The ESSENTIAL WINES – 15 bottles to build your collection!

Master of wine and this one is for all Of you out there who want to build a Stash of wine and don’t know where to Begin I will tell you which 15 bottles To buy in order to start your wine Collection Let’s go [Music] Before I jump into this video if you’re New to this Channel and want to learn More about wine then please do subscribe And now let’s talk about your wine Collection while preparing for this Video I realized how incredibly Difficult it is to limit myself to 15 Wines but I had to so don’t be mad if Your favorite one is not in the mix the Beauty of the topic of one is that it is A bottomless barrel and there’s always Something new to learn something new to Discover but you have to start somewhere Today I’m going to start with the wines That you usually drink before you start Your meal apparatus number one grower Champagne yes everyone needs a little Bit of champagne Lily bonange said I Drink champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad depending on your budget you Might just have one bottle on your shelf Or your seller might be filled with the Stuff but you should have some champagne Ready whenever the situation requires it I really like grower champagne like this Maya which is a premier cool champagne

From a small grower usually those Champagnes are a little bit cheap paper And they can be super interesting and They are also not just operatives you Can actually drink them together with Food I love champagne with fish and Chips for example fried chicken or maybe Even Sushi second we have the more Affordable bubbles Cava cremosect or Prosecco there are also occasions when You want to drink sparkling wine but you Don’t want to spend the big bucks Unfortunately Cava cremo zached and Prosecco offer great Alternatives at far Lower prices most of them retail for Less than 20 US dollar and they can be Really amazing at the moment German sect Is really pushing the boundaries there Are some really amazing ones available Made from the grape variety Riesling or From the burganian or champagne Varieties and I really like this Khal Shafer Pinot blonde zact which I Discovered in a blind tasting and this Was the best out of the bunch for me so This is really complex deep concentrated Fresh and vibrant good stuff so now Let’s move on to the white ones and Number three for me has to be Riesling Riesling has to be one of the greatest Whites to put into your collection as it Is still fairly affordable offers great Quality and can be stored for a long Long time you can get an easy dry entry

Level wine or a dry very complex courses Of X1 you can also get off dry and sweet Reese things you can keep some of them For decades even longer than 100 years In some cases and the wines go really Well with food you can pair Riesling With lots of rich and Hearty dishes Because of this acidity that cuts Through almost everything I really like Clement’s push from the mosul and this Is his Marine book roses quebecs from The 2018 vintage this is beautiful and Fresh and vibrant right now but it will Age gracefully over the next few years I Usually like to drink one bottle when It’s young and then keep the rest of the Case for little bit longer if you only Have one bottle then keep it patience Will be rewarded wine number four is Sauvignon blanc let’s face it sauvignon Blanc is a crowd please and when I have Lots of friends over we’re not Necessarily into wine I open Sauvignon Blonde because I know that most people Will like it will enjoy it but it’s also A deep deep grape variety if it wants to Be it can be very complex it can be age Worthy and it can go really well with Certain dishes I love sauvignon blanc With goat cheese or with fish dishes so You have lots of opportunities with this Aromatic grassy fresh vibrant white wine Sauvignon blondes grown all around the World but this is where it’s from the

Origin so one of the most classic Regions associated with sauvignon blanc As a great variety and this libuko from Chlor E4 is just beautiful it’s very Fresh Natalie there are Aromas of Gooseberries coming to through it’s not Exotic and exuberant it’s more refined And fresh and on the palate there’s Power and freshness combined so this is Beautiful just around the corner from Sauvignon blanc has to be shenandblanc Number five is still underrated but that Is an advantage for you it’s the girl at The party who does not know how pretty She is it doesn’t smell fruity it smells Of wet Stones wax and wool which might Not really sound amazing but it smells Amazing China just like Riesling can Produce a huge variety of different wine Stars they can be dry off dry or sweet They can be young and easy drinking or They can be super age worthy and very Very complex for me the classics are Again in the Lua and this Giver tour Somu is just beautiful it’s very refined Very restrained and you definitely get Those waxy woolly notes that I really Love number six is never restrained To be honest I don’t drink many aromatic Wines but for diversity’s sake you Should have some aromatic wines on your Shelf and there are very few that are More aromatic than convers the perfume Mutation of one of the oldest varietals

In the world savanya it can be very easy To identify in a blind tasting because It really smells of roses and this one Is beautiful with certain dishes Especially with smelly cheeses like Monster cheese for example are really Aromatic curries for example one of the Greatest producers in the world for this Varietal is zint umbret and this is Their closer uruba a great great side Producing really intense rich and Complex raminas that also retain their Freshness so this one is fairly well Balanced super aromatic of course but Also refined and number seven of course Chardonnay there’s no getting around Chardonnay when it comes to the most Important grape varieties it’s plant it Basically everywhere and it can produce Great wines most of the most expensive White wines in the world are actually Made from the grape variety Chardonnay And there’s a good reason for that Chardonnay tastes very different Depending on where it’s grown and you Can do quite a lot with it in the cellar You can ferment it and age it in berries In small Oak barrels that add complexity Intensity richness to the wine and the Best chardonnays are usually fermented And aged in berik there was a time when People got bored with Chardonnay and There was this acronym ABC anything but Chardonnay but there’s also ABC or born

