Hi I'm constantly master of wine and Today we're jumping into a pool of rot Noble Rot the fungus that is known as Portrayal scenario Purity a noble or Either for illness can turn pretty Grapes into rotten bunches which then Can be turned into liquid gold I'm going To explain to you how that takes place And we're going to taste four aged Examples from four classic regions and No I didn't gain weight it's the bottles They are just smaller than normal okay Let's go [Music] The most famous story about the history Of noble Road wine is from the rheingau Region in Germany a messenger was sent Out to get permission in order to start The grape Harvest he either got robbed Or drunk depending on who you want to Listen to and when he came back the Grapes were already rotting on the vines But when the grapes were harvested and Turned into wine the outcome stunned Everyone it was a delicious golden sweet Wine this might have never happened but It is likely that the first putritis Wines were accidents as playing with the Fungus is dangerous but try this has two Sides it can cause gray rot which Usually affects shoots young bunches Unripe or slightly damaged berries and It can wipe out a significant share of That Year's production but when it

Attacks healthy and ripe grapes it is Called Noble Rot and it is an important Factor in the reflection of some of the Best sweet wines in the world we'll try To spores grow on grapes when the Humidity is high and the temperatures Are moderate between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius but there are some some grape Varieties that are very susceptible to It like Riesling and semilion and some Like Cabernet and Solaris that are Pretty tolerant lower rod penetrates the Skins of the berry but it doesn't allow Other diseases to spoil the juice over Time it mainly sucks out moisture but it Also feels on some of the sugars and Some of the acidity Ah over time the grapes turn from green To Golden to purple they shrivel and the Sugars and acidity become concentrated And the flavor just changes So it changes the grape's composition Significantly and the resulting wine Tastes completely different to what it Would have tasted like without the rod But now let's taste these wines this is Clearly the most high calorie tasting I've ever done but it might also be one Of the best lineups I've ever tasted on This channel so I'm starting off with The 2009 Easter hazy bianos laser from The Boomland in Austria and this should Be a pretty good starting point bianos Laser refers to one that is made from

Late harvested grapes that are either Partially or fully infected by botritis This one is from the noisy which is a Lake that is pretty shallow and the Humidity that comes off the lake is Essential in making this style of wine The winery was established in 1758 and it produces some really good Wines the wine is a cuvi but it doesn't Really tell me what kind of grape Varieties are in there if I'd have to Guess I'd probably say there's some wet Drizzling in there some Chardonnay some Tramina but uh don't really know this is The only one bottled under a screw cap Which is not necessarily very common With these sweet wines because they are Supposed to be aged and they usually age Under cork But there's nothing wrong with using the Good old screw cap so you could already See through the bottle that the wine is Golden in color this is quite common for Sweet ones you can also see that it's Really concentrated with high levels of Viscosity so it moves very slowly in the Glass the wine smells of raisins fix Dried apricots they're quite a lot of Dried fruit flavors coming through it's Very precise quite rich and opulent Really beautiful I mean it it is intense But it there's quite a lot going on There so so it's not just like one fist Into your face on the palette the wine

Is quite rich and concentrated it lacks A little bit of acidity in my opinion This is 12 and a half percent alcohol in Germany Banos lays intend to be below 10 Of alcohol so this is actually a bit More concentrated a little bit more Full-on Um well I'm missing a little bit of that That balance basically but you clearly Get those botritis flavors here they Well they are a bit difficult to explain But there's a little bit of the dried Fruit character which is quite typical For botritis there's also a little bit Of dustiness which reminds me very often Of rye bread and on the palate there's Some bitterness there this is a pretty Good example of of a botrytist wine like I said this is a very good start I'm Going to rate this 90 points I think It's very classic very typical for the Style of Bandos laser as being produced In the Boomland region like I said I I'm Missing a little bit more Acidic punch here to make the one a Little bit more more balanced and more Interesting but it is really good so the Next one is the 2017 Camden SEC from Chateau de Rio sec in southern Bordeaux This is actually a while that was Featured in one of my videos in the past But I didn't taste it back then so this Is the opportunity I guess Chateau Rio SEC is a premier career classified

