Sherry and Food Pairing with Lauren Denyer DipWSET

All right well welcome this evening new Sherry and food pairing with myself Lauren daniel it’s part of international Sherry week Obviously the best week of the year and What i’m going to be doing for this Um webinar is looking at compounds that We find In sherry’s and why it works so well With food Because there is a science behind all of This there always is in food and wine Pairing There are generalizations i know um with Certain things that you pair certain Foods and wines that you pair together But we’re really going to get elves in If you’re a little bit geeky Um you might enjoy this if you’re not so Geeky um Hopefully it won’t send you to sleep um But You should have a glass hopefully if Something and keep you going Anyway and hopefully something clear eat With that too So um just a little bit about me before We get started why i’m so Into sherry as those of you who i might Have taught at wsct School or who’ve attended any webinars Before um you know that i’m Absolutely adore sherry i’m pretty Obsessed with the stuff

I’ve been to her ref a few times it does Help with the obsession i must say Um i really i mean i love i love Who everyone here i’m sure um loves food But i do think sherry particularly works So so so well with it um when i went to Her f Um that’s when i really really fell in Love with it and they’ve got such a Great Um food scene there and everything that You have All the food you have you have with Cherry you don’t need to be drinking Um any other kind of spanish wines while You’re there So i really got into spain and spanish Wines When i was taken across um the north of Spain by master of wine when i did my Level three I got a scholarship so and that opened My eyes to a lot of spain of course Hereth is down in the south but uh it’s Just you know Having uh having that passion for that Country and wanting to know all about Different styles of wines there and Jerry is incredibly in here Incredibly important part of that then In 2017 i was able to go to herreff And do the sherry educator course so i Am a certified Jerry educator as well so i got to visit

A lot of wineries or potatoes Taste a lot of sherry wines and was Exposed to a lot of Food pairings there and met some Fabulous people who are very influential In the world of cherry so Let’s get started i mean i’m being a Little bit geeky about this Pop because i am studying at the moment Be a master of wine one day hopefully um There are some elements of this that Actually are quite useful For my studies um so do bear with me if You get too technical Um right so here is here we are it’s Incredible Um we this is um one evening when i was In hearth Um went to the bangkok el pasaje um and Here this is this is how it should be Done this is how sherry should be done You have a tumbler okay um and then You’ve got uh Some greaseproof paper in front of you With um Little those those um little Biscuity things okay you’ve got um lots Of different hams chorizo Um cheeses you know that’s that’s Perfect okay that’s That’s a really lovely way to enjoy Sherry um and of course to have some Flamenco there so this lady who’s Singing

And this is flamenco singing okay so It’s not just dancing i Put on my earrings inspired flamenco Like but it isn’t just dancing It’s music it’s emotion and you know What’s more emotive than a glass of Color called hardo Um with with some fruits though i mean It’s it’s amazing The whole pairing was incredible so here We are down in here red so you can see Not far from caddies Um we’ve got um this is the area the Region here so i’m going to zoom in on That And we’ve got um the sherry triangle Here so we’re right on the coast on the Atlantic coast And we’ve got a lot of moisture coming From the atlantic there Um this creates ideal situations for Aging of Cherries and it’s all about the aging That’s where we get these And different components and compounds In the wines which is why this is The perfect pairing wine so Um on my travels i have been to all of The cherry triangle i’ve been Puerto de santa maria um and went to an Incredible restaurant there which i’ll Talk about a bit later Um it was an epic um epic pairing meal Um hereth de la frontera so here is

Where you’ll find a lot of the bodegas There um it’s the city and then san luca De barometer which is on the coast And that’s where my paneer comes from so A lot of seafood Um connotations and association With our man veneer which we will see in Just a moment Um so you can see we’ve got this amazing Landscape we’ve got this alberta White soil helps to lock in um the Humidity and the water so that we can Have Lovely grapes and growing during the hot Summer And of course the grapes that grow there Are fairly important They’ve got palomino so if you’re Drinking a dry cherry right now that’s A hundred percent jalamino okay Um i will talk about two other great Varieties pedro jimenez And moscatel as well but most Of them of the wines of hereth are made With the palomino grape variety Is quite neutral um although i know that There are people out there championing It for Light and table wines i’d say table i Mean Um not a fortified wine um but Um we’re going to be um looking at it um For uh for aging and really with the Aging that goes on we don’t really need

Character so much from the grapes Themselves It’s more about the maturation process Okay So um i’d like to thank Before i begin actually um a few people Um not haven’t met them all but uh they Have enabled me To do the research that i needed to do For this um And in general and then there’s some Good books here and Some restaurants that you might be Interested in them in looking up Although i wanted to move close Um so beltran domeck the previous President of the consejo regular dorm Um in herath um who actually was doing a Webinar earlier this week which i Watched um he has written a book called Jerry Uncovered it’s about his life which is Incredible epic And um he is part of a big big sherry Background Mama and dad um and he um he’s Written this book about his life about Um about Sherry about the science behind sherry And there’s some recipes in the back There as well so Um that’s that really he really knows His stuff with um sherry and food Pairing

Um francois chartier um a scientist Basically a food scientist um his book Facebooks and molecules Although it is mind-blowing it’s quite Difficult to read because he’s just Knows So much so i was i’ve been skimming Through that um over the last few days Um and just doing a little bit of Reading around the subject Um and he’s really the one that makes Sense of why Cherry and um and it works so well but It’s not sherry he talks about he talks About All different kinds of wines it’s a Fascinating book but It’s it’s not an easy read fiona beckett So fiona beckett Um she is a wonderful um wine writer And she is also a big fan of sherry and You can buy this book online Through her i think food and wine Mapping website Um 101 great ways to enjoy sherry and Say some of the recipes In this book i will not recipe so much But wishes And i’ve stolen a few and put them in Suggestions because they definitely work Um and then fair and adria so fair and Adria you may know is the um chef at the Best restaurant in the world elbowly And um unfortunately closed now but he