Clima this wine reproduces great Chardonnays and other grape varietals Unfortunately the wine maker and owner Jim Clendenin just recently passed away But this is a wine that are really Treasure it’s the Sanford and Benedict Chardonnay from the 2016 vintage it is Rich and complex but it’s also fresh Vibrant and it really makes your mouth Water so this is what great Chardonnay Should taste like let’s move on to the Reds number eight Pinot Noir Pinot is Amazing period it’s one of the oldest But also most influential grape Varieties and it produces some of the Most desirable wines Pinot is there for You if you need some intellectual Stimulation and if you want a wine that Is not rich and concentrated but more Refined and elegant Pinot is great with Game beef or even salmon and it’s Usually more accessible to people who Are not really into red wine because of Its more polished round tenants Unfortunately the best Pinot noirs are Getting really expensive and I have this Bottle of Bono de mattress Corton from The 2017 vintage on my shelf for a while One day I will open it but I need a Special occasion for it you know that’s Not just something that you drink on a Tuesday evening number nine is the good Old classic Bordeaux cuvine I was a bit Sneaky here as I managed to fit three

Grape varieties into one spot Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Cabernet Franc are The most widely used bread grape Varieties in Bordeaux and they are great Partners in a blend but okavis tend to Be quite rich and concentrated with lots Of tannins and lots of structure they Are great for maturation so you can keep Them for a long time and they can also Be great matches with beef if you have Like a medium fried Philly that is just A beautiful match they are available Pretty much everywhere because they’re Also produced pretty much everywhere Where there is wine but I really like This one large barge is one of those Producers that are always enjoyed and This is from the 90s from 98 so this was A time when Bordeaux was still really Lively and fresh the alcohol level here Is at 13 and this is one of of the Classics I’m looking forward to open it maybe in Tonight Let’s see number 10 is que sera Sira Sira is one of the greatest red grape Varieties in the world but for some Reason it’s not really breaking through Not for a lack of effort that’s for sure And the ones can be really amazing and They are a bit wilder than Cabernet Sauvignon for example with notes of Bacon olive tapenade and pepper I love To rub with aromatic meat dishes for

Example goat lamp or pigeon I’m right Away in heaven if you put a glass of red Surah in front of me together with a Grilled rack of lamp Hmm this is the 2015 Pietra sassy Surah From Santa Maria Valley this is just Beautiful it combines The Ripe and Intense fruit flavors with the spicy Herbaceous tea and Like pepper notes so there’s just a lot Going on in this wine and this is Basically in the essence of Surah number 11 Can be an amazing grape variety if it’s Made in the right way it can produce Silky smooth rich and high octane wines But it also has a slightly more Structured more lively element to it it Forms the blend of many of the Great Wines along the Mediterranean Coast but It can also be vinified as a single Variety and can produce outstanding Wines today grenatch is also planted Outside of Europe in Australia or in the US for example but I really like this One the 2019 Dido La Universal from Monsante in Spain this is a wine for People who don’t necessarily like very Tannic wines but want concentration and Richness while also getting some Freshness and this is very cheap for What it it is so this is definitely a One that you can wall people with Without spending a lot of money

Is nebioto in order to like nebiolo you Definitely have to like tenants the YOLO Can be one of the greatest grape Varieties in the world the only reason Why it’s not more widely spread is I Think because it only really grows well In Piedmont it produces light colored Red ones that can be aged for decades Because of the high level of tannins and Acidity so you can just buy a case and Forget about it for a long time great Barolo and barbaresco is beautiful with Rich and greasy dishes because of the Fact that the wines cuts through Everything Basically this one is LA carnova from Barbaresco a region that was long Regarded as second to barolo but today There are some really really amazing Ones coming out of barbaresco and I Think this is a great wine for its price It is fairly affordable and it’s Beautiful beautiful lucky number 13 is San Jose it is the king of Tuscany and Probably the grape variety most Associated with Italy it produces many Average wines but also quite a lot of Really amazing complex age-worthy wines That are great with food because Italians do everything with food on Their minds you should drink Central With Pizza Pasta and tomato sauce or Braised meat like wild boar for example And I really love this wine this is

Beyondi Sandy’s Brunello di Monta Chino One of the great Classics and this is an Aged version It’s the 2004 vintage a Pretty good vintage as far as I remember And one day I will open this with some Brace board That would be a good idea number 14 Tempranio tempranio is the Spanish Equivalent to San Jose it grows in lots Of different places and it can produce Great wines especially when aged in Oak The amazing thing about tempranillo from Spain is the fact that they often come Out when they’re ready to drink after a Long period of Aging in barrels and in Bottle which is great because you don’t Have to store the stuff it’s ready to Drink I like to drink Temple new with Grilled meat and another advantage of This wine is that it’s usually fairly Cheap this is one of the best Templar News there is I think from Rioja Vina Tondonia Reserva the 2007 vintage and I Think I paid 25 dollars for it Cheap well maybe more like 30 35 US Dollars but still pretty cheap for one Of the best wines of its type and number 15 Port I don’t think you need to have a Lot of sweet wine on your wine rack but Every now and then it’s nice to open a Bottle of sweet wine and I would Recommend getting pot pot can be super Complex super intense super interesting It’s usually fairly affordable you get

It in lots of different places and if You don’t drink it it doesn’t matter Because it’s basically indestructible I Don’t think that this 2015 Nippon Vintage port will age as long as that Other bottle but it’s a beautiful wine Today and it will definitely keep for a Few more decades it goes really well With Rich blue cheese or chocolate Desserts so you can play around with That or you just drink a glass to Meditate at the end of the day alright I Hope I give you some ideas of how to Start your own wine collection I will Put all of the ones in the description Below this video and you can go out and Buy those wines or follow the Recommendation in your favorite wine Shop around the corner I don’t mind I Hope you enjoyed this video if you liked It then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already my question of the day Is which wine did I miss let me know Down Below in the comments as you surely Will I hope I see you guys again soon Until then stay thirsty Foreign [Music]