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Hi my name is master of wine and I feel Like I need a change of scenery I just Get bored in this Cellar so I decided That I’m going to fly to South Korea to Visit my friend the wine King there We’re going to eat and drink and I’m Going to take you with me so let’s start Packing [Music] Hey I’ve been traveling with Jay from The wanking Channel Through Korea and We’ve had lots of great food and really Good wines over the last few days and Today I’m doing a bit of a tasting with Him I have one very special bottle for Him and he has some Korean Specialties So this is going to be fun let’s go all Right Jay it’s so good to be back at Your side so I’m really looking forward To tasting this like I said I prepared Well we prepared some Korean Specialties And we’re going to taste these wines or Spirits or whatever together with the Expert so I’m really looking forward to This we haven’t really tasted that many Korean wines or we haven’t tasted any Korean once on our trip so far why is That are they not so so popular in Korea Or yeah the consumption for the domestic Wine in South Korea it’s it’s very small Yeah okay so it’s hard to find the Korean wine And the weather is it too warm or is it Too in summertime it rains too much okay

It’s a monsoon climate so it’s too humid Basically and in Winter it can get Really really cold as well right it gets Cold and it gets dry yeah and do they Have to bury the vines because it gets So cold or in summertime they use Umbrellas oh really to protect the vines Okay because it rains too much That’s pretty good and in winter time The wine is the shiver so let’s taste This I actually thought it was a white Wine to be honest really yeah But I put it in the fridge because I I Kind of thought [Laughter] I just wondered why you put it in the Fridge the ignorant Europeans they just Don’t know how to handle red wine It smells of chocolate and coffee and Those kinds of flavors mainly Lots of ripe blackberries It’s really Brown it smells of chocolate And soy sauce and blackberries it’s Quite Mellow and round on the palate I mean It’s not bad I’d say it’s not something That I would enjoy on a regular basis I Think it’s not but it’s not terrible It’s not terrible The great Rarities are Campbell Campbell okay Muscat Bailey It was created in Japan I believe all Right yeah it’s also if it is labrusca And then Korean

BlackBerry Well they add them not really yeah That’s interesting that’s why you said It smells of blackberries because okay So so they add blackberry juice or no Blackberry itself the Blackberry itself Into the wine and let it extract and Then press it off basically yeah oh Really that’s fascinating my first Korean wine Interesting let’s put it that way Interesting so let’s move on to to other Specialties okay things that we actually Drank quite a bit uh during the trip so Far and this is probably apart from one The thing that we drank the most makoli Which is a Korean rice wine right but You have a very special way of preparing It before you open it do you mind Showing it you massage the bottle a Little bit so yeah This bottle is special okay this bottle Is pretty hard so I cannot properly Massage you’re not strong enough Actually you mix the juice with the Sediment that’s the first step Then it works like you shake yeah a Coke Like a beer yeah so it’s full of CO2 Here yeah so to Calm down the CO2 you you massage it Yeah right don’t get exploded okay But this butter is pretty hard yeah Let’s see whether it’s going to explode Now

So You open this slowly All right it’s coming Calm down Now you’re losing all the good CO2 there That’s cool to see you too So two hours later yeah We’re getting ready to drink Oh oh there we go That’s it all right and you don’t drink It from wine glasses you drink it from Bowls basically yeah yeah so so this is Maybe not normally they are made of Metal some some of them were made of Yeah like metal or tin or something like That yeah and those kind of bowls they Should look ugly okay and old okay That makes the drinking more fun This is too pretty yeah too pretty too Neat with the rose on it All right This is kind of different to the ones we Had so far right This tastes a little smells a little bit More yeasty and less fruity because some Of them they smell like banana some of Them even remind me of wheat beer like Beer exactly a Bison Beer from Germany From the smell and and even a little bit From The Taste but this is more Restrained it’s kind of smells a little Bit of sourdough and they have like six Five six percent of alcohol normally Don’t they yeah normally six percent

