Sake and Regionality with Natsuki Kikuya

Okay good evening welcome everyone to The latest in our events program Knockdown events program of webinars This evening we’re looking at sake in Regionality I’m Julia from WCT school London and that is the lot you’re gonna Hear from me great Thank You Julia hi Everyone again my name is motoki This is my second webinar with obesity And hope everybody’s doing well I know Some of the area’s not UK yet but some Of the countries like Japan and Asia Countries being they they’ve started to Point back to normal and all the Restaurants that they open so I’m sure a Lot of things been changing and you guys Are quite busy so thank you very much For coming from around the world My name is Natsuki and I am one of the Developer of the second qualification For the Bria city so together I was done 20 most MW a publicity I set up the Lobby city level 3 I was in sake which Is this textbook so here I know many of You already been taking this course but If you’re interested to learn advanced Knowledge of the Sicario orbit very Welcome to join ok so I will start the Second edition ality powerpoint the Presentation like last time we have a Lot to cover I know it’s impossible to cover the Whole part of Japan and originality so I Try to select some of the very

Selectively distinctive areas of Japan That shows the vision ality and Particular style of sake Julia would you Be able to move the slide for the next Page please so I’m sure many of you are Already familiar where is Japan and some Of the facts about the Japan but Japan Is this very long stretched island Actually the mayor 9 is consist of fine Five bits Hokkaido Honshu Shikoku and Kyushu Islands but actually this over Nearly actually 7,000 islands including With this main island so we have lots of Our small islands around it and the very Nose tip of Hokkaido waits in the pink Color the vodka night which is located At the same latitude as a Montreal Canada Canada or southern tip of and Then if you go nearly down the South There is a tropical island of Okinawa Which has the same latitude as Hawaii or Florida or Bahamas so you can see from North ourselves the Japan is very Japan Has a very different climates and see There is a landscape so you can see and Also Japan is located in the Northeastern dingle fire which means it Has a lot of volcanic activities so There’s over 100 active volcanoes and Which is a 10% of the world’s volcanoes And which could contribute to one of the Main touristic destination such as onsen The hot springs I’m sure a lot of people Are belonging to go to Japan so I try to

Put a lot of the touristic and SS for Tonight so we can kind of virtually Travel to Japan tonight hopefully also 73% of the Japan is mountain and 66% of The bats It’s forest so we are very green and Mountainous country and we have many Rivers but most of the livers are tend To be quite short steep and swift so That connects some of the water Qualities that we have we mentioned a Tunnel a tonne and we are surrounded by Sea but for different sea so sea of Okhotsk In those sea of japan on the west and East china sea on ourselves and Pacific Ocean on the east so that really also Provides Japan very wealthy culture or Fruits and different climates as well to Be able to Got move on to the next high schools so The today’s topic is about digitality I Know when I used to work in a restaurant To the sake sommelier One with the most commonly asked Question was that sake expresses karwa And if you are you know passionate wine Drinker It’s very common things to think about Are we you know are we the sake has a Similar legend ality inference so in Relationship to the region and where Rice is grown so these things being Asked and I was always struggling to

Answer because of the many factors so I Will try to cover all the factors that Make that could be related to the Originality and the tarawa of the sake So let’s start from the water so water Is one of the main ingredients of the Sake as as you know over 80% of the sake In the bottle is water and another rice Doesn’t contain any juice we add all This water in a process of sake making And that easily translate into the Importance of the water source so where The best water is the sake brewery Locates so that’s one kind of common Thing that when you learn about the Location so idea what of the sake it is Something it is the water quality that Is a clean and pure So somewhat water quality that doesn’t Have any errands cost iron actually Change the color of the seconds not Ideal to have any trace of that and also Low organic matters like you know any Drinking water as well so you need an Abundance of nice water and you can Easily think that Express the parable of The circuit because you know the water Of the sake I walked out Japan root of Japan it tends to be quite soft and many People already know the corrective let’s Say the Japanese whiskey to be like text Very soft and velvety textures and Smooth that comes mainly from the water Quality to be very soft and all the

Connection of the Japan’s to be bei bei Mountainous and very short mountains Tend to be compared to a lot of European Office and so on plus a lot of rainfall Snowfall sooner in the wintertime Especially most part of Japan as well as As I mentioned the lever lengths to be Much shorter and steeper the water Circulates much quicker than other parts Of the world as well as the soil of Japan tend to be much lower in the Limestone So all that included Japan water tend to Be quite soft and pure and the Queen and We have abundant amount of water as well So one way you can say yes that exactly That there are the moat expresses but There were October sake in Japan but at The same time in just Japanese Legislation you are actually allowed to Adjust the mineral content of the socket So you can you can either feel to them Or add the minerals back in to adjust The mineral content of the socket so in That way you can or you cannot it Doesn’t have to be expressing that arawa In terms of the water at the WCT level Three hours in sake classes we actually Do water tasting so we do blind taste to Sakis one sake made from the very hard Water Missions and the other sake made From the rest of motivation and me Intentionally our students to guess Which one is soft and which one is hard

