Silver Oak 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley

Here we have it The New Vintage 2018 Silver Oak Alexander Valley uh Silver Oak right needs no introduction Silver Oaks one of the uh you know most Well-known most popular uh cabernets in Uh in all of California That’s in there saying life is a Cabernet and for good reasons they’ve Really got their formula down pat all They do is Cap right they make a Napa Cab and they have this Alexander Valley And two wines is is all they produce and They produce them both wonderfully so This is the Alexander Valley Version of their cab So as you would expect from a name like Silver Oak this wine sees a bit of Oak Two years Is what it what it gets on Oak it’s you Use All American Oak for uh for these Wines use about 50 new and The the oak is sort of the classic Component uh to to both Silver Oak Wines In 2018 as a vintage Um Spectacular I think is actually a quote That people use for this vintage it’s uh Kind of perfect growing conditions a lot Of Hang Time a lot of concentration But enough cool nights that happens in The Alexander Valley cools off at night You know until the morning and that heat Comes in it really lets the acidity Build right and that’s sort of a

A main stake in these Silver Oak Alexander wines is not only the big Fruit the big richness kind of feel to It but but that’s a city that holds it All together So this is Really really deep Ruby in color these Are these are dark wines they’re not uh They’re not playing around and they let This sit in the bottle too for you know Quite some time and it’s 2018 so it’s Got at least a year and bottle before They even release it Jumping out of the glass Tons of Beautiful Cassis dark fruit black berry Black cherry you know even some cocoa Notes that are on here I get a really Nice Juniper a little pomegranate but Fruit first and then you kind of get the Layers of there’s vanilla there’s a Little bit of nutmeg Hmm yeah some floral nodes that are Coming out definitely some uh just a Hint of eucalyptus eucalyptus too it’s It’s really it’s really pretty Let’s check it out [Music] Yeah this uh 2018 vintage is not a shy Wine this is a Really fruit forward Ripe soft you know this is a plush wine They they make it in a certain Style on Purpose where it comes out really ready

To drink give it a DeCamp pour it in the Glass A little bit of air the tannins They are there they’re they’re prevalent But they’re you know gripping in a Really Pleasant way finish super long You know this is a wine that is drinking Now will age you know a winemaker notes Say up to 2044 it’ll age I buy it a Hundred percent but it’s really Enjoyable now and is screaming for Something off the grill right big cut of Beef uh some ribs something you know a Hearty to to match up With something as as beautiful yet Powerful as this is so cheers enjoy [Music]