Selecting HOLIDAY WINES like a Master for different OCCASIONS – BLIND Tasting Edition

Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and it’s the most Wonderful time of the year as it’s Beginning to look a lot like christmas While some of you may be shouting let it Snow let it snow let it snow because You’re dreaming of a white christmas or A blue christmas i actually care more About the wines on the table i’ll be Home for christmas to have myself a Merry little christmas and right now i’m Looking for some great wines for the Holidays and yes for those who wonder Those were seven christmas song References in less than 20 seconds my Intern leon selected seven holiday wines That should be great for special dinners I will blind taste identify and rate Them so that you know which wines will Bring joy to the world this year and yes This was christmas reference number Eight thank you [Music] During the holiday season i like to Drink special wines but also need Different wines for different occasions When things come down a little i like to Discover new wines so i don’t just go For my old friends from my collection Instead i like to taste wines that i’ve Never tasted before in order to make Sure that you will be able to taste Along leon had a look around on vivino To find ones that are widely available

And i gave him carte launch to buy Whatever he wants i hope that wasn’t a Mistake anyways this video is not Sponsored by vivino as a matter of fact I still don’t really use the app i will Review the wines completely Independently and my wife backed them up Like a beautiful christmas calendar but I wonder are christmas calendars Actually a thing outside of germany let Me know down below but now let’s start Tasting on the first day of christmas my True love sent to me this wine let’s see What’s in there A white one clearly Is it christmas already this wine is Beautiful it smells of lemon zest a Little bit of wax a little bit of wet Wool there are also characters of bruce Apple coming through on the palette it’s Super fresh super vibrant the acidity is Like like a laser beam and there’s also Quite a lot of body and richness so it’s A beautiful wine from my description Some of you might already know what i Think this is for me this is a classic Chenin blonde but not from south africa From anywhere else in the world but from The lua for me because of the Concentration balance with the acidity i Would actually go for And i would say this is a fairly recent Vintage so i would say it’s a 2017 which was a beautiful vintage in

That area maybe it’s because it’s the First one of the tasting but i feel a Little bit cocky so i’m going to call The producer i think this is domain huet One of the greatest producers in the lua And i think this might be the all year Sec uh dry wine from the cool Liu and I’m not really sure whether i’m right or Wrong this might be really embarrassing But i’ve tasted their wines a couple of Times recently So i feel good about it let’s have a Look And What is it Yes This is exactly the way i like to start My blind tastings i was spot on apart From the vintage this is the 2019 i Thought it was the 2017 But everything else apart from that was Correct so Yes i did it and now i don’t really mind When i fail on all of the other wines And listen this was not planned i did Not know anything about the wines so Come on give me some props the hued Retails for 30 euros and i would rate This 94 points this is a really good Example of its type wine number two Smells very intense very concentrated There are flavors of cassis and Blackberries coming through there’s also

Quite a lot of oak flavor coming through There’s also a very distinct flavor of Mint or eucalyptus on the palate it’s Juicy and rich there’s quite a lot of Tannins there but they are really Polished and it’s very long so it’s Definitely a high quality wine first of All there’s quite a bit of pepperiness Coming through that together with Everything else i said points me towards Surah or shiraz I think style wise this is more of a new World wine for me it’s really well made It’s very polished very clean It has these eucalyptus flavors and that Points me to australia because there are Lots of eucalyptus trees standing next To vineyards and those flavors go on to The grape skins and then into the final Wine on the palette there’s quite a lot Of body and richness so i would think This is from a warmer area and i would Put this into barossa valley so a high Quality grape growing region in Australia producing more rich and robust Wines so let’s have a look Alrighty Let’s see Yes Man i’m on a roll it seems like today i Actually deserve my title of master of Wine this is a shiraz mataro blend from Penfolds one of the biggest but also Most high quality producers in australia

