this Young you should definitely eat some Meat with it but I think you should keep

It a little longer to let it express Itself fully I'm going to rate this 92 Points I think it's a beautiful Barbaresco and at that price it's Actually Pretty good value for money as well I'm A bit surprised though I thought Mama Laden bear would be interested in Jammy Wines this is definitely not a Gemmy one But you made a good choice so next up we Have the 2016 vineyardanza Reserva from La Rioja Alta and this was a suggestion By Lee prick Leah prick I'm not really sure but he Writes the reserver versions of Vina Adansa and Vina Alberti by La Rioja Alta Both are absolutely beautiful and the Letter Alberti is a real bargain too and I think this is also a real bargain it Retails for around 35 US Dollars and it Tends to be a beautiful one but let's Taste it first I think ryoka is still One of the most undervalued region it's A real classic most people know of the Region it produces beautiful amazing Wine very distinctive wine and has its Own autotunous grape variety that is Very successful and can produce great Wines the wines tend to be aged as well When when they are coming onto the Market and they're still very much Affordable Is specializing in more elegant and

Subtle riojas they are based Which is the more highly elevated Rioja District and I've tasted a lot of really Good wines from that estate so you can See the wine might not be as light in Color as the nebula but it's also fairly Light In Color this one smells of Cherries figs but there's also this Pronounced vanilla chocolatey flavor Coming from the maturation in Us Oak Barrels on the pad it brings together Body less tendons and less acidity than The Bubba Resco which doesn't mean that This wine can keep I think it is more Enjoyable now but it will also age for 15 years maybe even longer the great Thing about those ones is that they come To the market when they are already Pretty much ready to drink so you can Just pop the cork without having a bad Feeling about it Um yeah this is this is good so I'm Going to rate this 94 points thanks Leah Prick Great choice really beautiful one so the Last one of the tasting is the 2017 Radicchi Taurasi from masto berardinho And it was recommended by sukhansen who Writes Master berardinio radicchi tarazi For me the ionic grape is hugely Underrated and Mastro were the ones who Brought it and many other native writers And compania back into the Limelight Tawazi have massive aging potential and

Blend power and elegance perfectly I do Agree I think if you look into that Camera you can actually see a master Belladinio case sitting right behind me And that's because I drink this stuff But people don't necessarily appreciate It as much as they should so this Actually retails for 56 US dollars so It's probably the most expensive wine in This lineup but it's still affordable And the wines can age for decades Initially Taurasi is often mentioned Together with As one of the great wines of Italy but It's definitely not as famous as the Other two Let's see what I can hit that camera Oh man so this is actually the only wine Out of the lineup that I would Definitely carafe you don't have to Decant it properly so you don't really Have to separate a deposit from the wine But it's a wine that needs more air I Can feel that it feels like the wine is Holding back it doesn't show me Everything it has so I have to swirl it In the glass or carafe it to give it Lots of air and then leave it there for A few hours but you can't wait I don't Want to wait so um I'm just going to Swallow for a bit so the wine smells of Blackberries cherries blueberries also a Little bit of Cassis but it's it's not Like cooked or super ripe it's more

Elegant this is from the south of Italy But it still feels like a very cool wine That's ayanico speaking there it's a Grape variety that preserves its Freshness and structure even if it's Grown in the south of Italy it Definitely shows lots of grip and Structure on the palette it's very long And Lively so it's not a big broad one It's more linear type of wine but I find That fascinating it's still a little bit Too young but soon it will be in its Drinking window and then it will be Beautiful for 10 20 years and I do enjoy That I do like that star but I also get How some people don't really understand It it's a little lighter and that's just Not something Everyone likes enjoys but I do like that a lot and you have to Listen a little bit more carefully to Get that wine I will rate it 94 points It's a beauty it's a really fresh and Lively I wish I hadn't opened it but now I think I'll just have to drink it so This was a beautiful tasting thanks to All of you for your suggestions and a Special thanks to all of the ones that Leon picked they were pretty much spot On my favorites were the chardonnay from Cravitz even though this was also very Nice and I did like the last two and the Most And the master berardino but all of the Other ones are also recommendations

Is more of a daily drinker but for that It is a beautiful wine So yeah go out and seek out those wines They are all really delicious and this Tasting showed me again that you guys Know your wines too so thank you for Watching I hope you enjoyed this video If you did then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Done so already my question of the day Is out of these six wines which one Would you pick let me know down below I Hope I see you guys again very soon Until then stay thirsty [Music] Thank you