And it’s one of the hardest blind Tasting to be honest and I personally Really struggle for myself to play this Because let’s say he hits 300 years ago When there is no you know developed Techniques of the sake making this Mineral content of the water mattered a Lot but today it’s actually doesn’t you Know with with the help of the Development of the east race and good She strains as well as like all the Techniques of the fermentation the Temperature controls in the tank Actually you you know the mineral Content of the water can can be covered Or at Set by by the different techniques join The production so it doesn’t actually it Doesn’t compared to the past couple many Hundred years ago it’s actually much Less impact to the second but whenever You visit the sake brewery I highly Recommend you to taste the water they Make the sacrifice and because you find The connection the textures and base so The would die I still believe that Provides the basis so that’s about the Water the second ingredients of the main English the sake is rice so as you know We use table rice as well as the sukkah Specifically rice which is a premium I could specific rice the variety that’s Only made oh ii make it and we have over A hundred different varietal of that so

In that way you can easily say yeah you Can express through a by using your Local rice that’s right but compared to The grapes rice can be transferred Because it’s not fragile as well you can Actually export overseas even so you Know that to show Tarawa it’s it’s quite Difficult you know because you can Actually source any rice anywhere Certain ingredients of the sake is Georgie-porgie Fungus so most of the producer purchase Causing mold spores from the Manufactures and in the past yes there Are hundreds of koji manufactures over Around japan but today actually we only Have a seven companies existing so Knowing that unless there is a local Quoted manufacturer called mod Manufactures next year brewery it’s Quite difficult to make a costly baby a Local but if you go back to the bay Ancient times once this has been making Suck it with the koji modes that’s been Inoculated from the rice field much Course cause you’ve already believed to Be living in an ice field as well okay And next is east so that’s the false Ingredients of the circuit and again in Ancient times Oh the sake was made with ambient east While the east that is that what about This available at the brewery It’s as what you get but today because

Of the development of the culture east Most of the producer uses the yokai Cocoa which is an association east That’s been distributed cultured and Distributed by the brewing society of Japan So all these that it’s quite difficult To show at originality and thorough ah Unless this culture the east is isolated Originally from your brewery your Religion so knowing all these fall you Can but in general it’s quite difficult To be a hundred percent local or Regional sake or they’re all ingredients For linguists that i just mentioned Another factor of the digitality in sake I think i personally think that plays a Big impact is a good culture so as i as I showed you the map of Japan we have a 47 different prefectures in Japan and Each vision each Prefecture has a very Strong unique local food culture so Depend on your own on a seaside are you On the Japan II Japan Japan’s side or Pacific side the type of Fish that you capture is different and If you’re in England you have completely Different food cultures in there if You’re out of the mountains in very Heavy snowfalls you might have to rely On a lot of preserved food which can be Higher salt content or rich flavors so All this could influence the sake that Pairs well with and I think it still

Plays a quite a big role well the Typical side of snitcher misaki that is In japan but knowing that because of the Transportation you can actually buy any Sake anyway today it’s quite difficult To be 100% local again knowing and in The last bits about what influence what Impacts the security and styles is the Techniques and the human hands so again Any sometimes it’s it was quite Difficult for all these techniques and Techniques a method was company secret Everybody’s a household has its own Their own styles and their own secrets To make the tasty circuit but after all This National Institute of brewing a National research instead of brewing or Any other governmental universities all This institute has been founded all this Expertise and methods of speed share Throughout the country so as I mean as a Conclusion you can easily say any style And the quality level sucker can be made Anywhere so last week we mentioned about The second made outside of Japan and its Numbers are growing and I believe the Quality of the circuit these circuits Are really growing as well so so in one Hand you can you can say that circuit Doesn’t have a Tarawa as dialect II as Wine but you can as you can see sake Quality and style is consist of such a Complex process and you know quality of The ingredients and the techniques of

The producer and London That you know wrote the cut sake sake Drink itself is so today I wanted to Introduce some of the distinctive area That shows Asaka styles about the other Can you please go to the next slide Please so this is just another note that That includes the technique or the human Hands path side there is a pooja gills So Toji in Japanese means a head Brewers Of the top of the brewery So each brewery has its consist of this Production team that’s very hired school And that’s on top of the team there is a Koji So he’s in charge of the production and You know who will be the team’s to go Through this hard hard process of Saki Making throughout throughout the winter And springtime and tooji gills are the Legionary based organization of protease That share the brewing techniques and Expertise as well as a pro technician of Styles so when you so this has been the Culture that’s been continued from edo Period which is over 300 years and People know there aren’t any Certification each regional touji group Has formed their own associations and They’ve been passing down all these Techniques by themselves and once we use That above 120 girls all around Japan But these these states today we only Have a 30 remaining

So the three notable ones are non Bhutto G from yatta prefecture ichigo touji From Niigata Prefecture and Humberto G From Hugo perfection so these names Actually all formal names of the regions And each Legion has its own special Styles and proud of the sake local Styles so the reason because the The reason behind why not destroy a Girl’s cultures been dying it’s some of The factors so suck in making tips has Traditionally or historically it’s being Seasonal workers so these people who Work in an ice fields in a summertime or The as a fisherman or work in the timber So mainly the first in the first Industry walking in the fields has Nothing to do in the winter time Mandy So what they do is they will go to the Brewery maybe we can be a local can be Outside of the picture and make a do a Second making so that’s that’s how touji Has been formed they are the seasonal Workers that’s you know doing other Things in a summertime and wintertime They go to the brewery demon and make Second same for the torches as well so Knowing that how agriculture sectors Like little younger people going to the IITs and other industries apart from the Greek culture so it’s the same common Common problem for any other countries But because of this policy culture has Been decreasing can you please go to the

