TASTING WINE SPECTATOR Top 10 – The Best of the Best?

Master of wine and today I'm going to Taste some serious wines ones that made It into this year's version of the Prestigious wine Spectators top 10 list The best out of thousands and thousands Of wines I'm going to open these bottles And I'm going to tell you what I really Think of wine Spectators creme de La Creme Let's Roll [Music] It as one of the most widely distributed Wine magazines and they've put together A top 100 list every year since 1988. The editors select some of the most Exciting wines that they've tasted and Reviewed during the year and those ones Don't necessarily have to be the most Highly rated wines they also take Factors like value and availability into Consideration I rarely read the wine Spectators I think that it has become More of a lifestyle magazine and I don't Really like the fact that they allow Advertisements by producers that they Are also supposed to review Independently this is a big problem in Wine journalism in general as many Magazines are far too dependent on Wineries and they are supposed to review Them objectively how are you supposed to Do that if they pay the bills on a Lighter note I just had a look at the First top 100 list that was published in

1988 and it's quite interesting and a Bit funny most of the wines are actually From Bordeaux burgundy and barbaresco And there are only two Wines in the top 20 that are from the US domain Is listed at 210 US Dollars which was at 160 US Dollars and K Miss Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley at 12 US Dollars Double the price of Auntie Norris Santa Christina how times have changed but now Let's dive into the wines one more thing If you like this video so far then Please like it down here and subscribe To my channel it really helps me out so Thank you in advance and now Let's taste so I'm not going from white To red wines instead I'm going down the Top 10 list and this one was in seventh Place it's the 2019 Pop it was rated 96 points this is a Famous estate from Chateau Nerf and it's Run by the para family who are also Involved in the miraval project together With Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is she Still involved I don't know let me know Down in the comments but now let's open This baby because that is certified Organic and they also do some biodynamic Farming they are well known to be one of The states that still uses all 13 grape Varieties that are allowed in Chateau Nerf and they also do use quite a lot of Move this blend is 30 more 30 Grenache And then there's

And sanso and some other grape varieties The grapes are the stamped and the grape Varieties are vinified separately some Go into Oak vessels and others go into Concrete tanks just to make sure that They all kind of get to express what the Grape variety is about after malolactic Fermentation the blend is put together And it's then aged in fooders for a year Before bottling Shadow Nifty pop is such An interesting regions though I think Well prices have gone up but they are Still affordable considering that there Are such Classics broadcaster is Obviously quite a bit more expensive but It's really considered to be one of the Best in the region my first time working With Boca cell was when I was a summer Year a young summer year working on the Floor and this kind of became one of my Ideas of what shotunuf do Pap what great ChatOn of depup can be this is different To some of the others like Rayas or Claudipup this is a bit more Concentrated a bit more Rich a bit more Structured it's very clean it's it Doesn't have those bretty Aromas that You get from some other chatuners but It's a beautiful one the wine is fairly Dark in color some of the sharpeners That are more based on Grenache they Tend to be a little lighter this is Quite dark and I think that is mainly Due to the high content of Movado the

Wine smells of blackberries licorice It's quite intense in your face it Doesn't have pronounced Oak flavors Which is something that I appreciate on The palette is Rich and concentrated the Tenants are grippy there is good Freshness there I mean this is so young This is a baby but it's drinking really Well right now it's not something that You have to age you should age it Because it gets more complicated complex Not complicated maybe even complicated I Don't know but it gets more complex more Refined but it's a lot of fun right now Already this is a beautiful wine and at 120 US dollars retail it better should Be but I don't think it's a 96.1 in my Book I think for 96 points it should be A little bit more Extraordinary special it just needs that Special Sparkle and for me this is a 94.1 which is still a great score not Quite at the same level beautiful Complex one definitely very age-worthy As well and Yeah I already regret pulling that [ __ ] I have some older broadcasters in my Cellar as well they age really well and This one should definitely have been Aged a little bit longer the next one is Also a really well-known wine it's the 2019 tinianello from antinori in Tuscany And it was rated 96 points by wine Spectator and put in fifth place I don't

Really know how many times CNL has Already been in that list but I'm Guessing quite a lot of times because Tianello has been around for a long time And the quality is generally really high That different opinion when it comes to Tina nello some people say that it's More of a brand and it's not really Linked to a specific place but all of The grapes come from this 127 hectare Big Vineyard that also produces solia And some other ones and I think the Quality is just amazing I mean it's not Cheap for sure but the quality is really There they've really been very Consistent when it comes to Quality Internello and and the wine is pretty Reliable and performs at a very high Level the producer antinori is one of The oldest wine making families and they Can trace their Roots back to the 14th Century which is really crazy they've Been really Innovative as well they've Been very much involved in the super Tuscan Trend in Tuscany and have made Some amazing wines all around the world This is I think the most well-known at least not The most expensive not necessarily the Best but the most well-known brand on The premium side of things China is Mainly made from San Jose with Cabernet Sonia and Cabernet Franc mixed in and The grapes are harvested in

