Tasting & Roasting my SUBSCRIBERS’ Favorite Wines

Hi i’m konstantin baum master of wine And it’s time for you to decide what our Drink i asked you my subscribers on the Community tab which ones you would want Me to taste and you gave me lots of Options over 270 to be more specific and I will taste great and maybe roast some Of them today i don’t know most of the Wine so to be honest i’m pretty excited To follow your recommendations for a Change and hopefully find some new and Exciting wines Let’s pop some corks [Music] First and foremost thanks for all of Your suggestions even though i would Have loved to include all 270 i just Can’t one of the greatest things about This channel is your engagement and your Input and i’m very grateful for it that Said if you’re not subscribed please do In order to make sure that you’re not Missing out on any of the upcoming Videos or community posts leon picked Seven points out of the hundreds of Suggestions he chose ones that were Upvoted are widely available and come From different places i noticed that you Guys have expensive taste but we try to Make sure that you have a mix of premium Wines and more affordable options Without much further ado let’s Dig in so the first one is a champagne And it was recommended by mka it’s

Called anger the diesel Which means one day in 1911 and the Producer is andrei khloe and it’s a Champagne from kron crew sites it sounds Pretty good it looks awesome i mean This looks a little bit like it is dome De la romani conti but it isn’t Um it’s pretty nice packaging but what’s Really important is what is inside the Bottle mka wrote that This made me fall in love with champagne Interesting soleil style tattoo Curvation paint from boozy fairly Affordable and has the most beautiful Presentation and packaging for a wine I’ve seen i mean this retails for around 70 us dollars so it’s not cheap but it Is champagne it’s cronkite champagne so It’s actually Still affordable so let’s have a look What’s behind all of this straw and Stuff There’s paper Just a little bit wet because the wine Comes straight out of the fridge And Well Here it is so apparently this wine is Always a mix of different wines made in A solera system which we know from Sherry or from my previous video but This is not really common in champagne So it sounds intriguing the foil is a Little bit strange it’s kind of

Difficult to remove but I’m alright and There we go The wine has a very fine moussa the co2 Is really small And really creamy on the nose you Certainly have quite a lot of Intense flavors it smells a little bit Like soy sauce yeast you also have some Citric nodes coming through but it’s Really rich and concentrated and mainly Yeast dominated on the palette it’s very Concentrated Dense Thick almost so it’s a pretty Big champagne i would say the wine Actually comes with a little booklet and There’s quite a bit of information in Here but not necessarily the information That i’m looking for i wanted to know Which vintages this wine is based on but It doesn’t really say it in this book But it says that there are only 1911 bottles of this wine being produced So this is one of very few wines which Makes it a little bit extra special To me this is a really interesting Champagne very complex very rich very Concentrated Maybe it lacks a little bit of length Finesse and freshness But this is not to say that this isn’t Great i think i would rate it 91 points I think this is very very good champagne

It just lacks a little bit of um and Freshness and vibrancy to be better than That the next recommendation is from Connell keller and he writes it might be A popular one but the standard trimbuck Riesling or pinot blanc might be an All-time classic i agree this is an All-time classic this is the riesling i Haven’t tasted it in a while but i know This wine i know the winery trimbag is Probably one of the few producers in the Old world in europe who are actually Able to perform on very different Quality levels so they’re producing Really good entry level ones but they’re Also producing some of the best wines From the region a little bit The same Concept that penfolds is doing in Australia for example so I’m looking forward to trying this again So this is the current release the 2020 Vintage and it retails for Around 20 us dollars the trimbag family Actually writes about this wine a dry Fruity and pure riesling the archetype Of classic others riesling Yeah but i mean they are Representing others all around the world And they are probably one if not the Most well-known brand from the region so This smells very classic of lemon zest You also have ripe apple flavors and They’re petrol notes coming through

Which is typical even in young alsatian Rieslings what disturbs me a little bit About this one is the bitterness on the Finish I don’t really know whether that is part Of the stylistic expression of this wine I think it’s a little bit too much i Guess if you drink it while eating some Food some richer dishes in particular You won’t necessarily notice it but I think it just doesn’t feel quite right Maybe it has something to do with the Fact that 2020 was really hot or hot Vintage Producing maybe slightly Phenolic weird wines But yeah that’s the only thing that i Find that i don’t like apart from that This is really classic it’s a really Well made wine it’s not up there but i Think it’s well crafted and are rated 85 Points the next one is the 2020 shonas Marani wait for it mozwana ricarzitelli From georgia it’s a traditional amber Wine made in equivalent so the Traditional way of wine making from Georgia and i’m looking forward to Tasting this this is about 20 us dollars It was suggested by sean mcshane who Writes maybe not all time favorite but Shonas marani shinuri ricatzitelli Okay i think leon messed up here he’s Actually talking about the shinuri el Cazitelli well i’m tasting the