Next slide so the this is Raja Gil’s Structure so how the brewery inside of The sake brewing team they are Traditionally there are core Emoto which Is a sake brewery owner and then Poggi Who has been working as a cop head of The production and then there are lot of People who is underneath as I mentioned It’s a hired colonising structure the Kishida is the one that’s behind below Below doji that works as a kind of like A manager role to to look after all the Other guys and we have some country who Is in charge but the Coogee making motor Who is in charge shiva making so and Then goes down in the bottom and and Then the bear young guys in charge of Washing or cooking cooking a meal for Other key members so this has been the Kind of Pamba traditional organization Who was These days as I mentioned Portuguese has Been decreasing culture kind of Disappearing culture lot of Kuramoto Which has in the past has only been Doing the management or business side of The wall has taken himself to learned About sake making and become cozy as Well so the the trend these days that Could have multiple G so the kind of Combination of the two Briona himself would go to the University to learn about fermentation Brewing and do some entrepreneurship

With other French brewery and then Become toldja in the ear in his in their Age of 30 or 40 years old so there are Many young poets these days from this Factor so knowing that tourgee gills Cantata Gil’s reference has becoming Less and less to the sake production Styles can you go to the next slide just Wanted to mention this geographical Identification of the sake so no the Other drinks like including champagne or Cherries or this has G ice jo-jo a Geographical identification this Existing sake as well so the top three Another go go Yeah hakusan and GI Yamagata so these Are the logistic is as well as the GI Any hunch that the sake is been the Distance of GI term as well plus the Distance the condition of origin so it’s Not it has slightly more stricter rule Such as there was on some stickers so You can see or the Sun the saga Certificate or the Niigata OC so these Ones they strict to be besides the Certificate to go to the socket that’s Made from the local Sacco rice so there Was something specifically you have to Make with this particular rice that’s From Yamagata prefecture there was some Sunrise and you have to make integer my Ginger spec and if you do so you can get This sticker to be posted on So it’s much a little bit more stricter

But more more producer are going moving Towards this direction to to show what Special they can show from from their Region even though a mad initially the King of sake rice its them still the Most famous rice and people buy from you Know people buy that from all away or Even even there’s not from the Huber Production you go to the next slide so Let’s move on to the each visions so the First Prefecture I want to introduce you Is your protector this is the biggest Sake production center has been for a Long time since 18th century and today I Brought a sake can call the can be she From another another area and another Good not a go-go area which is one of The GI sorry gia another gogo is the one Of the G eyes and that’s the coming from This yoga Prefecture so Chaco Prefectures you can see on a map it’s Kind of western part of mainland Japan And it’s it’s has been a biggest one of The biggest ports to ship the products To Edo Which is a former Tokyo so Tokyo has Been the capital for a while and what They are doing is lots of products has Been shipped from the port of nother Google and shift towards the Tokyo Prefecture to the capital of Japan so Having the biggest ports available plus The water quality so the water of yoga Prefecture tend to tend to being the

Historically known as a semi-hard water So as I mentioned water in Japan general Is very super soft and 300 years ago do And there is no temperature control System for sake making it was quite Difficult to me Exactly with almost no mineral water if It’s the water is too soft How many sure didn’t go through it Didn’t it didn’t kick start later on so Nia mizu which is trusted as a water From the gods that’s all that was Available from the Hyuga prefecture was Was one of the best water they believed To be to make suckers So hence the lots of sake brewery moved To this division to make sake and also How good Prefecture is known for the Home of Yama dynasty lies a king of king Of yamanishi ice so that’s so having Advice nice Yama Denise key right having A nice rice having nice source of water That ensures fast reliable comments plus The climate’s that’s coming from local Mountains so the there’s a mountain Called local mountain north and that has Been growing a very cool dry wind in a Winter time that was a perfect wind to Cool down the rice and also could chill The fermentation so when you wanted to Have the bass solo cold ferment to make A pure a beautiful sake it was a very Very ideal so all this combination of The water rice and the climate the side

Of sake tend to be slightly less Aromatic and firmer texture more tend to Develop slightly more money and it was Called as Auto Kazakh Soto Kazakh Translated as a male sake so it has Quite firm and quite muscular I can say And nice business to it And this particular circuit can be she Has a really nicely money and I think It’s a great sucker to warm up so that Is a sure go sake quite firm mummy and Less aromatic and quite muscular I’m not Your type of sake can you go to the next Slide please Julia So this shows the illustration not Another Google areas so you can see each Port has names and so since around the 18th century in Edo period mid at meta Periods they have been actually making 80% of the psychic consumed in Tokyo Edo Period o capital Chapter Edo and so this combination of Good ingredients and the water plus There was at a location which is what’s The barrel shipment that’s going to the Tokyo what’s going there a lot of Producer ones almost almost competing Who is going to Tokyo faster so they can Win the competition in the capital of Tokyo so that’s that’s quite incredible That it’s been the same since 18 Essentially till today so what most of The biggest company locates in another Google area including this can be she

