Tasting HIPSTER Wines – Am I cool enough for these wines?

Hi I'm constanti Baum I'm a master of Wine and I'm getting older this is why I Asked my intern Leon who's quite a bit Younger than me to pick some wines that Are currently on Vogue trendy cool Whatever the youngsters call it these Days we're tasting hipster wines let's Go [Music] Static but they actually trends that Come and go in wine these Trends usually Originate from taste makers like Somebody is wine writers or influencers And they usually don't make it into the Mainstream and if they do they are not Cool anymore there's a new style of wine Making the rounds that I would call Hipster wines proponents of these wines Would call them real or authentic they Are usually made in a traditional way Using forgotten grape varieties and Forgotten winemaking techniques they Don't have to be natural wines but many Of them are they are no way of reaction To the globalization of wine depicted in The movie mondovino which is associated With big bold and clean wines made from International grape varieties by flying Winemakers so let's taste some of these Ones to see what the youngsters are Drinking and now I really sound like a Grandpa anyways Let's go so we're starting off with the Donkey

Blonde blonde Premiere Crew extra brood Champagne this is cool I think because It's extra brute extra brute is Something people in the restaurants the Zombie has usually really liked because It's quite fresh with lots of acidity Lots of vibrancy and on top of that this Is a grower champagne so it's not from One of those big wineries but from a Smaller domain on top of that they Actually ferment the base Wines in Barrels and they use a Solaris system Where they blend different vintages so This is not a vintage wine they use 70 Of normal base wine and they add 30 of That Solera base one to make one more Complex give it a little bit more well Oxidative character and that's becoming More and more common and it it is pretty Cool it can be pretty cool let's taste It you know I really like champagne and So I'm looking forward to tasting this I Have never tasted that producer before So Let's see This was close so the wine has a Beautiful very fine mousse looks Delicious so the wine doesn't smell very Fruity there's a little bit of lemon Character but there's quite a lot of Brioche bread like roasted notes coming Through I think this is mainly due to The fermentation and barrels on top of That the Solera wines will be quite rich

And a little bit Yeah more Darkened less fruity I guess it is very Lean very linear on the palette which is Kind of nice but to be honest I think These extra brute Champagnes and this One apparently just has two grams of Resilient sugar so it's very very low They often tend to be a little bit too Harsh I think Well especially if you want to enjoy a Glass of champagne as an apparatif You need a little bit of that juiciness Otherwise it just gives you heartburn I Think if you pair this with a little bit Of food you have to be very delicate Here you can't really use anything to Intense otherwise it would overpower This wine if you pair it with oysters or Crayfish that should work really well But I think I I actually like some paints with a Little bit more richness and roundness But that's the question of taste this is A really well made grower champagne I'm Going to rate this 90 points I think It's really good but it's not up there And I wonder whether a little bit more Residual sugar might actually make this One a little bit better But who knows I don't so the next one is The 2018 Dume de la toenail albua Fleur De Sarnia and this is certainly a wine If you want to be cool if you want to be Hip this type of wine is certainly

Something you should taste so this is From the small region Jura close to the Swiss Border in eastern France and Savanya is a grape variety that has Become really popular over the last few Years not in terms of quantity but in Terms of Um What is being talked about on social Media I guess this is a great variety With lots of potential it's really Fascinating it's actually one of the Original Three grape varieties together With Grace blonde and Pinot Noir or Pinot savanya is one of the oldest grape Varieties that has produced the genetic Material or part of the genetic material Of quite a lot of new grape varieties That are still famous today it can Produce amazing wines with lots of Freshness vibrancy with beautiful Aromatics you can also make a wine style That is called the manjon with a scrape Variety which is basically a wine that Is similar to Sherry it's aged in Barrels under a floor layer so you have Some yeast cells developing on top of The wine This can be absolutely beautiful also Really age-worthy and great with compte Cheese this is actually a wine style That is called uye which means that the Barrels are topped up so you don't have The floor layer on top of the wines

Instead the barrels are really full and You get the full expression of Savanna You know I really enjoy traveling to Jura because it's a beautiful region it Has really good food it's usually fairly Quiet at least when I go there and the Weather doesn't have to be great Oftentimes it's raining But it's just beautiful really good Atmosphere great wines and good people To make this one even more cool it is Actually certified organic which is Obviously really a great thing I Actually think they also work Biodynamically in the vineyard but the Certification is just for organic So this is actually one of the great Things about hipsters they always look For new stuff in order to be cool but in The one world there's so much Undiscovered really great wine and I Think it's great that some people bring That to light try to set new trends in Order to well keep a region alive I mean This region was really almost forgotten And now it's kind of well developing Again and the wines are just beautiful So um thank you hipsters I guess oh this Is good so this amounts of oranges rye Bread ripe Apple Quince on the palette It's just intense rich with lots of Really fresh and vibrant acidity I mean This has like 13 alcohol but you don't Feel any heaviness there it's just

