The Secret to Great Beaujolais Wine

What if I told you that there's a red Grape that's as Lively as Pinot Noir but At half the price Meet Gamay Beaujolais Shining Star [Music] Greetings wine enthusiasts I'm master of Wine Christine marsilio here to delve Into the captivating world of game from Beaujolais game a great variety Teetering between fruity charm and Serious structure is the backbone of Beaujolais wines the secret behind their Vibrant fruity character a technique Known as semi-carbonic maceration this Technique involves fermenting grapes in A carbon dioxide-rich environment which Leads to intracellular fermentation Within the grapes and this produces Wines with bright red fruit flavors and Low tannins now let's journey to Beaujolais itself a delightful wine Region in eastern France Beaujolais Boasts 10 individual Crews consider them As three Dynamic troops The Fragrant ballerinas include flurry And shiruble known for their aromatic Elegance the robust Warrior group Encompasses And julianas offering more body and Structure and lastly we have the mineral Magicians featuring Santa Monica And the distinct code known for their Minimal Rich charm speaking of kotope Here's the Scoop volcanic soils are rich

In specific minerals including iron Magnesium and phosphorus these compounds When absorbed by the grapevines are Thought to enhance the mineral profile Of a wine adding a smokiness and Sometimes a flintiness get ready to Explore the Myriad of dimensions of Gamete from Beaujolais and specifically The volcanic personality of code debris Cheers well well well what have we here This is a cooked Brewery Beaujolais from Domain de la vuit de Cruz from the 2021 Vintage taking a look at that color oh My pale purple oh for sure on the nose It's earthy and fruity at the same time Dried blueberry fruit punch bubble gum Some potting soil a little petrichor Fresh pomegranate I'm all over the place With flavors here It's fruity but dry and then we get this Floral herbal aromatic finish that just Comes through the back of your palette Fantastic I really really want a burrito A Chicken al pastor burrito maybe some Huevos Ventura something with pinto Beans would be awesome with this wine Because this wine would lift up that Situation I think I would want to decant This wine at least 20 minutes before Drinking just to let those flavors Integrate a bit in your glass so if You've always wanted to learn more about Wine and don't know where to start check Out Wine Folly courses these online take

At your own pace these courses are an Amazing way to get up to speed on wine Learn about your palate and feel Confident in any wine situation find out More at