Can you go to the next slides just Wanted to show you some land beautiful Landscape of yoga pre texture and the Left what the fall is from from one of The best actually to so these two Pictures are from the best area to grow Al-madani she dies the king of sake rice So it has a beautiful nice waterfalls Called Kuroda key and nice and ice Fields to make the special religion like Grand Cru religion of a mysterious can You click one more so I just wanted to Show so each I just wanted to show each Visions best things to eat with sake so You can not only learn about the digital Side of sake academically today you can Learn what to eat from where you visit Each editions and also you can be hungry You’re looking at it so this you can Kind of look like maybe if you’ve been To Japan or familiar to Japanese food it Looks like okay Aki takoyaki is this a Bowl of octopus inside it’s like a it’s Like a pancake Sighs quite savory pancakes But octopus insides and this famous Fruit for osaka prefecture actually hugo Has a better version of it I don’t know It’s my personal opinion but so sure This this is called Akashi icky Akashi a Key is different from opening the Takoyaki okonomiyaki a kashyyk is it Looks like a takoyaki pie has that much More fluffy egg content in it so it’s

Really softer and less flour inside so It’s almost like egg omelette And how they eat it is you dip it into The nice broth so it’s very calming a Middle and nearly tasty mummy savory Dish nearly worked works perfect with a Nice forego professional socket and These days I didn’t mention this the GI Halima has been registered last year so This is a most recent geographical idn’t Identification term that’s also coming From Java protection ok Chris mark move On to the next capital which is kyoto i Call it as abundant water capital so Kyoto it’s a second speaker stock a Production area of japan and as Everybody know it’s one of the most Famous touristic destination to go and It’s all capped of Japan between 794 to 1869 and geographically Kyoto has this Basin called Kato Kyoto Basin and it’s Very flat land as well and underneath of This Kyoto Basin there is abundant water Hidden underground so I learned that There’s 211 trillion tons of underground Water that’s been sleeping underneath of Kyoto Basin so if you have a visitor Tour you have no show you’d never have a Chance to be a shortage of water it has A lot of water underneath ground down And there is a contact to be back hope You are lake next prefecture as well so That ensures you can make a lot of sake Using this nice water and not just

Amount but also the quality of the water Is quite contrast Compared to jokah so kyoto ruta it’s Known for the soft correctly water come So compared to the hue professor to be Semi-hard It’s very soft and delicate side of sake So minerals in water works kind of like A fuel so if there’s a high mineral Content Koji enzymes and East activity Customs up and boost up so that become Again as I mentioned quite firm and rich In money for side of sake like pure Prefecture but if it’s opposites like Kata Prefecture when there’s lower Mineral sake become quite mellow soft And delicate and hence the Kyoto stock Has me historically cold as Onizuka in Contrast to Kyoko of the Kazakh zone That means female sake I don’t know this Kind of sexual terms really is a Relevant dspace but they they said they They tend to say to suck it into the Delicates I don’t mastic and etiquette like me so In term also rice Kyoto doesn’t have so Much ice content but today’s a second Surprise for you I and you might be able To find that if you look into the sake Brewery in Kyoto and so as I mentioned With this abundant amount of water in Kyoto plus does being a cold capital of Japan you classic Japanese cultures Being established in Kyoto using this

Abundant water so you might know this Japanese tea ceremony as well as flower Lensman’s and the Japanese gardens you Know Japan I know British has a lots of beautiful Gardens but Japan also have beautiful Gardens and also this Kyoto using Stencil dying so this beautiful kimonos Baby sparrow to flip to the next page Julia so this beautiful kimono dying That’s originates in Kyoto prefecture They use for beautiful kimono the Traditional Japanese dress also Use a lot of water too so to develop all This beautiful Japanese classic culture Toto was the place because of this water Abundance quality okay and then so I Just wanted to please click the next yes So the food you have to eat when you Drink sake with a cure in Kyoto It’s this I don’t know if you can tell From the picture this is a mackerel Sushi So when you say sushi maybe a lot of People imagine niggy Which is the fish on top and the rice on The bottom made by hand but this is Almost like a pressed sushi which is Actually a original sushi that was more Of there was a boom in this western part Of Japan so the license pan put kind of In the box and pressed together with a Cr.42 pickled marinated mackerel fish Saba Saba pickled mackerel and they

Placed on top and you can have a little Like a kelps kind of seaweed on top and It’s really tasty so because of the it’s You know the marinated mackerel provides Lots of mummies and that’s very very Delicate flavors too so it’s perfect Perfect pairing with a this soft Delicate elegant side of tourism I’m Making you hungry okay but please just Imagine that your budget each other into Total now let’s go to the next Destination Actually I forgot I also have the sake from Kyoto today From Sawaya Matsumoto from Kashima Region so Fushimi region is a big a Center of the sake production in Kyoto And known for the best soft water yeah Very fresh Inge with almost a different Vessels that’s very bit more than start Of sake with this nice spread spot maybe Clean and pure and mellow and you can Feel the softness from the water so Quite contrasting texture compared to You can be seen so the next prefecture Is Niigata so you see the maps – Locates in kind of middle parts of Mainland facing a sea of japan and Niigata is the third biggest stock a Production and also a biggest vise floor So they grow a lots of rice including Table rice and satellites and even Though Hugo and Kyoto is the biggest Sake production volumes Ty’s known

