Three red wines recommended for Christmas 2022

Foreign [Music] So on to red wines for Christmas and I'm Going to kick off with a Pinot Noir and For me it's a real kind of Banker for Roast turkey or roast chicken but also Pinot Noir tends to go really well with Things a little bit more gamey like for Example roast Goose or even if you're Having a bit of lamb or beef I think This wine would work too This is the kalfu Pinot Noir from Chile It's the 2018 vintage and it's for sale For 12 pounds 99 pence from Headley Right wine merchant but there are a lot Of independent merchants selling this Wine little list coming up just at the End of the video So the wine is actually made by a very Well established company called Vineyaventa squirrel but they have Vineyards not in their home in the maipo Valley down near Santiago but much Further north and towards the coast in The leader Valley Leaders become home to the really good Cool climate varieties like Sierra Pinot Noir Chardonnay sauvignon Blanc for example that's what this one Comes from aged in Oak barrels on the Nose Well very Savory very smoky I'm kind of Thinking of roasted chestnuts here that Kind of quite earthy bitruty character

As well so it's not a fruit bomb style That's the credentials of color climate For Pinot Noir is they get those kind of Aromas then on the palette Good Well the lovely fruit does come through But it never loses that swirling Smoky Briery kind of quality Um makes it very food friendly not a Fruit bomb by any means much more in the Savory side but I think that's going to Make it a great food wine for Christmas Red wine number two is a little bit Different it comes from Lebanon not in Europe of course in the Middle East but With a very long French influenced Winemaking tradition this particular Wine is from domain de Terrell a Family-owned company and it's their viel Vina sanso 2019. so sansos the variety Villa means Old vines in this case very much true 70 Year old vines in this one coming from Vineyards at over a thousand meters Altitude in the cold Becca Valley in Lebanon so an interesting wine made with Indigenous yeasts in concrete tanks Organically found grapes and then aged In a combination of some big French Tanks a French Oak tanks rather and Concrete Vats Very classic in style on the nose Well you know lots of Cedar lots of Cigar box that kind of character and

Both black and red fruits are not too Dark I Set brightness to them but it has That very classic European feel on the Nose to me on the palette Well the fruit does emerge really nicely A good depth of ripe fruit here but all The time that slightly kind of sinew is Slightly kind of firm Edge to the wine That again makes it very Savory it's Selling for about 15 pounds from All About Wine also very widely available From great Grog and wood Winters lots of Suppliers again a list at the end of the Video And so to my third and final red wine For Christmas 2022 we crossed now to Australia and to Western Australia in The very high quality region of Margaret River mount river probably most famous For its cabinet Sauvignon red wines but This in fact is our own blend this is The McHenry honen Grenache Shiraz mataro Or mervedra 2018 vintage Um so it's a blend a classic blend very Much dominated by the Grenache which Makes up I think about 80 or 90 of the Blend here and aged in Oak barrels and Given the kind of full quality wine Treatment I guess in a kind of similar character To a shuttle of the pap for example it's For sale for about 25 pounds from amps Fine wine Oz wines there are a few Suppliers of this and the list again at

The end of the video On the news Well I mean unlike the first two wines This is really upfront buoyant kind of Sonorous fruit lots of ripeness lots of Berries lots of appeal the oak adding Lots of vanilla and kind of chocolate Beneath so a very Sumptuous Style And in the mouth Well again High tone sweet fruit kind of Floods across the palate Gives us lots and lots of likability but There is a very fine firm tannic Beginning to this wine Just emerging towards the finish and it Has a lovely balance of that cherry ripe Fresh acidity fine tanning and deep Fruit against the Oak and it's a lovely Wine I think this one really you're more Talking about red meats for Christmas But it's also would be great with hard Cheeses if you're going to have a lump Of really good cheddar or Parmesan for Example This is the McHenry honen grenachiras Mataru 2018 selling for about 20 pounds 25 pounds and a number of retailers the List coming up and my final red Christmas wine Of the week [Music] Thank you