The FUTURE of WINE? Diving into Hybrid Wines.

Hi my name is consider Limbaugh master Of wine and today I want to talk about The future of wine a future where we Don't have to put chemicals into the Vignette in order to produce healthy Grapes a future where new improved grape Varieties allow us to make wine cheaper Easier and more sustainable sounds too Good to be true maybe but let's talk About it [Music] Wine production would be a whole lot Easier if we hadn't imported a bunch of Diseases like powdery and downy mildew From the new world at least since then It is really difficult to grow grapes Commercially without using any chemicals In the vineyard in order to protect the Vine from disease attack even certified Organic and biodynamic producers usually Rely on copper and sulfur in the Vineyard in order to protect the vines And very few producers don't need any Chemicals at all particularly in the Cooler and more humid wine growing Regions like the classics Bordeaux Burgundy champagne and the mosul rain Often falls on the ripe grapes and the Common grape varieties that are used Today a for the wine production usually Start to rot when it gets really wet What you need to understand is that Pretty much all of the grape varieties That are used in the production of wine

Today are from the vitus vinifera family They produce the best flavor juice and We've grown accustomed to these grapes However there's a plethora of other Species such as vegetaria vegetable Pastors fetus ballandari and Vitus Lambrusca that have varying degree of Tolerance or resistance to cold weather Conditions mildew detritis Bunch rot Viruses and phylloxera that is why Producers have started experimenting With these resistant varieties and have Interbred them with Vitas vinifera types In order to combine the best of the Two Worlds sounds pretty great Well the issue remains that while there Are many environmental and economic Reasons for using these hybrid varietals They tend to produce wines that don't Taste great I believe though that making Great wines out of new varietals always Takes time so I asked Leon to put Together a selection in order to see Whether I can find something good So let's go so the first one is the 2020 Cabernet Blanc from weingwood Lunds it's Classified as German wine but it's Actually from the lake Constance area in Southern Germany the one we focuses on PVS the German term for fungus resistant Grape varieties such as muscaras Johanita zolares and cabaneblon According to wine grapes from Genesis Robinson Cabernet blondes actually a

Crossing of Cabernet Sauvignon and then Undisclosed disease resistant grape Variety there's all kinds of different Contradicting information out there on Cabernet blog in the US it also seems to Be a term for blush wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon but that's definitely Not it Genesis also says that the taste Profile is somewhere between Riesling And sauvignon blanc so let's Try it the wine spots of lemon zest Apple and pear it's pretty food driven There's also a little bit of mintiness Coming through on the palette it's Actually quite juicy and Rich the Alcohol is moderate there's a little bit Of sweetness there but I mean it's dry But there's some risotto sugar there the Acidity is quite fresh I think it's Pretty harmonious if someone would pour This for me in a blind tasting I Wouldn't guess that this is a hybrid Wine I think it tastes pretty good it's Above average it's fresh fruity it's a Pretty wine the wine retails for around 17 US dollars so it's not necessarily Great price quality ratio wise I would Rate this 83 points I think it's good But yeah at that price I definitely Would get something a little tastier the Next one is the 2018 Thomas Nida Maya Souvenir from Northern Italy from the Alto Aditya region souvenir is a pretty Popular disease resistant grape variety

It's gray skinned and it is a crossing Of several blur and Sierra Tomas is a Pretty small estate they are certified Organic and they really focus on disease Resistant grape varieties apart from Pinot Brown I believe that everything They use is disease resistant or PV they Even trying to make their own Crossings Which are not in circulation yet I Believe but this kind of shows their Commitment to this type of grape variety The wine was fermented spontaneous Continuously it was aged in stainless Steel and used barrels and it's actually Pretty high in alcohol with 14 percent It's also I mean I haven't tasted too Many disease resistant grape variety Wines that are already this old I mean This is now four to five years old So I'm guessing that they are making a More high quality style this is also the Most expensive dry one in the tasting And it retails for around 25 US Dollars It's months of unripe oranges and the Core of the apple on the palette it's Also a little bit harsh a little bit Grippy Not quite not really harmonious it Almost has like an orange wine Dimension To it so I don't really know whether They left the Jews on the skins for a Prolonged period but there's a little Bit of this grippiness that you can get From Orange wines