For the biggest number of sake breweries So within Niigata Prefecture only there There are 82 sake breweries existing so So with that and actually Niigata is a Very pioneer in certain way that they Kind of create and become a leader of The Ginjo boom around 86 to 91 and that Was a quite big moment of japan where Most of the sake was very icy and cereal And umami and full and rich and heavy And it’s quite sweet so lots of people Were drinking sake as that styles and There was no much other choice but Because of the development over the Ginjo sake which you ferment sake in Aveiro a temperature using allies as Poppy polished to a very low look In degrees so you have immunity you Remove lots of the rice along mayor’s to Only use the percent a part of the of The rice which is a pure starch Sakai Become distinctly clean flavors and very Pure styles and very fresh in styles so This has a connection to some of the Transition of the Japanese industry That’s allowed this 80s 70s and 80s when Japan was having this economic boom After the war lot of people he used to Work in the farms likewise nice Agriculture or fishing or other farming Areas of Japan all these songs of these Industry people moved to Tokyo started Working in IT success or service sectors Or financial success started working in

Front of the computer so imagine your Daily routines of the work was working In a nice field using lots of physical World Labor’s and all the sudden that Changed into sitting into the into Almost like us in a twenty sitting from The computer all day type of thing that You need changes so Niigata started of Ginger Saki was in response to the Change of the industry the people wanted Something much more sophisticated and I Guess they did they didn’t need so much Sugar in there That can be something as easy drinking As as this style so they together with a Soft water quality coming from the lots Of snow snow falls during the wintertime Plus the Kohaku mango chorus which is The queen of sake rice second biggest Sake rice rice brown rice together with Ichigo touji techniques Niigata style Panna cotta sake Niigata Prefecture Established the style coat and a collar Coochie so Terrell a character to child States as light dry and pure and cream And known as distinctive kena finish so Baek cleansing refreshing and light And kind of draw kind of cleanse in your Palates very short our finish but Cleanse your palates nicely so today I Have I don’t have all the sake for me Each pictures I this is my search sake On that circuit I have this casino camp That’s being distributed here in UK by

Word sake boot casino camp I was one of The Pioneer there’d actually did pioneer Of family Kalakuta sake so there that This company started to make this Distinctive me got characters which can Be a quite handy category characters so Very lean clean pure and has yes it’s Much shorter simple finish but really And then nicely and cleanse your palate And I can I can imagine you here eating Something quite oily or fishy this type Of severe cleanse your palate nicely as Well so that is a Niigata sake please go To the next slide Julia so this is a scenery you can see a Lot of snowing in the lies fields of There on the rice terrace and on the Right hand side picture is HT go plain In the night before the rice planting Season so busy if the lice is a wetland Wet rice cultivation it looks so Beautiful you know if you see the whole Lands of niggath as being shining Through with this water and the hue Please click the next Julia thank you so The things that you have to eat this is Actually not a dish but I think this is The best choice from this region this is Called can Zuri I don’t know how many People know this it does looks like your Typical chili sauce but this is not a Typical chili sauce this is red peppers Chili peppers that’s been that’s been so Salt pickled and then actually they they

Later on the snow directly so by doing It you know in the move so this a bitter Just bitter that the bitter flavor of Chili and it actually makes it much much Sweeter so they’re almost like snow aged For a while and afterwards they use that And they minced it together with the Yuzu and they’re mixed with Koji and Then ferment it afterwards so it has This kind of Koji effected by fermenting And it’s sweetness coming from the snow Mature chili so it it does have a kick From the chili but it’s not just spicy It has the sweetness minimum ease and Mellow flavors it’s perfect perfect to Pair with the spicy passed out of Socket and I love to use this comes Early to depress wasabi so when you’re Eating sashimi for example just the soy Sauce on this perfect or here eating Ramen or any bowl of noodles just add a Touch of that you can mix together with Any oils and make men’s dressing so it’s Just perfect condiment to end lit your Dish so if you ever have a chance to go To Japan comes early please pick it up It’s from Niger and also Niigata is Known for a very big sake festival Unfortunately this year because of the Coronavirus a they had to cancel this But every February there are big Festival called Niigata sake no Jean Which is one of the biggest Sake events likes like a tasting events

Which actually most of the last year we Have they have a hundred forty thousand People coming in and you get to taste All the second from Niigata Prefecture And all the breweries there so it’s kind Of like a oktoberfest sake So you have to visit around that time When you gotta so let’s go to the next Prefecture I’ll keep yeh because this is My homeland my where my family sake Brewing families from and so that’s Where my heart indicates as well so I Called I keep it as a snow sucker Kingdom because it has lots of snows and That makes the sake they are sucking Really tasty as well and okay that’s Known for the very high high hot Chocolates at the rate at the bounced Skill of sake baking and as I already Listened it’s achieved the most number Of the gold medal at the national new Circuit contest so national new circuit Contest is one of the prestigious Historical competition holds every Spring in Japan since 1911 unfortunately This year they had to cancel the last Competition judge so that’s very Historical moments if they only had it Canceled one year after the war so That’s their third cancellation year Unfortunately but they last year they Achieved the most number of the winning Gold medals within that either Prefecture so that proves they have a

