What’s up my name is Konstantin bomb I’m A master of wine retailer and a Consultant and this is my channel where We are thirsty for knowledge and wine so This is one in ten where I tell you Everything you need to know about your Region or a grape variety in ten minutes I promised you this episode before and Now I’m going to deliver I’m going to Tell you everything you need to know About the beautiful beast of grapevines Sulla so let’s do this so what is your Soir is widely planted but often Misunderstood great variety so I can Produce some of the greatest wines in The world but it is also used in some Very basic wine qualities so so that is The word sixth most planted grape Variety but it doesn’t have the same Reputation the same gravitas as Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay and Pinot Noir do So so last origins have been discussed Quite a bit some people have said it Comes from Sicily from the city of Syracuse or some people have suggested That it might come from Persia the city Of Shiraz is still the fifth biggest City in Iran but like many legends in The wine world this wasn’t really true When they started doing DNA analysis of Soya in the 90s they found out that it Is actually a natural crossing of Mongoose Blanc and to let some it is Pretty likely that this crossing happens

Somewhere close to the Rhone River in The eastern part of France What is also quite interesting is that Pinot Noir is actually a grandparent of Syrah and Veolia the white grape variety That is also grown in the northern Rhone Is a sibling of Syrah the two culturally Sura is actually not that difficult to Grow it has a laid-back burst which Means that spring frost isn’t a big Issue it has a fairly short maturation Period and ripens a bit earlier than Grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon For example so that is very vigorous and I can remember really well that during My and pellagra fee classes at University Syrah was actually quite easy To identify because it’s very green and It has lots of leaves and lots of shoots But let’s check out the Bible so that we Can see what sula berries actually look Like So as you can see here sir are bunches Can be pretty big the berries are small To medium in size and you also have five Lobes here in the leaves and Bible times Over so as you are matures quite quickly You are able to produce very different Styles depending on the picking date so If you pick early you get a lot of Freshness a lot of herbaceous nests and A lot of acidity if you wait too long You lose that acidity and you lose some Of the aroma as well even those who are

As used for producing entry-level wines As well you lose a lot of the quality if You have high yields you want to reduce The yields as much as possible in order To produce a expressive and h-word wine In so US homeland in the northern Rhone Growers sometimes distinguished between Petite Syrah and Priscilla but Gloucester is actually not so uh it’s Another name for the grape variety Mongoose moi to make it even more Complicated there’s another grape Variety called petite that are spelt Like this it is used quite a bit in California in order to produce rich and Concentrated wines but it’s not actually Sula it is also known another name of Duty when it comes to winemaking you can Actually produce quite a lot of Different styles of Sylva picking data Is a very important factor but another Important factor is the use of oak in my Opinions your lad doesn’t absorb the oak Flavor as well as for example Cabernet Sauvignon does so if you use too much New oak you can really smell that quite A bit in the beginning especially there Was a time when a lot of winemakers all Around the world were using a lot of new Oak with Syrah and that is changing Fortunately so now we know what Sula is But where does it actually grow Soraya’s Grown all around the world there are Roughly 190 thousand hectares of

Vineyards planted to sera in 31 Different countries so Sula is therefore The sixth most planted grape variety in The world the number one country for the Production of Syrah wines is France 64 Thousand hectares of vineyards actually Planted to Syrah in France but that Wasn’t always the case in the 1970s most Of those who are plantings were actually Located in the wrong This reminds me check out my video The northern Rhone I’ll link it up Somewhere up there grape growers in Southern France actually discovered to Run as a great variety in order to Improve the quality of their wines and It’s now very widely planted in the South of France so this is how so our Plantings have grown from roughly 3,000 Hectares in the early 1970s to more than 60,000 hectares today in the South of France Silla is actually most of the Times blended with the grape varieties Cannot move at the Sun saw and or Corino So in second place is actually Australia They have 40,000 hectares of vineyard Planted to survive so that or shear ass As they call it down under probably Arrived in Australia in 1832 imported by A man called James Busby today Australia Is well known for really concentrated And rich sheer asses they have also Perfected the sula or Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon cuvee in third place

We actually have a bit of a surprise Spain also has 20,000 hectares of Silva Plantings but most of them are located In la mancha a region that is not really Known for producing high-end high Quality wines and I don’t really see a Lot of great service coming out of Spain On the shelves in Germany at least in Fourth place we have Argentina with 13 Thousand hectares of vineyards most of Them are based in Mendoza and San Juan In my experience the best examples Actually come from the slightly higher Located vineyards in the mountains in Fifth place we have South Africa with Eleven thousand hectares of Syrah Vineyards there’s some really impressive Sierra’s coming out of South Africa for Example the ones of Murray nerve or the Sadie family wants we also have some Honorable mentions countries that Produce great Shiraz but don’t really Produce a lot of that grape variety you Can find grape see us in California or Washington State for example in New Zealand and in Chile so which class Would you use for your Syrah wines I Like this riddle performance class It’s a beautiful Syrah glass that does a Really good job but you don’t Necessarily need a server glass I think A big glass like a Bordeaux glass for Example it’s just fine you just want to Make sure that you don’t have a small

Small glass so what does who I actually Tastes like for me and so is the wild Beast Compared to Cabernet Sauvignon black Horse it is dark in color it has lots of Richness and concentration and it always Has some wildness to it if you’ve Watched my northern Rhone video you Actually already know that so our wines Were used in order to increase the Richness and concentration of Bordeaux Wines in the past this procedure was Caught almita G so that high levels of Tenants so you better prepare your gums For a little bit of a punch but the Tenants are most of the time that’s Aggressive Then cavernous or nose in my blind Tastings I often identified so up Because of a very distinct flavor that The wines often have it is the flavour Of black pepper the compound that is Responsible for this flavor and so our Wines but also in peppercorns is called Rotunda especially berries from cooler Regions where you get less sunlight on The bunches have this compound in higher Concentrations I also need to add that Not everyone can smell rotunda trials Have shown that 25 to 30 percent of all People can smell this flavor so our Wines come in a big quality range from Yellowtail Syrah from Australia to the Very high-end wines of Emmy Tosh for

Example there are essentially two Different styles of wines being made With this grape variety one is most of The time called Sula and the other is Called sheer ass wines from all around The world with Sarah on the label tend To be more in the northern Rhone style With less alcohol less oak and more Freshness those ones tend to be more Fashionable right now with Tom’s and Wine critics she arrests wines tend to Be more concentrated and full-bodied More in the Australian model and Oftentimes they are more influenced by The flavor of oak Both stars can be really interesting I Love big and full-bodied Australian Shiraz But I also like more refined and elegant To us from all around the world so you Really have to taste as many wines as Possible in order to find out what you Really Like the great thing about Shiraz or Sula ones is that they are more Affordable than for example the really Good ones from Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir so thanks for watching I hope You learned a lot about Sula if you like This video and then please like it down Here subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t already there are more really Awesome videos coming up so stay tuned My question of the day is really easy

What is your favorite Syrah I also want To give a shout out to spirit Aleks for All of his great comments I hope I see You guys soon until then stay thirsty [Music]