Mitzvahner ricarzitelli Sorry sean and leon what the Well anyways georgia is quite Complicated i know those grape varieties Are difficult to pronounce and easy to Confuse Sean i hope this will be fine but I think lots of people will be excited For me to taste the jordan wine but yeah Sean writes this one has been my Favorite wine i’ve tried this year a Great example of amber wine from the Criminally underrated wine making Country of georgia So let’s taste this wine then Okay the easiest way to open a wax Sealed bottle and there are lots of wax Sealed bottles in georgia that’s for Sure It’s just By poking through the wax and then Pulling the cork out And that’s it you can clean up a little Bit afterwards but you don’t need to do Much more than that you can see straight Away why this wine is called amber wine Or orange wine the color is very special And this is because those white grape Varieties were fermented and left on the Skins for six months in a quevery Clay amphora and therefore they get Different flavors and color pigments From the grape skins they also oxidize a Little bit and just turn into this

Beautiful amber wine this is really well Made on my recent trip to georgia i’ve Tasted some really beautiful amber wines But also some that weren’t so great and This is because it’s difficult to make Great orange wine in an amphora But this is certainly Really well handled it smells of Apricots Spices and herbs there’s a little bit of Time coming through there is peer aroma Coming through it’s quite intense but Also very clean on the palette you have Substance and structure and there’s even Tannic rip which is pretty normal for an Orange wine or amber wine they just have Some tannins coming out of the grape Skins that you wouldn’t get if you press The skin straight away and turn the Juice into a normal white wine this just Has a little bit more oomph on the Palate so this might not be the chinoori Ricatzitelli that you suggested sean but Thanks a lot this is really good i like It a lot and i’ll rate it 91 points a Beautiful beautiful amber wine this Leads me to my new partner on this Channel masterworks wine is a Fascinating product it’s all fermented Grape juice but some of it is sold for One dollar a bottle while some rare Bottles are sold for more than a Thousand dollars the art market works in A similar way and masterworks has

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Dollars if you click the link below in The description you can skip the Waitlist and start investing today Alongside with me and 500 000 others so Check that out and now i’m going to Check out more of your wine suggestions The next one is the 2019 mo gong quote De prix from jean-freya in beaujolais And it retailed for around 50 us dollars This was a suggestion by daniel macka or Daniel macca who writes a high constanta Or constantine i might be mistaking but I haven’t seen you tasting or talking About wines from the beaujolais region There’s one in particular that i love Above all others it’s for years morgan Kotupi In either 2014 or 2015 vintages i’d be Curious to see you break down this Region and this winemaking style thank You for your exciting content thank you And yeah unfortunately we didn’t get the 14 or 15. this is the more recent Vintage but this kind of makes sense Because Like that you will be able to buy this One If I like it and you think it sounds great Let’s open it so Same thing here Just Just just just pull the cork that’s it So i like to scrape off this little bit

Of wax because otherwise i might get in Some wax into the wine And this is now fine let’s pour it Port I think i might have talked about burj Lee before on this channel but i don’t Really remember I love beaujolais it’s a great region it Offers tremendous value especially if You compare it to the neighbors to the North here we have the garment grape Variety which is different to pinot noir But which can produce really great wines And let’s see whether this is one of Them the region is fairly well known for The burj le nouvo which is a very easy Going Simple red wine that is supposed to be Consumed really early But this is the exact opposite this is a Very restrained complex wine it shows Quite a lot of fruit flavor so you have Those strawberry notes that are very Typical in the region Cherry flavors but you have also black Tea a little bit of mushroomy character Quite a lot of complexity on the palette It’s Very Linear focused fresh There’s tannins there but not too many There’s quite a lot of length i think This feels quite young to me it would Have been nice to taste an older vintage

Of the same wine and i might do it at Some point But this has quite a lot of potential in 2019 was a very good vintage and this Shows quite a lot of Yeah Quite a lot of the stuff that you need To go an extra mile Very good quality this is not a loud one It’s quite an elegant and refined wine And i think you have to Look deep into the glass to really find All of its beauty but i think i found it And i think i’m going to rate it 91 Points Great stuff the next one is the 2016 the Ojai vineyard puerto del mar pinot noir From santa barbara in california it Retails for around 45 us dollars And i’m so looking forward to tasting This this is a suggestion by william Ollarson who writes i really love the Ojai vineyard santa barbara county pinot Noir i hope that’s the same wine I Hope so It has the cleanness of the new world Together with the complexity of the old World with bright red fruit aromas Without being overly ripe it’s my go-to Pinot from the new world let’s see Whether it’s going to be mike or to Pinot from now on i know the ohio Vineyards wines and adam thomak is kind