Lot of skills themselves and they also Known for this Akita style Komodo So here already Nakamoto so this quite True classic style of Saki making Incorporating lactic acid bursaries they Tend to create nice acidity in a sake I Keep a develop their own methods of Making I keep Kim out of styles I don’t Go dig deeper too much right here Interested please look look into what How I keep style Komodo is different From the regular style so if you look at The Akita It’s very nose part of Japan and then Within a geography over and there are Mountain ranges lawns kind of in the Middle of the Akita prefecture land so That nearly splits the sea sides and The other side of the mountain different Climates so crime itself is very hot Summer and cold severe winter had lots Of snowfalls and that translates become A very nice soft snow melt water from The mountain ranges from the old wind There were mountains and lice from Akita Prefecture is MIA menisci and Akita Komachi which me Alicia Keys is a third Biggest a third famous sake rice Varietal was okay and I keep a sucky Komachi itself is also quite even though This is only grown in your Kyoto Prefecture little brewery outside of our Key to actually likes it and buys it and Including UK’s local sake brewery Dojima

Sake brewery I know that they buy Komachi for their sake as well and that Proves their high score it is quite Quite good the east wise I didn’t Measure from the other prefectures Akitas has its distinctive inspirati is Quite famous nationwide which is a k1 That’s quite Lisa East but because how Because they show a lot of success on Winning a national contest it used to be The prefecture whisper become choked Like association East 1501 and our Oldest National Association is number Six originated or isolated in Anamosa Brewery Nikita so we have we have a to You famous our East strains from a Keeper to And sunlight OG it’s the local taja Guilds that understands the climate by Cold region of the circuit code climate And then the ingredients as well so they Utilize this too and they be hunting Down how to make the best sake in Akita So startup sake in Akita I can say it’s Compared to the other regions it has a Various styles some breweries tend to be It had to be like that had to be richer But they tend to have because of Probably the food culture I can say or Maybe the sunlight mochi techniques they Tend to have a very mellow mummy and Soft water quality coming from a soft Texture for it is coming from the water In there and if you go to the mountain

Side of Japan I want inside of Akita prefecture they Illegally rely on preserved food which Is quite sweet and umami for and salty So imagine to pay something pair Something with with these styles these Type of Hades area of people tend to not Make something rich and more money for Stiles jr. can you put the next slide Thank you so this is a landscape of Paquita um I just wanted to say a keeper Akita itself It literally means autumn rice field so Akita is known for a lots of rice fields You know if you go to the countryside of Akita just driving you see a continuous Lands of like rice fields and it’s so Beautiful in every season and in the Winter time with the snow you can visit Yoko tau chemistry this happens in the Wife every which they make Kamakura this Kind of snow dome it’s called Kamakura And hundreds of snow domes be made Yeah there’s not hundreds of snow domes We made chemical has been made for this Festival and you can actually physically Go in there and they offer you nice mud Cheese and a murder case and move it up So it’s very nice festival to visit and It’s not just a fashion to build this Comic kudos actually by by building it There they been wishing to to get the Best abundant water for the for a year To grow their ice and make it a second

So they actually praying for the gods of Water by making it and Judea can you Click the next slide Every taco this is my famous favorites Sake pairing with from Akita Prefecture So if we got goes knowing that a lot of Household in the past had their own Fireplace and they tried to make Preserved food to survive the winter Time so they’re hanging the daikon Radish this is actually daikon radish You know the bay long white radish so They’re hanging the night daikon radish Near the fireplace so get smoky flavors And then afterwards they pickled with Nice nice Nuka so which is the nice dust Coming out from the polishing nice so They’re utilizing everything from from The nature and what they what they Didn’t wanted to waste to make this and These days yeah no no household has Their fireplace really no most of the Family buys already manufacturing made a Big ago but so even I know that in Akita Every year they have this competition For a beauty I buddy got Co and every Ingredients so the actually been smoking Every anything and they’ve been Competing what who is to make who makes The best if you got go in Akita I think Really exciting this itself is very Tasty when you slice it thinly but you Can also put a little bit of the like Soft cheese like cream cheese or some

Soft cheeses in between Really makes the that is just a Combination okay have you ready for the Next area Hiroshima So Hiroshima it’s very western part of Japan’s end of mainland japan as you see On the map and the climate is much Different compared to like Niigata Wakita where we measuring so it’s tend To be warm miles quite dry throughout The year but some of the mountain Regions are quite cold in the winter and Could have a chance of typhoons and Compared to the other areas and Geography wise depending on where you Are the the various landscape you can Find so some summer is mind mountainous Um some faces the sea of set on I set on I see and also here some heels as well So depending where you are you can see Different geography as well and the Water is a distinct development do what Makes here she must like a difference Supersoft so I I be mentioning the I’ll Be mentioning that the yoga style of Sake tend to be quite firm knowledge and Then coat of style secured semi some Softer so just looking at the firmness Hardness of the water another water from Yoga is allowed hundred milligram and Kyoto prefecture about 60 to 80 so it’s Softer than yoga but not crazily soft And hiroshima actually being a 10 to 20 Milligram so it’s like one tenth of

