Simone McClean 2020 Zinfandel, Paso Robles | Wine Expressed

So today we have Simone and Simone is a Zinfandel From McLean Vineyards uh it's from the Pazzo Robles Wine region California Pazzo is oh look at this cork Pazzo is a One of the more underrated Cool uh value wine regions in California Uh known for some some great cabs Known for some just really great red Blends and uh You know this the zinfandel came our way And puzzle was not really you know Zen Is more of a Lodi you know sort of Sonoma thing but uh this one first of All just in first glance we're like wow Look at this bottle this thing's Beautiful and it is it's just as Beautiful in person here really really Stunning and McLean every wine that they Do sort of has a story behind a Character and Simone is about finesse Not force and she dresses in silk Nothing core so they have some really Cool kind of writing on the bottle but It's a beautiful Packaging And the one itself uh really kind of Impressed us on on first sample and it's Impressive on the nose once again it is Ripe Juicy you know Jammy all those really Bright red fruits Cherry like that Bramble Berry kind of fruit strawberry Almost like a strawberry jam I mean it's Just jamming you know this is and that's

What Zen should be from uh from a warm Area like Pazzo you have a little bit of That nice black pepper spice A little bit of a dried herb here like a Almost like a dried Italian or it's like You know when you're making sauce you Get those nice uh Oregano and rosemary notes a little bit Of Oak a little bit of cinnamon this is A really really nice pleasing and Intense aroma so let's give it a taste [Music] This is just a really pleasing wine on The palate the acidity is Is bright it's vibrant this is a lively Wine you know acidity is all there the Fruit's Lively it's Jammy it's Cherry It's strawberry it's again got those Nice spices that are coming out the Tannins are really fine grained so it's Soft you know it's Supple it's coming Out of the bottle you know ready to Drink doesn't really need a decant Um and this is a wine that you want to Kind of enjoy now young this is uh you Know not all wines meant for aging this Is something ready to drink spring is Here the grill is out you know this is An ideal barbecue kind of wine something With barbecue ribs a burger even like a Tuesday night pizza the acidity here is Fantastic tremendous value Best Buy at Wine Enthusiast and uh that's a really Good reason so cheers enjoy

Thank you [Music]