Three Champagne and sparkling wines for Christmas

Continuing my theme of three wines of The week for christmas this week we move On to sparkling wines and then my first Is a really nice wine it’s a cremant de Burgoyne from the maison de cremonts in Burgundy based around merso and it’s a Blend of two champagne grapes pinot noir And chardonnay aged 18 months in the Bottle just like a champagne and i think A real bargain at 14 pounds in sainsbury The wine itself uh Lovely Sense of Creamy biscuity notes on the nose a real Kind of lovely quality from that long Aging on the leaves And on the palette Well it’s a delight it has real fruit Sweetness Plenty of pleasing easy drinking sweet Fruit but also the acid balance is great And it continues with that little bit of Biscuit undercutting everything to give It that sense of richness It’s a fantastic value high quality wine Nicely packaged to look good on the Dinner table and at 14 pounds as i say a Bit of a steal Wine number two in my collection of Sparkling wines for christmas is from Tasmania the large island off the south Coast of australia actually home to a Lot of really really good sparkling

Wines now this one is the house of aras Brute elite it’s in majestic stores at 34.99 But in one of their mixed six deals or In scotland the price falls to 29.99 so it’s expensive but it is of Superb quality now part of this wine a Blend again of chardonnay pinot noir and Pinot meunier the three grapes that are Principled in champagne Part of the baseline for this was Fermented in barrels which gives it an Extra little bit of toast and richness On the nose that is evident it’s Actually very champagne like this wine There is some of that toast there’s some Truffle kind of character a lovely Thrust of lemony fruit a really Attractive wine and on the palate Well there’s some bread and generosity To this wine Again that barrel fermentation adding That little bit of weight and toast a Little bit of oxidation which just gives It a little bit of kind of Less sharpness to the flavor But the acidity is terrific and the wine Drinks incredibly well This is the house of aras brute elite From majestic at around 29.99 on a mix-6 deal or of bang in Scotland And finally if it has to be champagne Then why not make it such a beautiful

Champagne is this the goosey or gossiped Grand blanc de blanc so it’s a wine from Champagne obviously Selling for around 46 pounds at the Moment from barry brothers and rudd Which is a very very good price it’s Quite widely available at between kind Of 49 and 60. i’ll put a little list of Retailers at the end um but a really Good price for a superb wine so it’s a Blonde blanc which means it’s all Chardonnay the dosage is quite low it’s Brute wine but the desire is only around Seven percent and most of the wine Coming from really good ground crew and Premier cruising yards in the blanc the Great home of chardonnay In champaign On the nose Lovely lovely Toast and the tallest development here Creaminess It spells smells quite like a white Burgundy in many ways lovely character And on the palate Well there’s a kind of ethereal Quality to this wine you’d see in this Clear glass bottle it looks very very Fresh very delicate and that’s what Delivers on the palette Substantial Lemony fruit Substantial amount of biscuity richness Great length but lovely balance and

Because of that slightly drier style Quite a versatile wine brilliant with Fish and seafood as well as As an aperitif style of course The gossip or gussy Grand blanc de blanc For sale at 46 pounds and bear brothers And rudd and other stockists these are My Christmas sparkling wines of the week [Music] So [Music] You