Strala 2019 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast | Wine Expressed

So here we have something really special Very cool this is strala 2019 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast for those uh Wine Express Historians we carried astrala Proprietary red years and years ago Quality on these wines is fantastic the Packaging on this wine is beautiful I Love the bottle it's got the really nice Wax top what I like about this wax top Is it's got a tab here so when you have The tab sometimes the wax tops can be a Little bit difficult to go through comes Right off beautiful easy to open so Strala the name comes from uh to shine Brightly Emit Rays radiate light and it says it Right there on the bottle and this is The theory from Jason Ray Jason uh was Or has one of the most renowned Um management Vineyard management Companies throughout Napa And works with uh you know winemakers Wineries like Thomas Rivers Brown Um Warren winarski Mike gergich some of the Most historic wine makers throughout Napa Philip melka and so that's where Jason gets his just uh his inspiration And his knowledge for wine making so for The stroller for this Pinot he bought in One of milka's head wine makers so I Believe Malco one of the you know most Prolific wine makers in Napa Put together this 2019 pinot and

Then you can just smell it's so intense All these these beautiful Dark food Aromas so this is a night Harvest For this Pinot they like to do that a Lot of these cool climates like Sonoma Coast really helps the acidity and Maintain that uh that acidity throughout The wine 40 percent uh new Oak here French Barrels Really really pretty you know kind of Classic Pinot nose on this uh black Cherry and red cherry it's got a nice Really combination of both Raspberry some some nice cranberry notes Plum like some some really nice red plum That's going on here a lot of spice Exotic spices baking spices Cinnamon clove Certainly vanilla from the oak as well I'm getting some nice black tea leaves Going on on the nose here too It's really intense and really really Complex as well let's give it a taste That is gorgeous on the palette it is Just singing with Searing acidity right Mouth watering it's carrying over right Now Salivating going on and it balances Beautifully with the tannins it's 2019 So it's a younger wine so the tannins Are quite prevalent but they are really

Well integrated into the wine so they're Polished it's giving a really soft silky Supple mouth feel all of that that fruit Comes first and foremost the spices kind Of Linger on the finish the Finish is Long It's a beautifully made wine and and Something they only made like 10 barrels I think under 250 cases and and Something you're really only going to Find here at Wine Express don't ask how We got our hands on it sometimes we get Lucky this is a great pairing wine for Duck I don't know duck is just screaming Out right now at me but also uh you know Some other poultry pork it's got some Weight to it it's got a really nice Finish really nice spice let's go with That kind of crusted Skin So Strong 2019 Pinot don't miss this one cheers enjoy Thank you