Mid-september to mid-october and they Age the wine in French and Hungarian Oak Roughly 50 is new orc and the rest is Second Use and third use and the wine Stays in Oak vessels for roughly a year The wine is really beautiful it shows Some cherry flavor and there's also a Little bit of spice there the oak is Really well integrated it's kind of Absorbed into the fruit and on the Palette it's juicy and Rich the tenants Are present but they are actually Surprisingly rounded considering that This is 2019 and in the Finish you have This beautiful freshness so a really Lively very balanced wine in the Beginning I also wasn't really a fan of Chinao the boss were everywhere so it Kind of felt less special but if you Taste the wine it's actually super Beautiful I have some bottles in my Collection that I keep for a longer time Because I think the wine also ages Really well and gets more complex and Interesting with age I think this will Yeah just be ready in three four five Years and it starts to develop a little Bit more tertiary flavors right now It's also really a bit too young I think When Auntie Nori started this project They looked at the top Bordeaux chateaus So it's a very clear message they don't Look at different sites and make it Complicated they just have one one one

Name and also when it comes to volume Lafitte La Tour and so on and so forth They also produce pretty large volumes So it's actually not too bad to have a Bigger volume of high quality wine if You want to distribute it it well all Around the world this wine is available Everywhere and it's really good pretty Much every year so I definitely Recommend it I'm going to rate it 95 Points I think it's a beautiful Beautiful white Again I'm looking for a little bit more Excitement from it to push it to 96 or More but this is definitely worth Drinking so it's only fitting that the Next one is from Bordeaux it's the 2019 Chateau typo from San Julia which was Rated 95 points by wine spectator and is In fourth place Winery was classified as A fourth growth in 1855 and it's Actually a little bit underrated the Brand is not really well known so it's Also one of the cheaper Wines in the top 10 retailing for 65 US Dollars I've been To Bordeaux many times and I've actually Lived there for a while but I've never Been at Chateau talbo I think this Estate is 110 hectares big it's based in San Jose which is Actually a very interesting very Exciting part of the midok producing Some really really great wines the blend Is 69 Cabernet Sauvignon 26 Merlot and

Five percent pity Verdo in a Bordeaux Blend Cabernet Sonia usually brings the Structure the quality the aromatics of Cassis and so on and so forth mellow Gives the wine a little bit more grass As the French say a little bit more Richness on the palate a little bit more Yeah juiciness and pity Verdo is called Pity Verdo because well it actually Means translated the little green one And gives some spice notes to the wine So it can be a great addition to a Bordeaux cuvier just to give the wine a Little bit more flavor a little bit more Pepperiness another dimension I just Noticed that turbo is actually also Putting a QR code on the capsule they do That in order to protect themselves from Fraud you can scan this and then you Find some information on that bottle in Order to make sure that it's the real Deal 2019 was actually a beautiful Vintage so I'm expecting this one to be Really good but Let's see so I know I should actually Decant those wines or carafe them to Give them a little bit more air but I Like to taste them like this from the Bottle and then kind of imagine myself What the wine would be like with a Little bit more air I definitely am Going to taste these wines again and Again over the next few days just to see How they develop this is a beautiful

Wine you know I really like Bordeaux People tend to poo poo on Bordeaux Because prices are too high or the Owners are too snobby but I actually Think the wines can be just outstanding Amazing and this is actually compared to The previous ones we had from other Regions is actually a really good value I think this is delicious the once beds Of Cassis blackberries cedar wood and There's some Oak flavor coming through But it's not overpowering and on the Palette they are grippy tenants great Freshness there's more structure to it Than to the previous two wines so this Is for me a one that actually definitely Needs some aging it's juicy and Beautiful right now but these tannins Will allow it to age longer than the Other two ones I think and yeah it's Just delicious really really one Spectator was actually a little bit Higher than Robert Parker on this one Road parker.com gave it 93 points I agree with wine spectator I think this Is beautiful I'm giving it 95 points and I think in this quality category this is Actually a great price I would buy this For sure and you can put it away and Keep it for a few decades or you can Drink it fairly soon depending on your Preferences this is the real deal so the Next one is the first white wine in this Tasting it's the 2019 Hyde develin