Worked very closely with francois Chartier And put together incredible pairing and Menus And francois chateau also works with um And um rocker who are the um chef and Sommelier at El celeroca as well in catalonia so They also really highly prize sherry you Know this one Has also been voted one of the best Restaurants in the world Three michelin stars of course um and Then angel leon Um is the chef at aponiente which is in Puerto de santa maria which is the Restaurant i was referencing before the Two mission star restaurant Where you can get that it’s a tasting Menu of about 20 courses with the Different cherries and absolutely Incredible so all these people Really know their stuff and they are Championing query and They know that it works so so well with Food So i mean there’s a simple way of Looking at a sherry pairing as well So one of the things they say is if it Swims Then drink fino or mamphenia that makes A lot of sense with your mama paneer Being in If it flies then uh i think amontillado

Definitely i’ve got um some Recommendations there And if it walks uh then drink oloroso um If you’re a vegetarian Maybe you should choose another wine now I have put in some vegetarian options In this um in this webinar as well i do Appreciate that not everyone wants to Eat things that are alive Well anyway so um We know that in spain they have this Culture of Tapas and peppas was really a way to um Cover your glass um with a bit of a bit Of food And um you know if you go to certain Cities in spain so granada for example You buy a drink you immediately get Tapas there’s no No charge for that you know it’s a big Thing um It’s a big cultural thing the sherry was A great wine as well to Have with your tapa okay um If you can see right there’s 307 up to 300 Molecular compounds found in sherry That’s an awful lot of molecular Compounds More than any any other wine and for That reason It means it can go with so many Different things Okay i mean you’ve probably been taught

But if you’ve done a wsc course you’ll Be taught okay well you want Um food with salt and acid are really Good for wine Um you know and you maybe you can do This or maybe you shouldn’t do that but Actually with sherry it’s just It’s a completely different story so i Will be talking about the um Nuances and and the intricacies and what Works really well with what and we’re Right here difficult Flavor there’s certain things that wine Just doesn’t really work with So if you’ve got fruity wines and you’ve Got umami foods That just doesn’t really really work but We’ve got a really different drink here And We’ll see what kind of things work so Well jerry also use an ingredient You know put your hand up now i can’t See you but if you’ve Popped a bit of sherry into a sauce and It’s really lifted it and made it taste Wonderful You know and then we’ll talk about px Pedro himmelnet in a moment that’s a Whole Whole different ballpark um there so You know it’s it’s a great wine it’s Versatile Loads of different foods and also an Ingredient as well

Okay so here’s the science part you were Looking forward to this i can Tell okay so in the world of wine When we’re tasting and smelling things We’re like oh my goodness it smells of Lighties it smells of um Of black pepper it smells of green Pepper And anyone on looking any onlooker might Think what on earth they talking about This is a It’s a wine it’s made with grapes maybe It’s been in some Oak but come on okay but this Is a science okay it’s this is this has Been made Through yes great but scientific Processes And these grapes and this fermentation That’s happened and the wine making That’s happened and the aging that Happened Have all given the wine certain Compounds Okay so these compounds that you can Find in all different kinds of wines They have names And those names they indicate the kind Of characteristics And that you’re going to find so methyl Kyrazine otherwise known as thyroidine Are the kinds of things that you get you Get green pepper so if you’ve had a Cabernet sauvignon or a sauvignon blanc

You’ll know what i’m talking about Carmen yeah that’s these are great Varieties that have Loads of pyrazines okay so sometimes you You know If you’re studying like i am like oh yes Those piracy Okay or someone else might say oh it Smells of green pepper or something else Might say This is so vignon blanc um Then we’ve got perfumes as well Now um perpends are that you get quite a Few different peppers So they are um we’ve got one well one is Rotunden Rotundon is where you get that black Pepper smell so if you’ve ever had Syrup for example with nicky syrup from The rhone That can have quite a lot of redundant In it so it gives you that Real black and black pepper note Okay um and then we’ve got um These said these terpenes are they’re Aromatic hydrocarbons Okay and and some of them now say think About it this is what they’re called Some of them Perennial reminder of anything okay Citronella okay so they are and they’re Linoloids one so these are Fruity and floral notes that you’ll find Um so inconvert stramina um for example

Okay and then we’ve got organic esters Now esters are a kind of acid and They’re mostly fruity and you get them In grapes but you can also get them Through Yeast as well yeasts can give esters if You’ve ever had a wine that smells Particularly sort of um hair hair like Um you might find that that’s an ester Coming from from yeast Okay things like pinot grigio and tend To use these these types of yeasts to Kind of lift those aromas Okay um in oak we have vanillin of Course so Vanilla um eugenol is um what smells of Clove so that’s what makes your your Oaky wine smell All clovey um and then we’ve got Um the use of yeasts as well not only Help provide the esters And a lactic an i’ll talk about that in A moment but also helps to release Files now files um you get a lot of Files in Sauvignon blanc that’s what gives you That passion fruit Um characteristic and enough files is Good Too much styles is bad you ever heard of Anyone referring to sauvignon blanc as Smelling a little bit like cat pee That’s the problem When you have too many styles okay

Um last time i’ll talk about a little Bit um later but you can get some fruity Characteristics you can also get Pork which is an interesting one and Obviously Is going to be very useful when it comes To their potentially being lactones in Your wines Your sherry wines then you know you’ve Probably experienced Or heard of you’ve heard of malolactic Conversion or melalactic fermentation When you change malic acid And lactic acid which will give the heck Just the wine but also And will give biacetyl the wine which is What gives buttery characteristics so There’s big buttery chardonnay it’s gone Through malolactic conversion Um you’ve got diacetyl there and then Another acid acetic acid Um is an acid it’s a volatile acidity And that will give you the Kind of polish um nail polish nail Polish remover Um characteristics in wine so you know There’s a lot of stuff going on There’s sulfur notes as well so if you Get something that’s particularly flinty Um or metallic um that could be from Sulfur in small proportions Too much proportions and you get rotten Eggs which is not very pleasant So next time you’re tasting a wine you