Another professional hardness so imagine That a combination of a very very soft Water almost normally rose inside plus Warm and quite mild climate it was quite Difficult for the producer to complete The fermentation because there was no Mineral to kick in a few few pure or Speed-up fermentation so in the past Lot of producer nearly struggled to make Good sake in hiroshima using a soft From here super software Shima and That’s why this kind of father of Kyoshi Misaki whose name is mr. shinzaburo Mira Had came up with a softer soft water Fermentation techniques so yeah So I mentioned hold out soft water Fermentation so he came up with idea he Actually make nice Sookie has a Koji so Which means the Koji mold spores deeply Inoculated inside of the code the rice So make a quite firm Koji enzymes until And long-lasting cause the enzymes and Then you ferment in a low temperature And longer to your time you succeed to Ferment even in a very super soft water So that actually become a base of more Than smooth on Ginjo sake making you may Imagine idealize that so I can say that Mean Center Bermuda Actually found it the base of more than Sake today so apart from the water and Their own techniques they are known for The hot and Nitschke Zamboni sea ice Which is the local rice ok secured ice

Particles I love these nice varietal because it’s Quite particularly shows a quite Distinctive rice qualities So maybe because of the landscape that’s Being kind of facing to the seaside Sakia using her Tanishq e on sample Initially more particularly tend to have Kind of salinity can assaulting Capitalistic I don’t know you imagine my Imagination because it’s where the rice Has grown but I can’t really find that Any other and any other rice fry to so Which is which can be are quite Interesting to see when you’re trying The second from this using this rice and Hiroshima doji is there rice is there Toge a gills that’s kind of passed out From that Center Bermuda techniques Other thing they were so all these Combines actually the sake style of Hiroshima has an have a specific style Some areas quite Nietzsche and fula the Mindful some areas quite cleaner and Drier and can be flavored so you can you Define the specific variety of hiroshima Sake but i wanted to mention because It’s such a historical and distinctive Area to make this modern sake styles Plus it has the biggest hockey festival In hiroshima called hai jo Sake mastery so Saizo is one of the Sticky in hiroshima prefecture and that Has even have a second street and even

In the one on on one street there’s a Nine second breweries locating and in Every october they are hosting this i Jonah sighs your sake mastery sake Festival outside inside Joe and they Welcomed over two hundred thousand People from all around the world and It’s one of the very exciting Highly recommend you to visit Hi Joe Hiroshima around this season Please go to the next slides Julia so This is something beautiful landscape It’s so beautiful this set on I ocean And you know on the right hand side you Can see this kind of crowd you kind of See that to to picture looks like but Left on side is actual sea lion sizes Crowd see at the Silk Route so you can See on top of the Then and you can over beer the landscape Oh no on top of the crowds which is very Very beautiful scenery people to see Englishmen can you click the food so it Was quite difficult to find in Hiroshima Because there’s so much good food in There as well but one thing I chose is This be shown a bit we should be Shooting a bit or be shown a bit so be Shown a base bill as a beautiful sake Hotpot So this looks like a typical hot pots But they actually cook lots of sake Inside when you’re you know instead of Water when you’re cooking the hot box

And you know also Amami from the you Know maybe menu we already know sake not Only for drinking but suck is perfect Thing to cook lips so it’s maybe bring Up the flavor of ingredients and i Highly recommend you to do so because It’s they don’t require so much special Ingredients you just need like cynics Like coke and carrots cabbage so Anything anything that you have in Mushrooms and you kind of stir-fry them First with salt and pepper and then you Pour lots of sucker in and that’s that’s It and it really tasty nice dish to Complete your sake experience and also He or she must know for the oysters as Well so i was competing as should I say Deep-fried Oreo star party here I wasted So but I chose this so let’s go to next One I know we already won one our past Nearly we have one more two more Destination to go if you have to go we You make sure we post this recording and Slice on the website so you can still Nagar and learn I will continue for next Two protections So if Chicago protection is the next Prefecture its Locates on kind of back shoulder or off Strip of Sea of Japan site and there is There is GI here so G I have to sound Pakistan is the City in Yama Ishikawa Prefecture and I Call Ishikawa’s a Yamaha like legacy

Lands because they have the very legacy Koji guilds called not otogi and one of The unique techniques they use is make Lots of be Emma hi suck it I don’t know why but many great Yamaha Sake comes from Ishikawa Prefecture and They have a high socket into good Applause of deep umami complexity and High acidity and touch of sweet flavor So that’s one of the very distinctive Characteristic you can see in Ishikawa Prefecture and it should go Prefecture The notebook days I’m not a peninsula You can kind of see on them up a kind of This tale of the kind of taro root this Dragon or on the back that’s that not a Peninsula and that the climate there is Very different it has a very severe Severe climates that’s Bay Bay less Shining throughout the year and heavy Every snow and lots of thunder Throughout the year so with this heavy Client base severe harsh climates the Mentality of the people there is a very Patient and the sucker making nearly a Little extra flex the patients and the Cowl personality of the people dance Well pleaser Go to the next slide so some landscapes Left’s pictures a kiln aku in Sochi Comer has she calls kept those canals Our city so Kanazawa city is very nice Destination to visit as a tourist they Call it as second kyouto so kind of old

