Shafer 2018 Relentless, Syrah, Napa Valley

So here we have the latest vintage of The Schaefer Relentless this is 2018 Napa Valley iconic uh Syrah blend from Shaffer one of the more you know more Well-known and just better produce raws To come out of Napa California we've Already put it into cancer because uh From from history uh with his wine it's Not bashful and needs a little bit of Time to open up it needs a little bit of Aeration so the percentage on the 2018 Is 76 Syrah 24 Petite Syrah and so they Really could even just call it cirocs It's over 75 percent but oh man I mean Look at the color on this wine this is Just ink staining the glass I hope it comes through on the camera Um really really deep color on this one 2018 Wonderful vintage warm a lot of hanging Time a lot of time for that fruit to to Gain uh concentration You can see the the colors that come Come about from from a really warm uh Warm vintage too And you do not have to get close to this One to smell the Super intense I mean blue and black Fruits There's just fresh blueberry and Blackberry and Currants There's a Definite kind of smoky

Not new vanilla although that's there But it's it's more reminiscent of like a Smoky meat like a cured meat note that Comes on this Savory notes Earthy Notes too You know it's it's very ripe it's very Fresh on the fruit but it doesn't uh Be hard-pressed not to call this a kind Of a northern Rhone style wine Let's give it a taste Wow this is a mouth filling pleasing Polished Really that's a really Exquisite wine There's a lot going on there's a lot of Powerful concentrated fruit you know First and foremost those Smoky kind of Meaty flavors come across the tannins Are really firm really ripe really Gripping it's a young wine from a warm Vintage so that's why it needs you know A good 30 45 minutes even an hour in Decanter to just open up and let all These complexities come about it's also An ageable wine you know syrah's not Always known that way but Shaffer you Know is makes ageable calves as their You know their Mainstay and the surround Is Relentless is made in that same style Wine that could easily Age 5 10 15 years Food pairing the Smoky and the meaty Nature of this wine just lends itself to Barbecue and smoked fair if anyone's Into smoking like me if you're smoking

Ribs brisket this is like an ideal Pairing for that kind of meal so check It out 2018 Relentless cheers Thank you