Think to yourself Hmm okay what is this is this an ester I’m smelling here Um or maybe this is a turkey um so there We go it’s all very exciting i’m sure So i will translate that into the wines I’m going to go through each of the Styles of cherries in just a moment and Have a look at How that works so just to make sure that We are All on the same page here and have a Good understanding of the maturation Process of sherry because i think this Is quite Key i’m just going to quickly go through The differences and the necessities For biological aging and oxidative aging So sherry has to be aged in One of those three towns um so we’ve got San luca de barramoda Puerto de santa maria and herrethala Frontera so it has to be aged there Has to be age for a minimum of two years And the wines will be classified and They’ll go down two pathways either Operatively aging or biologically aging And then some A bit of both which i’ll talk about in Just a moment So these barrels are about 600 liters They’re never full Okay so where they’re biologically Aching um

Then they’re going to grow a layer of Yeast called Floor okay um f-l-o-r And so this is the yeast here on this Picture and what will happen Is the yeast will feed off the nutrients In the gerry Um it will breathe the oxygen above it Will release Acetaldehyde which i will talk about in Just a moment Um and and actually yes and it also Consumes glycerol As well now it needs certain conditions It needs to be fortified it’s fortified Wine remember it’s affordable up to 15 Okay so the floor won’t survive if it Goes beyond 15 Well about beyond 15.5 percent and it Needs certain humidity Which it gets from the atlantic and the Pontiac winds coming from the atlantic And the levante Wind um coming from south and the East which is a hot wind so it Is the perfect place for floor to be Produced and we’re going to find out That floor is so important when it comes To food And sherry pairing in just a moment now If we don’t want the floor for oxygen Aging so we fortify a bit higher And then what will happen with oxidative Aging is we will have a lot of

Air which will have in contact with the Wine so that will mean the wines will be Much deeper in color so i’ve got two Whites here One is biologically aged so you can see That it is just pale um And it looks like a white wine and then This one has been oxidatively aged and Of course the color has changed Over time because the molecular Compounds change color the phenolic Channels change color So we’re going more science for you so Um i’m going to go through what Biological aging does And what oxidative aging does in with Regards to the molecular compound Of these wines and how that translates Into food pairings Okay so um we’ve got the lara system Just a quick overview of how it works So um when the newly formed the newly Fortified wine is popped into the sobre Tabler Okay then eventually um it will end up In the solaris system this is a Fractional blending system so all Cherries Most cherries pretty much all berries Are non-vintage because they’re blend For many years And they are all blended together so you Get great consistency Um and they can also age for a very very

Long time as well Which gives them such great complexity So we’ve got the tolera is the bottom Layer of barrels Where the oldest wine will be okay above That is the first creadera then the Second period area we can go all the way Up to 14 creed areas for example that That would be a very aged wine then you Take your wine out from the solara Okay so it all be blended and then Bottled And off it goes and i’ll talk about um Serving and Storing ferry a little bit later and When that happens Then you have some wine from the first Creodera To replenish um and so on and so forth Until the youngest wine Ends up in the system okay so it’s a Fractional blending system and it’s a Really interesting Fascinating traditional system which Makes sherry quite unique Wine okay so Let’s look at what floor does okay so You get 36 New aromatic not not let me say aromatic Not aromantic Um compounds from floor so Already we’ve got compound from the wine Itself but then once we have and also we Get

Some flavors and aromas from the alcohol Being added not very much and but then We get this Floor okay so we got acetaldehyde so the Floor Creates acetaldehyde basically excretes Acetaldehydes And that gives you that bruised apple Nuts and ham characteristics You can see where i’m going here with The ham okay um there’s acetoin as well Which gives Creamy buttery flavors um and these are Also found in things like leek asparagus Broccoli and Tea um tea leaves now Interestingly asparagus is a rather Difficult food to pair with Um it’s quite umami and savory so That’s really a key thing happening here With our with our sharing And we’ve got lactones to talk about a Little before remember i mentioned that There was pork and also you get Fig free characteristics in lac stone so We’ll come back to that Um and we’ve got our terpenes and the Terpenes here Are giving us aromas and flavors of Basil coriander mint Olives saffron and citrus zest Okay so all of these things you can find In your fino and manfinia wine because Vino and mam paneer are biologically ape

Now of course also what is happening is Yeast autolysis So if you know about the production of Champagne for example Um we have a yeast cells which you get Through that Method as well and these dead yeast Cells so eventually The yeast can’t live forever it grows so There’s more yeast coming it reproduces Um but eventually it will die part of it Will die and then it falls down into the Bottom of the barrel And these are now leaves that are dead Yeast cells and They will um they will start to break Down and as they break down They will give off yeasty notes and a Little bit in the case Not really so much like with with Champagne but with sherry you tend to Get more like yeast Extract sort of marmite characteristics And you might get sort of slightly Doughy notes as well Um so all sorts of stuff going on so you Know you know it’s not a simple wine Lemonade is not a simple wine okay when All this is happening And it’s had a chance to age for a while Under the floor in the zalera system You know so many fantastic things are Going on okay So here we are this is what we’re