I think over christmas this is Definitely the wine for the family Dinner so you can serve it to lots of Different people and everyone will like It it also gets you boost up quite Quickly it has 14.5 percent of alcohol So if you don’t really like your Relatives this will help you through the Evening when it comes to food pairings i Would actually serve this with lamp Or shiraz and lamp that goes really well Together this retails for 25 euros and i Would rate this 90 points it’s really Good one pretty fun juicy shiraz one Three is a different type of wine Compared to wine number two this is much More refined much more on the freshness The fruit flavor profile is more cherry There’s a little bit of spiciness going On it’s not 100 clean there’s some like Rustic forest floor kind of aromas Coming through on the palette it’s fresh And vibrant it has talents but not the Most pronounced tenons and there’s lots Of length this is a bit difficult Because it’s a bit wild but the profile For me is pretty clear it’s a light Vibrant fresh wine i think this is Actually a pinot noir for me this is More typical for burgundy so i would Actually go to the court dorm and i Would go to the cote de nuit and i would Say this is probably a large level pinot Noir so not the premier crew or

Style because it doesn’t have the Concentration and the body but it’s Pretty good i mean there’s lots of Freshness vibrancy there so let’s have a Look what it is and it is it is it looks It looks It looks good It’s Burgundy so now it’s getting a little Bit embarrassing i did not pick the Wines i promise this is a shamble muziny From the cote nui the cortuni is known For a little bit more fresher and Vibrant wines and chambord museum in Particular is known for very feminine And very elegant wines this is actually Exactly the wine i would serve with Turkey or with goose it has freshness Vibrancy and complexity and it will go Really well with those birds this is From the 2015 vintage and the producer Is louis jeador a big producer and Merchant in the region but he’s Producing some really outstanding wines This is a beautiful example very vibrant Very fresh it retails for 66 euros in Germany which is quite a lot of money i Mean you could definitely get some other Pinot noirs that might even be a little Bit better but you pay a premium for Wines from burgundy due to its Complexity vibrancy freshness i would Rate this 90 points this is not a show Stopper but it’s a really good example

Of pinot noir from chambal mussini on The path to victory failure is always Around the corner so let’s see whether This wine will get me confused excuse me For smiling but I think i know what this is again the Wine smells of cherries a little bit of Licorice there’s also a little bit of Spices coming through you also get some Flavors of roses so it’s quite complex There are lots of different dimensions To this wine on the palette it really Tells you what it is because there’s Grippy talents very fine grained very Elegant but grippy tenons and lots of Freshness in the finish i should also Mention the color which is fairly light For a red wine so i think i Am in piedmont and i’m with nebiolo and I think this could either be a barolo or Babaresco But i think this is actually barolo due To its complexity and vibrancy Man So pulling down the sock i could already Feel what this is by this engraving here The abeza bottle this is a barolo 100 Nebula from a really good producer Vietti is producing some Maltoben and barolos and this is a Classic wine this is from the 2017 Vintage which was a great vintage and i Think if you don’t like pinot noir you Should definitely try this

It gives you a little bit more Body a bit more tenants a bit more Concentration but this would actually be Great with the duck or with your goose That you serve over christmas dinner Because it has just more talents more Structure and the fatty birds will make This wine a little bit more mellow and Rounded so this would retail for 50 Euros in germany and i would rate this 93 points this is a really nice barolo They’re better ones but this is already Really really beautiful so let’s move on To wine number five and Maybe this is a proper challenge Come on bring it on because of the Flavor profile i would actually say this Is from the old world this is very Classic Smelling it i’d say it might be bordeaux But There’s also a little bit of american Oak coming through and that points me Into another direction i think this is Probably from spain and i would say this Is either ribera or rioja because of its Elegance freshness vibrancy in Combination with a little bit of American oak could be one of those two Regions in my opinion whatever it is It’s definitely really good really fresh And vibrant this kind of puts me away From ribera Because the ones there tend to be a bit

More extracted a bit more concentrated i Think this is a really good rioja From a very classic producer and it’s Beautiful i like it so let’s have a look Let’s See Oh Nice Okay this is definitely a classic Producer vina nonia produces some of the Most amazing ones from rioja the style Is a bit different To many of the other producers so i Think This is quite distinct but i haven’t Tasted the wines in a while so i Couldn’t pinpoint it directly i think This is a great wine for christmas when You are all alone by yourself like the Chimney and the fire is going and you’re Just sitting there meditating this is The right wine for you this retails for 15 euros in germany and i think that’s a Real bargain i would rate it 92 points And it’s the best price quality ratio Wine in the tasting so far i don’t know What it is but my nose is on fire right Now like in the positive sense of the Word But let’s see whether this one will Break me Okay i gotta admit i can feel the bottle And it’s very heavy this doesn’t Necessarily point you into any direction