This one 6.5 6.5 okay so they they you Consume them or you drink them basically Like you would drink beer It has enough body and the acidity is Beautiful yeah it’s a little bit like a Like a sour beer as well like uh Yeah test this kind of yeah intense Grippy acidity quite good so you would Drink this just over the course of a Whole meal or would you just drink it as An apparatif Very often I enjoy this as an aperitive Okay because uh so so you saw it In the beginning of every meal I ordered This as a yeah yeah and we’ve had lots Of meals so that means we also had lots Of makuli yeah this is something that I Want to drink even at home every now and Then because it’s just just so different And It’s really Um aromatically complex it’s creamy it’s Refreshing Um it looks a little bit like a soup but It’s actually quite quite quite light And and fresh and it’s it’s really good Stuff I really enjoy that that is really Really it looks like a soup like like a Rice soup or cream soup or something Like that So let’s move on to the last okay Korean Beverage at least And this is This is what this is

A kind of Korean soju But so the uh the ingredients are Rice And then a little bit of a cinnamon okay Then honey Ginger Am I scaring you yeah I’m worried what’s going to happen next Okay that was a bit quicker then Right you you poured all right no idea What to do so in South Korea when you Receive alcoholic beverage yeah you do Like this okay so I’ll hold it yes both Hands yeah both hands And I pour you with both hands too and This is the traditional glass as well Yeah this is usually for Soju for this Kind of uh high-end Soju you use Different different classes okay but Everybody knows this This shape of glass yeah yeah the Cinnamon is coming through and how much Alcohol would this have normally 25 25 Yeah So it doesn’t taste like I mean it looks Like hot Spirit but it doesn’t taste Like it because the alcohol is lower Than that so it’s actually quite light On the on the palate it’s not so so Heavy it doesn’t burn would you drink This after dinner or during the meal During the meal yeah this kind of Alcoholic beverage substitutes wine in South Korea okay why do people not drink

As much lime it has been too expensive All right yeah because the text was high And the profit taken by the retailers And importers it was pretty high because The market was so small yeah yeah and But these days it got much better you Get really amazing food in Korea but you Don’t really see wine on the tables when You go into the restaurants we’ve been To quite a few restaurants over the last Few days Um and I I don’t think I’ve seen anyone On any table apart from ours I mean we We had quite a lot of wine on our tables But only on our table Yeah but but Everyone else was not drinking wine yeah It breaks my heart yeah I recently had a Tasting where I tasted wines that were a Hundred year plus old from Bordeaux the The first gross of bottle and this is One of the bottles that is from from the Leftover from the tasting that was sent To me by Sita from from the Netherlands This is not a first rose but if you look At the label you can actually see Um the remainder of of the the label uh And and this is besheville from Sanju Yeah Exactly a pretty famous estate producing Still producing really good wines Um beautiful beautiful estate so so I Want to want to share that with you Today Um thank you if you want you can leave

The whole bottle to me You can’t have the bottle uh I I just Take a little sip of it We have to open it first it’s going to Be a bit of a challenge because look at This it’s gonna be a big mess I think I Love it I’m not going to bother taking Off the capsule so now gotta be careful This is always the tricky bit um Come on Come on Oh that was not bad at all I think it’s Pretty much one piece yeah look at this Old thing I’m pretty confident that it’s more than 100 years So you can see it from the yeah Also this is a this is a merchant Bottling so it’s an um bottling which is A merchant that doesn’t exist anymore That was more active in the in the 19th Century actually so so it might be from The 19th century even So it’s similar color to To the Korean one It is true it’s not a young one it’s not A probably it’s probably past its peak As well but but it’s still To show some fruit flavor yeah and it Even tastes off Bordeaux still I think Has these uh these Plum Cassis notes but Also a little bit of spice a little bit Of pepperinas on the nose it’s really Plummy yeah it’s definitely over the

Hill but it still shows some fruit yeah It’s not completely gone so and Considering that this is older than 100 Years it’s actually it’s actually it’s Quite impressive I think yeah it’s not It’s not a great great wine Um it’s kind of yeah definitely on on The on the decline but it’s it’s still Fun it’s this kind of stuff we are Drinking history here we’re drinking History and I wanted to share this with You thank you so much yeah I love you Okay now we’re going to end this video So thank you for watching I hope you Enjoyed this video if you did then Please like it down here subscribe to Wine King And subscribe to me obviously And I hope I see you guys again soon I Think I’ll enjoy the rest of my trip Through Korea and I see you very very Soon bye bye bye [Music]