Looking for what we’re gonna eat with Your with your man veneer so i’m putting Them separately because granthame tends To be a lighter style So man from near um memory the floor Grows thicker so we’re in san lucada Barometer the floor grows thicker It’s got more protection from oxygen and It tends to be a bit lighter and it Tends to have more of an iodine Seaweed type um flavor and aroma So it’s very umami okay and you can see I’ve got some umami food pairings here Um so here we go marcona almond Markov is like the grand crew of almonds Okay so they’re a bit pricey but they’re Very very delicious so You’ve got some of those in front of you Well done very nice Um prawns of course we’re by the sea and Now what i haven’t mentioned is the Salty characteristic you get on the Palette It’s not from salt it’s just like a Drying this and the acids The different acids that you get in the Wine so there is no it’s not to do with The with the sea salt But it is a characteristic that you pick Up um on the palate so It works so well with seafood they’ve Got prawns we’ve got Sushi sushi is amazing see she’s got That umami character you’ve got that

Mommy carrot sometimes you get kind of a Soy note In your phenos and your mouth and ears Um as well so that works so so so well Olives as you see because we had that Olive note Um when we looked it went from the slide Earlier which i believe was from the the Terpenes And and then of course if you’re in san Luca and barramundi so those of you that Have been there Um you really must have had a tortilla Camarones which is uh these here these Tiny little fried shrimps Um in a in a kind of a little pancake or A fritter A fritter so um there we’ve got uh We’ve got some there so there’s a few Things but mostly seafood as you can see But You know the barometer is where it’s From so that’s kind of what you would Um what you would expect so um i see That i have a few questions Or there’s some stuff in the chat may Not be questions maybe we’re having a Really nice chat Um but um let’s have a look Um so if anyone does have any questions Um i think what i’m gonna do is i’m Going to smell my fino Um and and see if i can pick up some Aromas for the next slide because we’ve

Got um My you know pairing slide just coming Coming on So um all good we’ve got some people who Went to The flamenco bar excellent um and We’ve got okay the science the science Is all right And someone’s talking about language Students and family could barometer yeah The Prawns there are fantastic and that’s Very typical Um they they they use those They rather they eat those um there Okay um so someone’s asked a question About what’s the age between the solera And the first creamper It depends so it depends how often you Take the wine out so it’ll be different Um for um it’ll be different from Different producers so if you take your Wine out more often Then um you’re going to be replenishing It more quickly so it’s going to be Younger But if you take it out less often then It will be a bit older But with phenomena it’s important that The floor stays alive So you do need to sort of replenish Quite often so you more frequently take And take the wines out than you would For operatively aged

Um cherries okay um Right um is that actually mommy flavors Now mommy is a taste Okay and if you could just turn off your Um Hang on i’ll do that hang on good so um Is actually a taste rather than a flavor It was only discovered in the 1900s Um so how do we know how long it’s been Aging good question Um you kind of have to work it out with The formula so how often you take the Wine out How many creodera’s um there are a bit Of a mathematical formula then then It’s an an average age okay Um right so let’s see um for the next Slide i’ve got the fino So you know assuming that it’s a little Bit weightier although to be honest It’s not a huge difference um within Anthony so these are both Um interchangeable the the Recommendations from these slides So we’ve definitely got this Acetaldehyde bruised apple character a Salty characteristic A bit yeasty and there’s some incredible Food pairing going out there So of course good ham so um here we are This is me Wearing in my best lady gaga impression Um wearing some iberico ham Um at brendissa ham school have to say

One of the best experiences Ever and um of course Hamon works very very nicely And we’ve also got um Some more fishes so some salmon there Um as well so um Yes um really really fantastic Stuff there um so Yeah you can see so i’m just trying to Turn off the camera Um you can see that we’ve got um yeah A bit more weighty foods going on here And i would say also Um that these foods are probably good Suggestions for your fino or Mountaineers They’re on rammer so on rammer basically Means Um that it has been taken straight out Of the cherry pot Okay the cherry cast with minimal fining And minimal Mineral filtering okay um So and then we’ve got pasado and potato So you can have anthony patada or fino Potado And they have been slightly oxidized so They’ve let the floor die a little bit Um so that you get a little bit more of An operative character so they’re a Little bit more like amanda which i’m Going to talk about In just a moment um now you remember the Figs

So um figs wrapped in ham okay dried Figs wrapped in ham I did a sherry um food and pairing Event um a while ago and that was handed Out as A little uh amused bush um with some Fino and it went down Very very nicely now i’m listening to a Good old beltran demek Um um earlier this week and he was Saying about how vinegary foods Go very very well and there’s a reason For this so This wine here and has very very little Acetic acid So acetic acid um is the acid when you Have a wine that smells vinegary really Vinegary there’s too much volatile Acidity That’s acetic acid now the floor Consumes Acetic acid but you don’t have um Those characteristics at all in the wine So that means if you have really Vinegary foods It’s not going to become overwhelming Because you’re not going to be pairing It with something that also has those Um elements of those characteristics There as well So um gildas are these um anchovy Pickled peppers And olive little pintos um that you find Um in spain and so they go very very

Well um I can’t say that i know that they go Very very well personally from Experience because i actually don’t like Vinegar Um but for those of you that do you can Try that Um now eggs so eggs are actually quite Umami As well they’re quite a difficult Pairing i know some of you might have Scrambled eggs with feminine champagne On christmas or something Um but actually eggs work really really Well with Fino and manzania um so you bear that in Mind deviled eggs As well um thanks i’ve talked about and Then the vegetarians around Um agadashi tofu so when i was doing a Wine pairing um a cherry pairing a while Ago I did this um as an alternative to um The meat fish and with those umami Characteristics the soy Um and the um and the other elements That were added to it really really work Okay so some very very exciting um I think um pairings there Okay so yeah i’m gonna have a little sip My fino make sure you You’re having a good sip and i’ll have a Look and see if you’ve got any questions Or like why