Estate owned by the Rothschild family Who also owned Chateau Lafitte this is Actually a direct neighbor to ikem the Most famous estate in the region they Are only separated by a little creek That is called the wisso river and that River actually dries up in summer the French word for dry is sick and that's How the name Rio SEC came together so Tan is pretty famous for botritis wines Because it offers the perfect conditions For spreading the fungus but it was Pretty wet anyways and in so turn it is Even more humid the siron and the garon River play an important role here they Flow into each other and create fog on a Regular basis in Autumn and that's how Lots of patriotism develops in all of The Vineyards in that part of Bordeaux So this is actually their second wine That Which contains 94 of semiyon three Percent of sauvignon blanc and three Percent of muscadel and the wine is Fermented and aged in barriques for 18 Months so this is pretty much a classic Recipe well the cuvia is maybe a little Bit different but the way it is made is Pretty classic for the production of Sultan so turn is interesting because Well it used to be a very popular very Expensive wine but that has changed over The last few decades nowadays the dry Red wines are much more popular and

Therefore are much more expensive than The sweet wines but the sweet ones are Really difficult to make and well you Get a very small yield per per hectare Or per Vine depending on how you want to Count it so actually making this is much More expensive than making a half a Bottle of Lafitte or kaluate in this Case a piece of cork came off and fell Into the wine which is always a bit of a Shame so you should take that out the Wine is definitely not caught now you Know it's just it's just cork in the Wine it's not it's not Corky it's not Cooked Now it's clean so turn is also Interesting because well it usually has High levels of sugar it also has pretty High levels of alcohol so many turns are Around 14 14 and a half percent of Alcohol so it's it tends to be quite a Rich rich and round and concentrated Wine so as you can see here it's Actually golden also but it is less Golden than the previous one so Well that is mainly due to the age I Believe as white wine ages it gets Darker and more Brown and this is still Fairly young so this is kind of a Typical color for young Sultan it might Be young but it is really nice I mean The oak flavor still comes through quite A bit but there's also this white peach Apricot character that comes through

Which is really pristine Lots of very clean fruit flavors there On the pad it is Rich and concentrated But it also has good freshness in the End so it's actually Kind of lively but a substantial wine For sure this definitely needs the right Food to go with it I'm a big fan of Saturn with the Foie Grant not Everyone Likes foie gras but I do like myself With a glass of this Sorry another interesting thing here is That this is actually the cheapest one In the tasting it retails for between 35 And 40 US dollars and this is not the One that you should drink right now it's Actually something that you can put away For 10 20 years And at that price this is actually a Pretty good deal I will rate this 92 Points I think it's a delicious wine They are say it's a yummy wine so Yeah really good the next one is Actually a wine style that is forbidden Today it's the 2000 pended Tokai ASU Essentia this Winery was purchased by The bombkov family after the end of the Cold War in 1991 and they work organically and also A little bit of biodynamics are employed At the estate they have 10 hectares of Vineyards and well they are in the Region of Tokai Tokai is clearly the Most famous one out of Hungary it's also

One based on botritis grapes and again Here Rivers play an important role in Getting the humidity into in The Vineyards and making sure that botritis Can spread readily in Autumn pocket 2 is Also made using butter Choice grapes but The process is a little bit different The butter Choice grapes are hand Selected and then they are macerated in Some must or fermenting wine for one or Two days before being pressed off and Then the wine is fermented in barrel and Then aged in barrel for a long period They are classified by the sweetness Level which depends highly on the level Or the concentration of butter trials Grapes in the must and well the Tokai ASU Essentia used to be the highest Level of a suwane but now it has changed A little bit 10 years ago they changed The legislation and now Essentia is Actually a separate term only reserved To wines made from purely botrized Grapes and these ones can be extremely Sweet and very concentrated and this Today couldn't be called ASU essencia Anymore I don't know all that much about This wine apart from the fact that it Must have had more than 100 grams of Residual sugar so it should be pretty Sweet pretty concentrated and pretty Rich I like Tokai once because they have Lots of concentration sweetness but they Also have lots of acidity the grape

Variety the main grape variety used in The region for mint is actually bringing Quite a serious level of facility to the Table similar to Riesling basically and The wines can be just outstanding and They age for decades centuries even so You can see the color is really amber Colored so it's really dark and this is Due to the concentration of the wine the High level of sweetness but also on the Age this is now 23 years old so there's Even a little bit of brown notes coming Through so it already looks beautiful on The nose it smells of apricots raisins There's also like candied orange flavor Coming through there's a little bit of Coffee Toffee notes that are there as Well on the pad the wine is concentrated In Rich lots of concentration I'm not Really sure what the sweetness level is Here but I'm pretty sure that it's above 200 grams per liter but the acidity Makes it Lively fresh and vibrant really Fruity even though this one clearly has More sweetness than the previous wine it Actually feels less sweet because of This acidity that's also why it's really Difficult in a blind tasting to Determine the sugar level Sweetness is always determined by sugar Level and acidity so a wine with high Sugar and high acid will taste less Sweet than a wine with the same amount Of sugar and less acidity so well it's

