Three fortified wines for Christmas 2021

I confess vermouth is not something that I drink or use very often i’m strict That kind of wine and occasional beer Man but this one is really really Interesting this is the padro and co Blanco reserva vermouth and it comes not From basically like the famous names Chenzano and martini it comes from spain And it majors on citrus flavors and Aromas as well as the usual kind of Aromatics and herbs and spices that Vermouth would normally have or white Vermouth like this The price is 15.99 And it’s um for selling a lot of Independent merchants hey wines is one But there are a lot of them i’m going to Put a list at the end of the video of All the stockists of this very Interesting vermouth for sipping with Some ice or of course as a base for a Martini or another cocktail so on the Nose Lots and lots of intense kind of basil And angelica and those kind of really Quite lifted of floral herb aromas but There is lots of citrus too More about lime and lemon than orange Initially on the rose for me i think but Quite intense then on the palate While drinking this neat 18 Um Alcohol

It doesn’t burn at all the quality of Spirit in this wine or this product is Very good indeed And i love the flavors loads of that Exoticness loads of all of that kind of Basilic in a character but a real Blast a clean surge of citrus through The middle that makes it for me Extremely interesting and very very Drinkable it’s an aperitif style wine i Guess or for mixing with cocktails um But i think a really interesting wine For this christmas Well a huge change of pace for my second Fortified wine of my christmas trio and This is a serious port it’s the Quinta de noval Colierta 2007 port a for sale for 49 Pounds and 99 pence from ocado Crump richmond shaw also sell it and you May find it in other stockists uh if you Use the wine searcher links So the port a cleater port is a port From a single vintage Like a vintage port and in this case From a single vineyard that came to the Noval But instead of being aged for a short Time in wood and then released for Further aging in bottle once you have The vintage port home This one has been in the wooden casks in The cellars at noval for 13 years which Has matured the wine beautifully it has

This tawny colour it is a tawny port and On the nose Marvelous kind of um walnut and raisin Inflections to this a little bit of Old kind of polished wood character to It too lots of maturity but somewhere in There there’s quite a firm core too and In the mouth Well the fruit is still really quite Substantial there’s quite a lot of kind Of black cherry in there a little bit of Black currant even but again it’s all Kind of smoothed by that creaminess that Nuttiness A firm licorice twist to the tannins and Acidity but again the spirit quality Here is fantastic with no burn just like In a gentle infusing heat A fabulous port for this christmas and This is one to have with hard cheeses Possibly with blue cheeses and with Desserts darker desserts christmas Pudding maybe or chocolate desserts well My Third choice is something a little bit Different which i always like to include This is probably unique i would think in The world of wine it comes from uruguay Made from the tanat grape but the wine Has been fortified with brandy but has Also had a lot of added aromatics into The wine and things like vanilla bean Wild mint herbs and spices to make for a Fabulous wine that is the ultimate

Perhaps christmas pudding wine i would Say Price is 21.99 from the great grog Company and you’ll find them online There are other independent stockists Again a list at the end of the video so On the nose Well You know it’s like a Cup of really good hot chocolate with a Little bit of kind of spice sprinkle Sprinkled over it a little bit of nutmeg Or something maybe um but it’s all about That kind of chocolatey depth with again A really deep cherry quality to the Fruit and on the palate Sumptuous It’s very thick and rich in the mouth There’s a lot of sweetness But under cutting that are all of those Chocolatey vanilla flavors and that Slightly kind of wild slightly unusual Herb and citrus smoking on to to spark Some more interest into the wine as i Say perfect christmas pudding wine but Three cracking fortified wines i hope Whichever one you buy you thoroughly Enjoy it my wines Of the week [Music] You