Do that okay um I really get that salty bruised apple Kind of marmite soy characteristic Coming through a little bit seaweedy You know again with your mouth in there You’ve got that seaweed you know so that Will be for your Your nori sheets and your sushi Absolutely brilliant Um okay so um On though someone’s asking what is Honorama and posada so on rammer Straight out of the barrel Okay um unfine unfiltered or minimally Fined minimally filtered Tends to be a bit richer in texture very Fresh very tangy And potato a little bit oxidized so not Quite an amontillado But we’ll have a tuck maybe a little bit Of nuttiness Okay yeah and i love both of those Styles really really brilliant Um bruno says heaven is a fig stuffed With blue cheese Infusio or ham on quickly grilled and Barbecue with a feeding oh goodness You’re making me so hungry right now Okay um and do bottles indicate whether Biological or oxygen aging Well yes because they’ll say pheno or Anthony Which is biological aging or they’ll say Oloroso which is just

Oxidative aging or they’ll say Amontillado or palo corcado which is Um some oxidative aging some biological Ageing So and if it’s a sweet style i could Have enough or monster tail It will be oxidized so yeah basically The style Tells you the method of maturation Okay fantastic right so There’s some really lovely biologically Aged um wines there To um compare with some fantastic foods And so now let’s have a think about what Happens when you go Alternative okay so our oxidative ageing Here Um slightly different okay Um what we’ve got um is an increase in Phenols okay Um so fennels you can get from grapes You can get from Oak and yet many many places but these Are some of the phenols Okay so benzoic acid um which gives you Almond characteristics cinnamic acid Okay well oh hang on a minute Cinnamon um kumaran which gives you Vanillin vanillin we’ve seen that before And hey um and then we’ve got a Phenolic aldehyde which gives you a Walnut so you’ll find with oxycodone Cherries they often have a real walnutty Um quality um so soliton

Um is a really interesting lactone i Mean usually this kind of curried notes Again we’ve got walnuts so there we are Maple syrup okay um and soy sauce Um now i heard something that you don’t Want have too much solid on in your diet Because it can actually make Your wii smell of maple syrup but um That’s it that’s a whole nother webinar Isn’t it um and then we’ve got Sherry lactones date dried figs vanilla And that volatile acidity um As well and this time you know instead Of being Too vinegary we’ve got this kind of Polish or acetone um Characteristic okay so that’s our Oxidative aging and some wines will have As they age as well they lose um a bit Of water So it concentrates the flavors a lot and With 100 octave aging wines as well And they have glycerol still floor eats Glycerol so In our phenomena they’re lighter bodied But in the octave aged wine so 100 Oxygen age wine These are thicker on the palette as well Which is really interesting nice Sensation and i think helps with The bigger more powerful foods um Okay so oh skipped one here we are So biologically and oxidatively aged Cherries

So i’m talking now primarily about Amontillado but Palo cortado is also um a little bit Biologically aged but not very much so And we’ll probably be thinking more of It um as a food pairing with the The next slide with them with oloroso um But if we’re if we’re really focusing on Amontillado now We’ve got the best of both worlds okay We’ve got the characteristics that you Get from Under the floor aging under floor and You’ve got characteristics from Oxy aging as well um So you’ve got nuttiness with walnuts You’ve got a little bit of yeastiness That kind of soy sauce edge you’ve got The bruised Apple but you’ve got fried fig fruit Characteristics Um you know you’ve got you’ve got it all So here we are there’s just so many Different things that you can pair So periapsi anything okay um teriyaki Tuna Is absolutely stunning actually twice This is one that observed Um an event that i was at and it was one That i got at the consejo regular door Um and then here i was drinking an Amantian there’s lots of plates of meat There so we’ve got diabetic hair my Verico pork different the ham is the ham

Is cured Um and then the pork is absolutely Delicious as well it’s a pork that you Can cook Because the pigs are so well looked After and that you can actually have a Steak and it be a bit rare even Um so it wonderful and caramelized Dishes so in belfrand the mex book And he had an onion part recipe and i Went with that Um for um for a dish that i had with the Palo alto absolutely brilliant because You do get these kind of caramel coffee Notes to come through with oxidative Aging and That just complemented um the um The wine so so well and we can get this Bigger more powerful And meat so true it’s so not too spicy Though because I would say these are fortified wines And when we get to montiado we’re a Minimum of 17 Alcohol you get heat from alcohol and You get heat from spicy food So together unless you really want your Mouth on fire i would probably try not To do Anything too too spicy um so the trito Or the sovereign soda now if you’ve had Sobrisada it’s basically spain I don’t um if i pronounced that right or They they claim they had it first

Um so yeah you can you can use that on Your pizza next time Uh but yeah it’s like a paste it’s a Chorizo paste it’s amazing Spread it on from toast um and then I was hearing about how a sort of glazed Bacon works so well and then we’ve got This maple syrup and i thought my Goodness Surely you can have amazo with breakfast You know you’ve got your Your maple syrup your bacon your Pancakes There we go a beautiful start to the day Um artichokes mushrooms really difficult Very Um umami as well picky mushrooms so Obviously we cook With mushrooms with other things but if You weren’t adding a load of salt and Cream and other things into the recipe Um you know then um it works anyway Um they’ve got a kind of earthy nutty Notes And then mature hard cheeses so yeah of Course cheese of course Cheese and we’ll talk more about cheese So um we’ve got um some lovely um ideas There So um brilliant so someone knows what They’re having for breakfast on Christmas morning Okay um and peter said with the Combination of eggs and fino is there

Any risk that sulfate and eggs gives you Troubles with the pairing no the sulfur Levels Um it’s too low absolutely low it would That would not be a problem Okay um someone’s saying something about Um you know with mid-ripe cheese Seasoned with truffles Mmm i’m liking the sound of that that is Brilliant Okay so let’s have a look now at Um look more sort of a hundred percent More heavily oxidized and Styled here so we’ve got this thicker Texture now we’ve got these roasted Notes You know it’s time to get the big big Food out like they’re really powerful Stuff okay Um and so here we go this is something i I whip Up or actually my sister did um but it Was part of our event And we’ve got these that lovely pulled Pork caramelized a bit caramelized um I think feminized onions are in there as Well um pulled pork Um in brioche buns of course Um and so that worked incredibly well With it with the oloroso Um thinking back um steak you know any Old state Um so flies and walks really and we’ve Got

