Hello everyone my name is Konstantin Bomb I’m a master of wine retailer and a Consultant and this is my channel where We are thirsty for knowledge and wine We’re going to do something very special Today we are unboxing the recently Released Kaurava model 11 to get this Out of the way right away I’m not being Paid back over van to review this Product I’ve been using however for Seven years now so I know the product Really well and you’re going to get my Honest review I will unbox the Kaurava Model 11 together with you and we are Going to test whether it actually works But first of all a little bit of history In 2013 I traveled through California And saw co-op for the first time in 2014 I bought this co-op a model 8 which is The og of kauravas and have been using It quite a bit since this one is called Model 8 even though it was the first one That was sold and now we also have a Model one model two three and five six And the most recently released model 11 Whoever is really trying to push into The consumer market with this range of Different models to model one for Example only costs around 150 euros Whereas this one was 300 euros even Though it’s not available anymore but There’s obviously a difference in Quality when you look at model 1 and 2 And this one or the other more high-end

Versions of the system one and two are More plastic here and less sturdy but What Colliver also makes the money from It’s not just the systems It’s the capsules that are being used in The system I think over the last few Years I’ve spent way more money on Capsules than on the device the inventor Behind Korriban is called Greg Lambrecht And he has developed this device over Several years he is not only involved in This he has several other companies and He actually started his career creating Devices for medical opera And you can certainly see a lot of Attention to detail and quality when it Comes to all of the kauravas systems Cova is really well designed and very Aesthetic and it took him more than 20 Prototypes until he had something that He could actually release to the market Colvin was actually released in 2013 and That same year Robert Parker the wine Critic endorsed it He is very a transformational device for The preservation of wine jeez Bob it Looks like you filmed that video on a Potato I’m still using my model 8 and I’m really happy with it over the years It never really let me down I broke Maybe two needles over the years and Have used up roughly a hundred Cartridges I’m not just using the device For tasting different wines over the

Course of an evening if my wife doesn’t Want to drink with me I also use it when I’m doing tastings like this I can just Pour myself a little glass and then put The wines back onto the shelf and get Back to them after a few days instead of Opening all of the wines and then just Giving them away to friends and Neighbors I can taste the bottles over a Course of a longer period the only issue I have with the Kaurava model 8 is Actually the cartridge holder it doesn’t Screw on as well as it should it always Feels like it’s screwed on too loose or Too tight but now let’s unpack it ok Let’s do this it feels a little bit like Christmas So the way Cola is actually pitching This model 11 is that it is the first Automated Bluetooth connected call of Preservation system so core Vaughn has Always been really good at packaging Their products in a very high-end high Quality way it feels more like unpacking A high-tech device from a company like Apple so this is the little booklet that Comes with it and then this is the Capsules at very high end box and this Is the model 11 this looks really cool Really pretty the colors are great very Good branding so let’s take this off and Here we are so this is box used to carry Your Co ever wrong I actually never Carry my : wrong but anyways here it is

So this is the model 11 so the body is Made out of stainless steel plastic zinc And glass fiber and it feels really good In my hands it actually feels better Than the model eight to be honest even Though I always really like the feel of This this feels more slick and more Futuristic it only comes in black so That’s maybe something that turns off Some people but I really like black it Actually feels like a piano so what else Do we have in you that’s Look yeah okay so this is the little Stand that you get looks pretty much the Same as the old one that I have for my Model eight and there are some new Things as well So this is not super new the screw caps But they are fairly fairly new it was Always a problem with people not being Able to use comma with screw caps so This is kind of what they came up with I’ve played around with this in the past And they’re actually pretty good so you Are able to pierce with the needle Through this silicon layer and then You’re able to take some wine out of the Bottle and then it reseals again and you Can put the bottle back onto the shelf This is something pretty new this is the Aerator they only came up with that Fairly recently and I’ve never tried it Before But I saw it at an event and it’s quite

Interesting I mean obviously people were Complaining that they the wine coming Straight out of the bottle isn’t Decanted pretty much so you don’t have The opportunity to make sure that the Wine actually gets a little bit of air And this is what they came up with in Order to combat that problem and like I Said in this little red box there are Some capsules six in total I will need Much much more than six that’s for sure I will have to charge this cava first in Order to use it so this will give me Some time to clean up this mess and then We’ll try it So we’re back with a charged Cova model 11 I only left it on the Charter for an Hour so I’m guessing it’s not fully Charged yet but it should be enough for This it is lit in red no which means That the capsules empty or there’s Nothing in the capsule holder so we’ll Have to fill it up with a new capsule I Mean those capsules are the same as they Used be they are filled with argon and There are some misconceptions with Repast bag and gas eivin guess it’s Actually in the atmosphere so you have Breathe in argon gas right now and it’s Pretty frequently used in winemaking so You see how it actually lights up and Blue right now which means that the Device is active and you can use it so I Prepare the wine that we can try out the

New device with this is a 2009 Palma and As you can see up here I already took Some wine out of the bottle on the 10th Of October 2019 so that is now roughly Eight months ago and now we’re going to See first of all how this works and then Whether the wine is actually still okay So what you’re supposed to do here is Put this on to the bottle and then just Push it in this is much easier and then The way it used to work before so it is Pretty simple to do already so now you Get to select whether you want a tasting Pour or a whole glass I want to hold Glass so let’s see how that works we Put the device here you don’t have to Push anything you just tilt it and it Pours automatically like magic it’s Supposed to stop when it’s done so let’s See whether that works actually pushes Back more Island gas as it goes to make Sure that the desired amount is reached So I know this one pretty well and it Doesn’t really feel like it has changed Since the last time I took some wine out Which is eight months ago so I’m quite a Quite a while ago so let’s remove the Model eleven so you just pull up this And then you just pull it out entirely So the cork resealed automatically by Itself and we are not losing any wine Which is good so there’s something else That is new with the co of our model 11 You can actually connect it to the core

Of our app you just add a system pick This and then you actually get to decide How much gas you want to use while Pouring your wine the more gas you use The faster you pour the less gas you use The slower you pour it also shows you The level of gas in your capsule that’s Kind of smart I’m not really sure how Often I’m going to use this though I Would probably be far more likely using This app if I could download it onto my Android phone but it is only available For iPhones and iPads so let’s look at The difference between the model 8 and The model 11 the model 8 was a total GameChanger The model 11 isn’t a total GameChanger But it is something that is really well Designed really well made it’s beautiful In my opinion I’m pretty sure that not Everyone will like the modern Of it as the wine industry is quite a Traditional industry I’m pretty sure This modern look will raise some Eyebrows that’s also the price I mean This bundle that I presented Costs a thousand euros in total a Thousand euros is a lot of money this Was 300 euros and I thought it was quite Expensive already but this is obviously Try to step up but if you want them Fanciest most evolved for VAR model and This is certainly what you should be Going for I will need to play around

With this a little bit more to really See whether I like it or not but my First impression is pretty good so Thanks for watching I hope you liked the Video if you did please leave a like Subscribe to my channel and there’s Quite a lot of exciting stuff lined up For the next few weeks so stay tuned my Question of the day is what is your Experience with cava do you like it do You not like it which is your favorite Model all of that please comment down Below and I will answer all of your Questions if you have any I hope I see You again soon Until then stay thirsty [Music]