I can sense that they are trying to Produce something really outstanding Something well special but I think it Just doesn't quite work out So I would rate this 80 points I think It's barely good it's not something that I would enjoy drinking that much I don't Know whether that's really the fault of The grape variety or the producer maybe It tried to do too much here the next One is the 2018 reggae from Poland Poland is still a newer winemaking Country the production is still fairly Limited but it's growing because of Climate change there are more Opportunities there for producers to Make one this producer is apparently Just like 15 years old they are using in This wine different hybrid grape Varieties disease resistant grape Varieties in order to produce A good red one I hope the grape Varieties are Regent a great variety That is also fairly popular in Germany Cabernet cortis and Maricel Forge and There is well very limited information Available on winemaking and I can't Really read the label here sorry there's Also some swigert here that's what I Gathered from from the label That's why I got so it smells a little Bit of stewed fruits there's some Blackberry character here some black Currant flavors even there's a little

Bit of spiciness herbaceousness it Doesn't feel very ripe I mean there's Ripe fruit flavor but there's also Something slightly unripe coming through On the palette it's pretty Juicy Fruit Driven a little bit Bland and boring There's a little bit of tannins coming Through it's still It's not a great wine I mean it's it's It's okay this retails for around 18 US Dollars and yeah price quality wise I Don't think it's really all that Exciting you won't hear me sing I don't Like reggae I love it it's more like well I don't Hate reggae Wow what has this channel come to Seriously I'm going to rate this one 78 Points I think It's just just average and at this price Point I would expect much more from a Wine not necessarily from Poland because I don't really know what polish wine Costs but well on an international Tasting this would certainly not be one To stand out so for my Canadian friends Who keep suggesting that I should taste More Canadian wines this is the 2016 Rife estate Vidal ice one from Niagara Guitar was created in the 1930s by Jean Louis Vuitton and it's a cross between Uniblo and rayon door and it's a hybrid That grows really well in cold cold Collisions and that's why I'm guessing

This is popular in Canada Canada is Quite famous for producing ice wines It's getting more and more difficult to Produce ice wine here in Germany where We also pride ourselves in our history With this difficult to make wine style But in Canada it seems to be possible to Make ice wine on a far more consistent Basis in Canada as well as in Germany You have to harvest the grapes at -7 or -8 degrees Celsius and when you press Them most of the water actually stays Behind because it's still frozen and you Therefore get a really concentrated very Sweet but often also fresh and vibrant Wine that is quite pure and special this One actually has around 200 grams of Residual sugar and the acidity is pretty High at around 10 grams per liter But let's see whether it tastes any good Because that's what I'm here for Can't seem to get the wax off so I'm Just going to Ram the cork through the wax layer So the wine has this beautiful amber Color it looks really nice and you can See that it's very concentrated because Of the way it moves in the glass it's Kind of slow Viscosity that's the term I think the Wine smells of dried apricots peaches And there's even a light caramel flavor Coming through but it's not aged in Barrels it's aged in stainless steel it

Must be from the wine itself also There's a little bit of licorice I think On the pan it's really rich and Concentrated the acidity is high but I Think the sweetness is just a little bit Too high for my taste but if you buy an Ice wine What do you expect ice one is a little Bit over hyped in my opinion the story Is great and the wines can be beautiful But oftentimes sweet wines made with Butter chives grapes or sweet wines aged For a long time and Barrel are a little Bit more interesting in my opinion but This is a pretty good example but it's Also by far the most expensive while in The tasting it retails for 75 US dollars For the half bottle so that's a pretty Steep price I'm going to rate this one 90 points I think it's beautiful it's Concentrated and Rich and I would enjoy This as basically a dessert after a big Dinner so well done Canada you won the Tasting so this was a pretty interesting Tasting both the cheapest and the most Expensive wine performed the best in my Opinion But I gotta say I don't think hybrid Wines are going to take over the world Anytime soon which is a bit of a shame Because it would be great if we could Reduce our impact on the environment by Producing really beautiful wines this is Not the end of the road I think over

Time more and more producers will figure Out how to make great wine from these Hybrid varietals and then hopefully they Will become a real alternative for us Wine drinkers so thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you did Then please like it down here subscribe To my channel if you haven't done so Already a question of the day is have You ever tasted hybrid wines let me know Down below let me know what you thought Of those wines of course as well I hope I see you guys again soon until then Stay Thirsty [Music]