I think this is i think if i can Remember again a delicious meal that i Got Um in the container regular door and Actually there was a restaurant i went To in her ref where i’ve got t-bone Steak absolutely amazing i mean we think Red wine don’t we with jake but You know try all arosso absolutely Stunning um Opt cheeks as well got that real depth Of meatiness there And the more thea the black pudding okay Um really really wonderful um sorry Vegetarians haven’t really put much down Here for you Um and we’ve got dark chocolate and blue Cheese now when i talk about oloroso i’m Talking about by oloroso because Actually um if it says oloroso on the Bottle By law um it should be a dry style okay And i know there are some that say Oloroso dolphin or might say sweet there But if it’s a sweetened oloroto it Should really be called a Cream cherry and i will talk about those Cherries in a moment Not to be forgotten so we’ve got lots of Really intense Um flavors here so i think that kind of Again they’re caramelized Roasted there’s nuttiness there’s so Much nuttiness and of course cheese a

Lot of power here so blue cheese Is a really good pairing with um with Oloroso Okay so um Let’s have a look at the sweet stars now I’ve got a whole different Slide dedicated to Pedro him and f okay so i’m going to Talk about that in just a moment Um but there’s such um a range of sweet Stars of sherry so some Aren’t they’re sweet some are really Sweet Okay um and the great thing about sweet Wines Is that you should never assume that you Can only eat them with You can only eat sweet things with them Because of course you’ve got this sweet Savory combination going on which can be Wonderful And so you should have a think think About that when pairing sweet wines with Savoury so here are some Suggestions please of course sweet wine And cheese so i like that as a dessert Alternative you know i do have a bit of A sweet tooth but if i’m At the end of a meal and i just don’t Think i can handle pudding And then i might think you know what I’ll have a glass of something maybe Nibble Nibble on some feeds um and that always

Works Very very nicely so hard cheeses Blue cheeses i would say for me one of The better pairings I’ve had with these is a um A good cream cherry so and this one here Is um Almost a cream fairy really it’s a it’s A sweetened Um palo cortado um so it’s a medium or But it’s more oxidative so medium Cream jerry here And then that works really really well With um With these but just to be a bit clear About what these are So you’ve got blended cherries now Blended cherries are palamino cherries So they would Based on a dry sherry and then you add a Sweetening component So that sweetening component is usually Pedro hymness the cherry pepper Himalayan because the cherry peppermint Is so sweet you just you add it like you Might add sugar To sweeten something so that’s that’s How you make a blended cherry so you Have um you’ve got your cream cherry Which is Based on an oxidative um jerry said Basically an oloroso that’s sweeping With pedro ximena Um or you’ve got amontillado which is a

Medium jerry so Um amontillado blended with some pedro Him and f Um and then um you’ve got pale cream and Pale cream is pale It’s a biologically aged sherry and they Usually add rectified concentrated grape Must And so that it stays pale so um those Are ones and there is There is a pairing for um for pale and Cream cherry and that is sweet and porky Popcorn thank you fiona beckett for that Because honestly i was struggling with What she might pair Um with pale cream fairy i really was um But look at all the things you can you Can get so um you can pair with it a Cheese called Foie gras um if that’s not your thing i Know it isn’t everyone’s thing um There is actually an ethical producer of Foie gras um in Spain so maybe um look that up um now This is a little Marmalade orange cake that i made for um Our Ferry event and that i have to say goes Very well anything sort of with that Kind of orange Citrus um quality goes really really Well with moscatel sherry so moscatel Jerry is made with the muscat grape Variety

It’s fried out the grapes could fried Out and then they make a wine with it And the sugar is so concentrated that You can’t Um it can’t ferment dryness so it’s Always a sweet fairy but it’s also Fortified really Early on during the um fermentation um So yeah so this is this is a type of Cherry that is actually the condition is Interrupted and it’s fortified And then you get a very very sweet style But it has a Muscat it’s a very aromatic grape Variety it’s one of those ones And so you get um a lot of fruity Characteristics and you still get them Even after extended aging and i Particularly pick up orange peel In these wines which i thought it’s Quite nice to have it with sort of an Orangey style cake there and of course Chocolate um you know you’ve got these Almost chocolaty notes Caramel characteristics coming through With octave aging wines So that is a no-brainer really And then remember we had that cinnamon Um cinnamic acid So anything cinnamon based is going to Work really really well with an Um something like an oloroso a sweetened Doloroto so Your cream cherry and you know cream

Cherries aren’t just Harvey’s brittle cream you can lots Producers make fantastic ones so here we Go got lifestyle east india solera Um here too and you know anything you Know Lovely sweet desserts but also um Savoury stuff and of course The season soon for a mint pie or two And so with all of those Fruity um and particularly those kind of Raisiny fruitcake notes which Works so well with wines that have had Some pedro him enough added considering Him Is a great variety which is also when They make ferry with it Is also raising they raising the grape Very very much Um and let’s talk about that now um so Here we go it’s virtually black isn’t it Look at the color of it Amazing okay and of course there’s a few Dishes here So you can get huge amounts of sugar in These wines they are very very luscious Okay and it is a dessert really um Just by itself okay you can get about up To 400 or so grams a liter Of sugar in these wines like that’s Craziness i think there’s about 16 and kind of coke so there we go need A good tempest Um if you’re gonna drink a lot of that