Lively vibrant and fresh I'm going to Rate this one 92 points it's just Beautiful and it would be great with Chicken and like a creamy moral mushroom Sauce Ah yeah so the next one proves that Hipster wines can also achieve cult Status it's the 2013 radicon yakot from Freely Venezia Julia in Italy so this One we really started in 1979 and it's All about returning to traditional Methods they do quite a lot by hand they Macerate the wine on the skins for a Long time even the white ones they also Mature the wine in the cellar for a very Long time and they use minimal levels of Sulfides so they were on the Forefront Of producing natural wines when this Movement wasn't really well known and That's why they are so famous and quite Expensive today so the grape variety Yakot is also known as friolano or Tokai Friolano even though it has nothing to Do with the region of Tokai the wine was Macerated on the skins for two to three Months it was then matured in barrels For three years and then aged in bottle For another one to two years before Release so I want to point out that this Is a 0.5 liter bottle and it looks kind Of beautiful and weird which is one of The nice side effects of being hip I Guess So as you can see it's amber colored and

Slightly cloudy which is very typical For an orange or Amber wine I think this Is one of the oldest orange wines I've Ever tasted it's nine years old and it's Still really nice it smells of oranges It smells of mint there's also a little Bit of fennel seed flavors coming Through on the pad it's actually really Rich and grippy and juicy the channels Are a little bit more mellow I'm Guessing because of the long time in Barrel and the Aging in bottle so it's Quite harmonious but really intense Really Extroverted a little bit crazy but quite Beautiful there's quite a bit of Volatility here which would be a no-go For quite a few wine experts wine makers And so on But I actually think it adds something To the one So I think it's yeah it's a it's a Really interesting one is it a great one I don't think so I'm going to rate this 89 points I think it's really enjoyable Really well made but it's not I've I Don't think it's just kind of Outstanding extraordinary It's really really good so the next one Is the 2021 occupinti SP 68 from Sicily This is a hip one because it's from Sicily one of the hottest places in Europe but it's actually a really low Alcohol wine with 12.5 of alcohol using

Indigenous grape varieties and what they Are doing here is they are going up in Altitude so Sicily has big mountains and If you plant your Vineyards further up In higher elevations you actually get Well less ripeness more freshness and Vibrancy and if you also look for well Harvest states that are a bit earlier You can produce really delicate and Light wines there they also work Organically and use grape varieties that Are indigenous to the island frappato And Neo davola to Grape varieties that You can almost only find on Sicily and They can be really good frapato is more Juicy and fresh nail davula can be Really dark and intense Let's try what this wine tastes like Let's see whether I can shoot the cork Like this huh oh that was good I hope I Didn't damage my camera there so as you Can see the color is pretty light I mean I can see my hands through it it's like Strawberry Ruby colored Looks good on the nose it's actually not Super fruit driven there's a little bit Of reduction a little bit stinkiness Smelling of rotten eggs something like That but it's not just that there's also Strawberry and Sherry character and the Rotten eggs are just kind of Intermingled They are not that it doesn't doesn't Smell that disgusting it doesn't smell

As disgusting as it sounds on the Palette it's actually quite fresh and Light there's a little bit of tannic Rip But not a lot and good freshness the Alcohol is low so yeah it's good but It's not a profound wine that's for sure It's more of a light fresh style this is One of their entry level wines as far as I know And that's what it tastes like I just Checked and it's actually 20 US Dollars Roughly so it's not necessarily Great Value I think at that price I would Expect a little bit more a little bit More complexity a little bit more Concentration even if they want to keep The alcohol level low so I'm going to Rate this one 85 points it's good it's Enjoyable but not not really very good And the last one is the 2018 Mephisto from the Loire and it kind of Combines everything you expect from a Hipster one first of all it's made from Cabernet Franc a great variety that is Very popular in the community secondly The grapes are farmed biodynamically Third the wine is made in a very Hands-off way spontaneous fermentation Bottling and fine and unfiltered without The addition of sulfites and fourth it's Actually matured in amphorus which is Currently the coolest vessel on the Market and fifth the winemaker is Actually a really cool guy I think this

Is an often over overlooked Factor when It comes to the quality of the wine and The hype around the wine but if the wine Maker is charismatic and nice and knows How to sell then the wine tends to be Well more appreciated as well there's a Strong correlation in my opinion between Wine makers who are very good Salespeople in their own way and the way Their wines are appreciated in the Market and I forgot to mention sixth It's a wax capsule and a very cool label This is not good wax I mean it kind of Chips off I don't like that I like it when the wax Is soft and you can really take it off In one piece this isn't great So let's just punch through the wax Layer Even though that's not something I like But you got to do what you got to do the Wine smells of cherries there's a little Bit of green and grassiness to it as Well on the palette it's Quite linear fresh grippy tannins good Acidity but I'm missing a little bit of Body to be honest it's very leak don't Get me wrong this is a good wine but I Think it retails for around 40 US Dollars and I think you can find so much Better cabinet from from the Rua at way Lower prices so this is Yeah I'm going to rate this one 87 points I

Think it's a really nice company from But it's not an outstanding Cabernet Franc and at this price it really should Be an outstanding company for in my Opinion so this was a really interesting Tasting either I'm not hip enough or Some of these wines weren't good enough To really get me excited I really like The champagne and I love the savanya but I wasn't too sure about the other three Wines in particular because some of them Were quite expensive for the quality They delivered I think it's not all About using traditional methods or Harvesting really early for me what Comes first is quality so making sure That the grapes have the right ripeness Level in order to fully Express Themselves and I didn't get that from All of those wines but anyways it's a Question of taste so thank you for Watching I hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it then please like it down Here subscribe to my channel as you know I wish you all a Happy New Year because I think this video will go live in the New Year my question of the day is what Are the wines that you want to try this Year let me know Down Below in the Comments I hope I see you guys again Soon until then stay thirsty [Music]