Chap toe old classic part of Japanese Town is still remaining in a canal city You can visit lot of shrines and temples Including this beautiful garden called Ken Oakland and it has nice beautiful Sceneries even for thus notes with the Time with snow in our hands I picture It’s a it’s it’s a same matter which is This rice terrace ash so it’s Shiro Shiro unison Maite which is the Terraced rice fields and it’s a once Over 1,000 small rice paddies on the Steep slope along the seaside so you can See the sea and lot of this product and You can see this pink elimination so After the last harvest so and after I Think from October before the like Planting season in March they illuminate This rice paddies and it’s so beautiful On the sunsets and this area it’s been Registered as an Intel intangible Cultural heritage of humanity in 2009 by UNESCO so it’s one of the very history You know one of the best place to visit To see the beautiful upscale please Click the next one the things you have To eat with sake in Ishikawa is Kabuto Sushi so it’s hard to figure out what it Is but this white thing is attorney Called Kabuto so it’s very fat round Turnip It’s very silky soft and nice texture And what they do is they chop this Couple turnip and then they marinate

With a salt and afterwards they put the Marinated yellowtail caught in a winter Time together with carrots and they made It with an ounce okay called palm book Help as well and they might need all From pick up with a cause device in There so it’s type of pickles by also Nice nicely elastic fermenting inside And very very creamy cozy mummies and Lastik flavors beautiful like fatty Yellow fish flavors it’s really mellow And tasty Highly recommend you to eat that when You visit Ishikawa Prefecture So last Prefecture I want to mention Thank you for listening me all this It’s saga prefecture so saga is the Southern end of circuit town so you see See the map we on the very West and tip Of Kyushu region so Kyushu region On the very West West islands of Japan It’s all okay now itself these islands Has much more influence from China and Korea and they’re because of the Agriculture in the climate they tend to Make more Xiu Qi which is Japanese Spirit also using Koji but it’s been Distilled and they’re using and not only Lice itself also sweet potatoes and Barley and buckwheat so various Different weeds where ever you are That’s being harvested Saiga is one of The few rice farming lands into Traditions so they grow rice there

So they make also shoot you but not only Is short trip they they make beautiful Sake and some guys also known for the Nice pottery what’s called Arita and cut Out sake which makes a beautiful sake Cup as well the climate is very warm so I warm a modest crime it’s in there and The geography so they have lots of Mountains mountains on 70 mountains cuba Bucky and Terra decay and also there’s a Set of planes in the middle so imagine There’s a soccer playing flatland Surrounded by the mountains it’s it’s Very incredible scenery when you visit The saga prefecture your 360 degrees Surrounded by mountains it’s a beautiful Feeling So with that depending on where you are But water quality can be semi hard too Soft for some summaries or some areas Any hard and they use the rice local Rice called saga Ohana or they also grow Your mother Nitschke quite good quality I’m at an educator as well the local Tourist called his anthology it’s Actually in danger of disappearing Because of the reason I mentioned aria So interesting thing about saga is their Local palette so when I visit saga I’m from Akita so I’m quite used to the Northern flavor of the dish everything Tastes so sweet so even the soy sauce I Grew up in supermarket Comes sweet and the you eat the sushi

With so this sweet characteristic Of the local pallets tend to go really Nicely with the local sake which is much Sweeter than that village so the sake Saga is viscous but it’s not just a Sweet it’s very balanced with nice Acidity so it’s a very juicy balance With acidity so that’s the very typical Saga I heard some people calling say Guys as in palmdale oak sake so Heidi Sugary and highly acidic sake really Goes nicely together with the sweet Palate dishes in a no-go area can you Click the next slide please So saga is a very beautiful place Because of this water call it super Clean pure water quality and the Mountains there’s lots of fireflies on The left-hand side picture you can kind Of see this hundreds of thousands of Fireflies comes in the summer time she Busy a lot of local rivers you can see That still and then on the right-hand Side it’s not nice field it’s actually Key Gardens city farms so they know tea Fields the trade OT is their local tea Farms because of the water qualities and The great weather They also famous for the tea as well and Then this creates the huge this one is Circus speciality so even though Sega Grow a serger has everything I can say They have a great citrus you zoos and Citrus other orange in hundreds of

Different burrito citrus fruits and also They have a great meat and lot of great Vegetables but one of the thing that Shocked me was this your book on rica It’s a squid but as you can see in a Picture it’s a transparent and maybe a Typical screen that you see at the Sashimi or sushi it’s quite chewy which Can be fine but this new book or your Book or squid from your local town which Is a very northern tip of saga Prefecture is actually crunchy He never you know you you may imagine This is actually a Quits itself it’s so crunchy and fresh And transparent and beautiful so I Highly recommend you to have this Experience when you’re visiting suck up The texture there together is a Beautiful setup effectual sucking so That’s all about what I’m going to tell You today anybody has any question Julia Did you pick up any questions I’m happy Done sir Julia sorry I just had to Unmute myself right let’s see there was One question earlier on regarding the Snow in particular regions would there Be yeah they don’t have any snow and Then would that have an impact on the Sake give me depending on the snow yeah I mean I think it’s just again about the Water quality so what type of minerals In there is a low is a high and also yet The snow I think the snow falling the

Mountain and gradually melting and going Through the soils of the mountain that Also takes the minerals from the soils As well so that adds to the quality of The water I guess cool that sounds good To me or so some sorry some some area Like some mountain doesn’t get so hot in A spring even so I know some snow takes Maybe 100 years to be melt and coming Down so that might be quite nice little Month it’s six in there as well yeah That’s a lovely thought I don’t know I Saw any other questions if anyone has Any feel free to type them in now a lot Of people just saying thank you and it Was really interesting which I Completely agree with as always it’s Fascinating to learn more about the more About what you know really I’ll stop the Recording here if anyone does want to