Of a legend in the california wine scene But i actually Only know their roan varietals so i know That they are also making pinot but i Haven’t tasted the pinots yet i know the Syrah in particular which is a beautiful Wine so Let’s get in there So first of all for everyone who thinks New world wines are always very Alcoholic this is 13 Which Is pretty low even in burgundy these Days so as you can see it’s pretty light In color so it’s not Really Dark i mean pinot is never really dark But this is a fairly light colored pinot On the nose it’s also fresh and vibrant There are notes of strawberry a little Bit of cherry you have some spice notes Coming through There’s a little bit of greenness a Little bit of stemminess but not in a Bad way it just adds to the complexity In my opinion on the palette it’s Actually quite fresh and vibrant there Is good acidity there are nice talents That are round and polished but that Still have some grip and it’s fairly Long yeah yeah i think william you’re Right this is a really beautiful pinot Noir it’s quite complex it has some Depth to it but it’s not the deepest

Pinot ever but it’s beautiful uh Complex complete californian pinot i’ll Rate this wine 91 points Really good stuff the next one is the 2017 lake user brunello di montagino From italy obviously and it retails for 80 85 us dollars this was suggested by Joachim edwardson reimer who writes i Just spent a week in montalcino Lucky you And One of my favorites is le cusa poner di Montagno 2015 2016 we have the 2017. Love the impressive nose the minerals Combined with the flour cherry lavender Yeah let’s see I mean you know what i think about Minerals in wine but That’s a totally different video Let’s taste this the nelo is one of the Hot spots if not the most famous place For San jose a great variety that is very Common in tuscany and It can produce really really beautiful Wines in brunello di montagino Those wines tend to be a little bit more Oxidative a little bit more spicy and Fairly long-lived and actually they Often get confused with great barolo so It’s definitely one of the best wines From italy good metal i haven’t tasted This wine before but i read up a little Bit on the winery and they seem to be

Doing quite a lot of things right this Is quite elegant and complex Particularly because it’s from the hot 2017 vintage it smells of raspberries Strawberries there’s also notes of Cherries coming through a little bit of Herbaceous character and you also have Some flowery notes that remind me a Little bit of violets on the path the Wine is very fresh and long there’s Quite a lot of tenants there Lots of structure but also good acidity So this is certainly a wine that will Age for 10 15 20 years because of all of This substance It isn’t overpowering at all It’s complex quite well balanced So really beautiful wine joakim you’ve Done a good job researching in the Region that’s what you should always do Go there and taste as much as you can This is a nice find i’ll rate this wine 94 points it’s quite complex and i’m Looking forward to tasting this wine Again in 10 15 years so the last one also had the Biggest response in the comment section And it’s Nicely packaged It’s the 2018 Purple angel from montes the wine comes From chile it retails for around 80 us Dollars and it was suggested by

Andrew webster who wrote i love purple Angel by montes very concentrated and Rich and showcasing a grape a lot of People still haven’t fallen in love with Which would be Kamenei Kamenei taken to a new dimension chitty Is still one of those wine making Countries that i haven’t traveled to And i really want to go there I love argentina and i think chile is Also a beautiful country kamenia is kind Of their Most well-known most associated grape Variety with this country It can produce great wines but not Always i know montes really well because I worked for a retailer when i was a Student and they were selling quite a Lot of montes wines so the wines are Very good i mean they they used to be Very good i haven’t tasted them in a While but i think they are still pretty Good wines And this Gotta be good at that price So this is ninety-two percent carbonaire And eight percent petit verdo which is a Great variety that brings quite a lot of Concentration and richness to any wine It is in And Yeah let’s Taste it this is really the essence of

Chile for me in my opinion it smells Super intense the fruit flavors are very Concentrated there’s quite a lot of Blackberry Strawberry Dark cherry flavors but there’s also This mintiness which is quite typical In my opinion for chilean wines there’s Also oak there but it’s all very well Integrated it’s quite balanced on the Palette you have lots of concentration Body and richness this has yeah 14.5 Percent of alcohol so there’s Concentration there but there’s also Acidity freshness vibrancy that lifts it All up so overall this wine can be Described with one word balance but to Be honest if i compare it to regular Chilean wines or Less expensive wines from launches This is not that much better i think it Comes with quite a price tag the quality Isn’t quite there but i think this is Just like a wine an exceptional wine That they price differently in order to Give it some additional value I’ll rate this 93 points it’s a beautiful wine but it Doesn’t have the Complexity that i would be looking for In a yeah in a higher rated wine thank You for suggesting this andrew it was Interesting to taste and it kind of Reminds me that i should try some more

Chilean wines guys what an interesting Tasting thanks for all of your input I liked all of the wines pretty much i Think my favorite was lacuser but maybe For drinking in The future not right now necessarily the Ojai was quite beautiful right now And This one the quote Dupuis Most beautiful but yeah i like the Champagne i like the georgian wine I like them all they were all really Good so thanks for your suggestions i Hope you guys liked this video and Enjoyed it and if you did then please Like it down there subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already My question of the day is would you like To do more of this interactive stuff do You want to do more interactive tastings Where you suggest things and i taste Them comment down below let me know I hope i see you guys again soon until Then Stay thirsty [Music]