It's complicated you know what I really Like this wine but I actually prefer Less sweet sweet ones oftentimes the the Sweetest wines are kind of looked at as The best but I actually prefer sweet Ones that are not super sweet because I I do like acidity like freshness these Wines Tend to be a little bit too much Sometimes that said I'm still going to Rate this 94 points I think it's really Really good beautiful one with lots of Balance and quite a lot of tension and This is still young you know what a Friend of mine once recommended tasting Salty olives with sweet wine because the Saltiness of the olive will bring down The sweetness of the wine and will make The whole experience more exciting so This is the moment to try it This is nice The wine actually tastes less sweet now And the olive less salty It's quite an experience I I think it's Not the most harmonious pairing but it's Very interesting so the last one of the Tasting is the 2007 mulakatoa Isn't German the easiest language in the World is probably the most mispronounced Word in wine it refers to the highest Level of predicate in German wine law in Order to make it you have to harvest Grapes that are affected by botritis and They have to have at least 150 degrees

Of xler which is roughly 400 grams per Liter of residual sugar in the juice was Founded in 1744 in the false region it's Now run in the ninth generation they Have 25 hectares and they mainly focus On white grape varieties this variety Islana is actually a Crossing between Riesling and Silvana and the rislana Tokman ausley from the 1990 vintage was Actually be the first one that was ever Rated 100 points by Robert Parker so They claim I actually couldn't find any References on Robert to that Wine and that vintage but well I'm Guessing that that they know what they Are talking about so this one actually Has won lots of prizes and received Pretty high scores over the years so Well let's let's open it so this is now What 16 years old Almost But that's actually not very old for Talking man mostly it's a reason they Tend to be very age-worthy so you can Definitely keep them for a long time This is also often the issue with sweet Wines in micellar because I have quite a Few of them but I don't touch them Because I don't feel like I have to Drink them I I kind of feel like well This can wait just grab another bottle That might go bad in a few years and but Let's see maybe maybe it's not good Anymore that would be a surprise the

Capsule actually has some weird stains Here so I don't really know what that is I mean it doesn't seem like there was a Lot of leakage from the bottle the cork Seems fine and the capsules inside is Also Well it doesn't look terrible there's a Little bit of staining but I think it's Fine so I don't know where this where This is from look at that This is This is dark Amber it's almost like Orange It has some red in it some brown so this Is clearly not just the age but also the Concentration of the wine the high Sweetness level but also a little bit of The age it's interesting that some of Those sweet wines actually turn a little Bit green towards the rim in Madeira you See that quite often And here you do also see that a little Bit some yeah like a little green tint Towards the rim on the nose it smells a Fix of ripe Apple like an apple tart Like baked apple almost it smells Very complex and there's also almost Like a cinnamon Dimension here so it is Quite interesting very very concentrated On the pad it gets really interesting Because this has Six percent of alcohol so it's almost Not really a wine It has super high sweetness level but

The acidity is also extremely high so This is a lot of fun this is something I Think very few places in the world can Do and this is quite exciting so this is What I was talking about earlier this Combo of high acidity and high sweetness Just makes your mouth water and your Tongue dance tango so so it's really Interesting it's quite quite quite Exciting I mean you don't want to drink A whole bottle otherwise you get a sugar Rush but but a glass is really really Fun so as it sits in the glass it Actually opens up a little bit more There's more chocolate and coffee notes Coming through so I think this will get More and more complex the longer it Stays in Bottle or in the glass for the Next few days so a really good wine a Great one I'm going to rate this 97 Points I think it's a beautiful bottle a Really exciting sweet one this was a Really interesting tasting tasting this Range of wines all made from but try to Grapes but it's very different in style And in expression and I really enjoyed This I I really did enjoy tasting these Four sweet ones the best clearly in my Opinion was this one but those two were Also really beautiful this was also very Good maybe not at the same level as the Other three but still a really beautiful Sweet wine in its own right so thank you For watching if you like this video then

Please like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so already a Question of the day is obviously what do You think about sweet wines do you like Them don't you like them which ones are Your favorites let me know Down Below in The comments I hope I see you guys again Very soon until then I'm probably going To have one or two sugar rushes and you Guys Stay thirsty [Music]