Really but it’s a heavy heavy bottle wow This is big as big as the bottle is Heavy and sometimes there’s a Correlation between the weight of the Bottle and the richness of the wine this Is a rich wine the wine smells of Cherries plums figs and a little bit of Orange on the palate it’s rich and Concentrated the tannins are very Polished it’s very big and juicy but it Has a fresh and vibrant finish so this Is definitely a big wine from a region That produces bigger wines as well so i Would actually go to the new world here It could be something from australia it Could be something from california could Also be from argentina but the flavor Profile of the grape variety itself or At least what i think the grape variety Is points me more towards california i Think actually that this is a zinfandel A grape variety that i like a lot it Produces big and rich wines and this is Definitely one of those So let’s have a look so What’s that saldo this is definitely Minimalistic labeling zaldo which is From the prisoner wine company from California they’re based in oakville And this is a zin thunder so i have Never tasted this wine but i know it’s Quite well known widely distributed i Think it’s a really good wine i mean It’s rich

Full-bodied concentrated it definitely Has a lot of zinfandel characteristics i Think there are better zinfandels around But this is pretty good so i would rate This 89 points this retails for 40 euros In germany And that is a big price for 89.1 probably but it’s definitely Something worth exploring i could See this wine as a perfect match Together with a stew of venison this Would be just beautiful because the wine Has lots of richness and concentration So you can definitely go for a richer And more concentrated dish and i think This will be a match made in heaven so We’ve arrived at the end wine number Seven And let’s see what i can keep my streak Up i think i’ve never had a perfect Streak on any of my blind tasting videos The wine smells of cassis blackberry Spice notes coming through as well and The palette is rich and round with Velvety tannins and a fresh finish so This is a pretty good one it’s tricky But i would actually think this is a Bordeaux blend I don’t think that it’s from the new World even though it could be from Somewhere like chile or argentina some Places of argentina i think it has quite A lot of freshness and vibrancy and There’s a little bit of an old world

Touch there But I would actually go for bordeaux and say That this is from a warmer vintage from Bordeaux and from the left bank so more Cabernet based Oh No Damn it the last one and it’s a fail Well kind of this is a wine from tuscany But they use cabernet sauvignon in Malawi together with sanjove so it’s the Bordeaux blend plus And this is from one of the most famous Estates in the region This is a beautiful wine and i’m not Going to beat myself up too much because I didn’t put it into the right region or Even the right country because it’s Modeled after a great bordeaux so And i got six wines right so You can fail once or twice in a tasting I think this is a beautiful wine for Pan-fried beef so if you have a piece of Fillet for example which is medium Medium rare because of the structure of The wine it will complement the beef Really really well And it’s just beautiful it’s a lot of Fun to drink anyways but with a piece of Meat it will be even better this one Retails for 20 euros in germany which is Still pretty cheap i would say i would Rate this 91 points it’s really good a

Lot of fun great wine and at that price You can’t do anything wrong man this was A beautiful tasting world on leon for Picking out those wines I Like them all i would drink them all the Best wines for me were the red and the Vietti just beautiful wines and i think They will go really well with my Christmas dinner to be honest i think For christmas i would need a few more Wines i would drink more white wines There will definitely be a riesling in The mix but also others and i definitely Need a lot of champagne i drink a lot of Champagne over the christmas holidays And new year’s obviously so those wines Weren’t included in the mix but i think You get some good ideas now i hope you Find some wines that you enjoy i will Put all of the wines in the description Under the video so just check it out i Hope you enjoyed this video if you liked It then please like it down here all i Want for christmas is for you to Subscribe so please do subscribe And i hope i see you guys again soon Until then stay thirsty [Music] You