Um So i’m just going to um give you a few Ideas here say Peas of course and i think we already Had someone who was doing that bit of Cheese there And pantsed up cheese very well and if You think about it you know you like it Maybe Some raisins with the um with with your Cheese Um foie gras okay got that sweet and Savoury thing going on again i’m a bit Of a fan of foie gras sorry And and but also can be used as a glaze Of course ice cream You know that’s what pedro him and Famous for having pouring it on ice Cream Okay so and drink it with ice cream pour It on ice cream And and then for us of course the Spanish tourist which you could dip it Instead of chocolate And so um lots of lovely um pairing um Um Combinations there and this is this is Something i created I’m so proud of this creation we’ve got A mold and i poured chocolate into it And made a chocolate cup with pedro here Can you can you even imagine like that Was just so Sweet um so

Um let’s see what else um what else you You’ve been um Asking or saying um so We’ve got ah someone’s got a sweet pedro Him It’s a bit different and it’s it’s um Further um or east from Her and they make their sherry star Wines but all with pedro him and So they can actually make the price Styles as well they’re not necessarily Fortified Um so um it like it would Either be fortified or not fortified um And if it’s 1990 then yes it would be a Vintage And so yes they wouldn’t have used the Solera system for that so there’s some Good points there thank you Um so you know i don’t know they’re only Dry they should Only be dry that’s the legal requirement Really But there are some peaky things people Put on labels Um so actually now this is a medium Sherry and i remember now because when i Have this before this is great They don’t say anywhere on it that it’s That it’s not it doesn’t say Explicitly it’s pillow called cardo um But it does say Um elaborado con palo cortado Epx so made with palo colchado and pedro

Jimenez On the back then in really tiny tiny Tiny writing It says medium okay so um yeah they’re Not You can imagine you’re spanish you’ve Been making sherry for years And you’re being told you’ve got to Write an english word on there and What’s that all about Um right good question um How long did sherry last once it’s open I’m going to talk about that in just a Moment i’m going to do a bit of serving And storage um because it is a really Interesting one Um in terms of how long you can kind of Keep it for and when you should open it When you What you should do with it after you’ve Opened it um and then troy’s saying when You did your level feel the impression That the cream cherries are a very Unfashionable british thing Which almost an embarrassment to the Sherry industry is that Well um let’s put it this way there Are cherries um that are not as good Quality That have been very popular um there was I can’t remember the name of the Producer now but a big big producer Who started making a lot of not such Great jerry um and they were giving that

To a big Cherry and they were supplying a big Sherry producer one of which was uh Sweet and sherry Um and so they aren’t really um the best Examples of cherries um but Um and it was really a certain market Who um who liked those kinds of shows And they wouldn’t be seen as a food Pairing thing Um it’s a very different culture the Culture we have in the uk around jerry Has been based on tweet fairy sweetened Fairies blended Berries but the culture in herath is all Really about life cherries Um mostly but actually you know The sweetened cherries are made there Are some really really fantastic Examples Um okay can you download this um i will Make i can make it available for you I’ll sort something out Um okay so Pedro heaven and sticky toffee pudding Yep yep good shout there Um how about fan emilio i don’t know That one Um you’ll have to tell me all about that Um any the type of keys Um i mean quite powerful i wouldn’t Really go with um With like younger cheeses sort of bigger More

Nutty cheeses and again you know if we Think about other famous pairings would Be sort of port Stilton you know that kind of blue Cheese is again um really good How would you pair the non-fortified Palomino fino wines And they’re very light and delicate Actually those wines tend to be So you probably wouldn’t want to have Them anything to carry full Um because they would overpower it um so Probably sort of light salad Seafood um i would think um at what Point did you need to decide to make a Wine as a funeral on an oloroto or Amontillado To make a single batch of wine and then Decide was it from the vineyard Selection Really good question lynn and what they Do is they Um they actually when they press the Grapes The first slot that come off the press Which is the lighter more delicate Um uses they become the phenos and Ranthaneers And then if it’s heavier with more Phenolics in it And that will become an oloroso And and then they re they then they Re-classify again Um after they’ve made the wine the base

Wine before fermentation could see Before fortification to see how how it Works out if it feels things like a Pheno or if it still seems like an Oloroso Then they reclassify after they’ve Fortified um to see if the floor has Developed well on the pheno then it will Stay athena or a mountaineer Um if it doesn’t then um it will may Well become a pillow called cardo Um so you can actually be same vineyard And grapes but make all the different Styles of palomino Wines um Okay so all we’ve got suggestion of Fortified wine with Stilts and other blues yep okay um and Sherry ever made without the solera System i single barrel there are some Vintage cherries Um but they are pretty rare um so The answer is yes but not very much um Okay oh sorry the list rpx fan emilio i Don’t think i’ve had that I’ve had a few px’s but not that one i Don’t think Um are there categories of style names The sweet fairies so just these blended Cherries So it’s either cream um medium pale Cream or the name of the grape so if It’s got px written on it Or pedro heming is written on it it’s

100 petroleum and f um or moscatel Um and then we’ve got a question is palo Cocado always something that develops Accidentally or can be made Intentionally as such Is it then able to be sweetened that It’s neither an amanpiado nor an oloroto Martha um yes it can be made Accidentally but i suspect Often it isn’t because we’re in a bodega We’ve got a certain amount of wine to Produce i Don’t think you can let things happen Accidentally um So i do suspect there is a strategy And but what i will say it’s generally More oxidative than it is biological so It tends to resemble more than oloroso And they don’t make so much of it so It’s a bit rarer tends to be a bit more Expensive This is a sweet and color coconutto so It’s a medium cherry Okay um then we’ve got are the vintage Cherries Rare because difficult to make not Really that great You know i’m not sure and i just think That maybe I don’t think i think i’ve tasted one Once I can’t say that i remember it being Particularly Great or particularly not great um i