Height Vineyard from Napa in California It was rated 96 points by wine spectator And it's coming in in third place so This is a joint venture between Uber de Villen from the domain de la omniconti And the Hyde family from California who Owned this Vineyard and oberdevelen Decided to get involved with them Because he saw the potential of this Site and I agree I really like many ones That come from this Vineyard they are Special they have lots of structure can Be really fresh but still have quite a Lot of concentration as well they focus On Pinot Noir Chardonnay Surah and Cabanissono in this venture And I've tasted the Chardonnay before And I really liked it spoiler alert Canaros is one of the coolest avas in Napa it is very close to the San Pablo Bay and gets a lot of fog in the morning And on top of that there's quite a lot Of wind coming in from the Pacific to Cool down The Vineyards and that's why The producers there can focus especially On Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that well Ah opulent and Rich can be opulent and Rich but also always have this freshness And vibrancy so this one is made in a Pretty classic Burgundian way it's Fermented and aged in barriques 15 to 20 Percent were new and it's then settled In stainless steel and bottled unfined And unfiltered

Score ah another delicious wine I mean Well this is really interesting because Actually most chardonnays all around the World when it comes to premium Chardonnay they kind of mirror what is Happening in burgundy but and this is Made in a very Burgundian way but it Also really shows Californian heritage But it also has this very fresh and Vibrant stylistic expression so there's Quite a lot going on here but I think The vineyard really comes out there's Ripeness here there's peachiness there There's a little bit of orange zest as Well on the palant you have structure And richness but also this fresh and Vibrant finish which I absolutely love I Think it's nice to see that oberdevelen Is not trying to make a burgundy here He's kind of doing what he's doing at Home Still he's bringing out the Taiwan of The site and Yeah this is really good I think I Actually have to agree with one Spectator again this is a 96.1 in my Book it has this special this je ne sais Quoi or whatever you want to call it and The last one in first place is the 2019 Trader sellers Double Diamond cabernetes From Oakville in Napa Valley it was Rated 94 points by wine spectator and it Retails for 80 US Dollars which is Actually not crazy expensive when it

Comes to top-notch Cabernet Sauvignon From Napa so Fred Trader founded this Winery in 1998. before that he was in the art Business and he was also racing cars and Creating a cigar brand so he was doing Quite a lot of different things before This radar sellers is now really well Known they are producing some Outstanding wines this is kind of an Entry level of offering of this so it's Quite interesting that this was rated or Put in first place by wine spectator I Actually have never tasted this one but I'm interested in tasting it so this is The 2018 vintage instead of the 2019 Vintage which isn't available in Germany At the moment unfortunately but I still Wanted to try this even though this is Just a different vintage so when it Comes to the sub avas of Napa Valley Oakville is actually very famous for the Production of Cabernet Sauvignon this is Where Opus One is based and the majority Of the grapes here 70 are from the Tokalon vineyard which is one of the Most famous Vineyards in California so This one was aged in barics 50 in new Oak and the rest in one year old oak so This all sounds pretty amazing great Vineyard expensive wine making very well Known producer so Let's taste it so the wine is Rich and Concentrated it smells of

It smells of plums cherries Cassis it's A little broad it's not as well defined As most of the other wines the oak is Present but it's not overpowering and on The pad it's very rich and voltages the Article stands out a little bit even Though the wine is actually fairly cold And yeah it's not not as harmonious as All of the other ones that I've tasted So far but don't get me wrong this is a Very good wine I just don't think that It's as good as the previous one so I Don't really understand why this is in The first place wine spectator gave it 94 points and I'm going to give it 91 Points I think it just yeah it doesn't Really have the balance complexity that I would expect granted this is the 2018 Vintage not the 2019 so I don't really Know what the 2019 would be like I can Just talk about what is in my glass so What were my overall impressions of wine Spectators top 10 in 2022 overall I Gotta say the ratings were pretty fair I Can't really compare the Double Diamond Because I didn't have the exact same Vintage but all of the other ones were Rated really well in my opinion were Pretty much according to my taste what I Found interesting is seeing that there Was just one white one in the whole top Ten there was another sparkling one or As Crystal but there was just one white And the rest were Reds it was also

Interesting seeing that four Wines in The top 10 were from the US which is Maybe a little more than one would Expect but it's I guess mainly because Wine spectator caters to an us audience And therefore also wants to show more Wines from the country which totally Makes sense to me I think it would be Nice if they would focus more on the Value category if there were more wines That are actually affordable through a Wide range of people most of those ones In the top 10 were above 100 US dollars And that's kind of crazy to most wine Consumers there were no real surprises In the top 10 most of these wines are Very well known I mean I didn't know the Double Diamond but I'm guessing many People do I didn't really understand why This was in first place because all of The other ones were better in quality And some even offered better value for Money but Well it's just one of those things I Guess so my favorite ones of the tasting Were the height of Elaine Chardonnay Just beautiful precise exciting Napa Chardonnay and the Chateau taboo a very Classic and beautiful Bordeaux style but I can't really complain I mean all of These wines were just beautiful this was A very decadent tasting but Um yeah these two are my favorites so Thank you for watching I hope you

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