Think it’s just to have a different Style in In the portfolio um but really for me Sherry’s about the valera system so i Can’t really answer that question very Well sorry Um sandra is palomino called something Different in france or italy I know it’s called listen blanco in Tenerife um But i don’t know that it’s grown um in Um In front of italy actually um I’m liking that your px990 is definitely I think pedro hymns probably doesn’t Work better As a wine that um that doesn’t need a Solara system And so much um but um i’m good To know um on rama are usually vintage On ram i just mean straight from the Um barrel so i don’t know that it is Usually vintage Um but i will i’ll look up so it’s Called list down in france as well is it As well as in them in tenerife Excellent okay now sylvina’s asking me About vos and vo rs good question So vos so um as we know this is a Non-vintage product Then we know that um We are getting an average age so you Will see average age indication On the wines um on some of them um so

The minimum of the the statement the age Statement that i have on the wine the Lowest is 12 years Then it’s 15 years and then 20 years Well 20 years is called a vos A very old cherry or venom optimum Signatum Um and then no rs is 30 years very Old rare sherry venom optimum rare Significant So those are the os and the ors Categories but they can only apply To oxidative styles so they will only Apply to Um amontillado polyculture oloroso pedro Him and f And not okay And the blended dials as well so this One Here this is a 30 year old so this is a Can you see It’s got venom optimum On it and you don’t with latinos and Mountaineers you can’t get them optimum Signal from wine or 12 years age because The floor will die If um the lara system is too vast if You’ve got too many creodera’s Okay um so getting close to the end now Oh No i didn’t expect that even though i Created this So here we’ve got this is from the um The venus de jeref

The um um part of the regular that’s a Regular door They’ve got a few little uh a little map Out them pairing for you there And i would just i have i have issue With the hot spicy one here But everything else um it’s just a Little a little summary Um for you and um this will be this is Being recorded it’ll be on Youtube using it again and i can also Make this available if you want to email Me for it Um i’ll give you my email address at the End so Very important now serving jerry storing Ferry etc But sherry should always be chill okay So when your gran take their sherry Off of the um off the sideboard and it’s Been sitting there for ages and offered You a glass You could be like why isn’t it in the Fridge um So really um that’s where it should be And When you get you’re spotted by your Shower you’ll notice probably Um that it’s got a stopper okay now a Stopper in a fortified wine Means ready to drink do not keep me Okay so um particularly with Biologically age wise so your phenomenon Your mouth and ear and definitely you’re

On rama Okay they should be as soon as they’re Bought don’t keep them in a cupboard Because over time and they will start to Oxidize so they oxidize and that changes Their How they should be um because we know That they’ve always been protected by Floor they They don’t we don’t want to um give them Any um any exposure to oxygen Also on rammer it’s fresh it’s tangy It’s come straight from the barrel And it should be consumed very very soon If you keep it on rama for more than six Months it’s not gonna be as good as it Should So you should think those straight away The oxidative styles will last a bit Longer but There’s no point keeping them they’re Already developed they’ve already got All the characteristics they’re ever Going to have So you know you just need to drink them Don’t keep them now when you serve your Cherries You should be serving them the um the Nose in your mouth and ears between five And seven degrees celsius Okay um so similar than you would to um Most white wines really and the oxidized Styles they suit being a little bit Warmer

So 12 to 14 degrees and then your pale Cream for your croft original Uh if you like um it can be a little bit Warmer than your fina And man paneer so those are the Recommended from from the consejo Regular door But i have to say i agree i think that It should be killed Always once you’ve opened your sherry um It is i would use a vacu van okay um And with your finals and mountaineers um They should be drunk As a white wine should within a couple Of days okay Um with your amontillado i don’t know so You can keep them for longer But i would say the more oxidized they Are the longer you can keep them open But still i would say within a couple of Weeks Um really okay um So yeah so that’s that’s the key thing And you know I would always keep all of them in in The fridge um after opening them because It slows down the reactions um to oxygen The chemical reactions and will keep Them a bit fresher But you know use use your pump um Don’t worry about coravan i mean what These sherry wines are not expensive So um and i don’t think you can even see That really because they’ve got stuffers

Um but yeah so these um but yeah make Sure you do have it in the right Condition Now you might have noticed that i’m Drinking mine out of a normal wine glass That’s kind of what they do in harass so You know they kind of They know what they’re doing i will i’ll Copy them thank you Of course um you can see these glasses a Bit like the glasses we use at the School And these are iso glasses and they also Work really well at the end of the day Um i am using a wine glass i’m never Going to pour That much in there because of fortified Wine so i don’t even need to Put a little bit and because these are Smaller glasses and really Um that’s that’s why they are often used And and then if you’re in the El tabanka they give it even a tumblr so Um there we go Right so um I think that’s um pretty much Everything i was going to say i see what Other questions you have Um i’m glad leah that you like the Cherry rainbow i I love i do love a sherry rainbow um And yes i think you’ve got any questions Okay there i am doing a really really Poor attempt with the vanencia which is

What you use to get the um Cherry out of the out of the barrel There The cherry butt um so let’s see what we Asked and We said um i know paul i want to drink All the cherries as well Um and oh my goodness someone’s giving Us a whole List of what palomino is called thank You very much for trying to screen and Drop that Um okay i have no idea about golden Glass alas Um you might have to google that one um I will make sure that i share the Presentation so if you email me at l Venue i’ll put it in the chat now till Daniel At wfct Um and i’ll make sure that’s available For you Um and if anyone’s got any other Questions um Do let me know um if this will be Recorded so if you want to see it again It will be recorded if you just go on to Youtube and type in wsct school london We have loads of recordings that we’ve Done Over the um over the past few months so It will be up there probably Tomorrow or the next day so um Yeah and thank you all for coming and

Giving up your time and Enjoying um sherry with me um if you Want to Use any look on any our wsct school um Social media here we are i’ve also got The twitter I think i’m wine lauren or and lauren Daniel on instagram if you want to Do any of that um but yeah i hope you Enjoyed it i hope you’re gonna go get Infused and start doing some cooking And um thank you for your your great Questions and Um your participation i’m gonna stop the Recording now and if anyone wants to Turn on their mics so ask Any questions you can in just a sec