Titan 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley | Wine Expressed

So here we have the 2018 Napa Cabernet this is the Titan Wine Company this one is there no wood Vineyard single Vineyard from Oak Knoll 100 Cabernet So Oak Knoll it's one of my favorite Districts um it's a little bit South in Napa and because of that it gets uh kind Of a nice cooler climate than some of The hotter neighboring districts that That San Pablo Bay that breeze blows up Has a wonderful effect on the on the Grapes and you know can bring about a Really nice acidity in these wines which Is so important for aging so this is 2018 Stellar vintage and especially important That that kind of cooling effect is in These warmer climates like 2000 uh Vintages like 2018. Um so this is 22 months in Oak and uh Oak North uh Some of the uh some better white Lewis Cab nothing cab is really the one of the Better known ones and um yeah the style Here is really similar on a lot of those Cabs and wow there's tons of tense black Fruit Black cherry uh almost like a black Cherry cola That jumps out there uh blueberry Certainly vanilla from the oak comes out Some really nice cocoa notes I'm like

You know that dark cocoa that baker's Chocolate is coming out Some nice nutty notes a little bit of Nutmeg a little hint of that kind of Crust eucalyptus that little minty note A little bit of that licorice Extremely intense filling up the room Here let's take a taste [Music] Thank you So if you like your Napa cabs Big Opulent muscular then this one is for You this is just a powerful wine with Lots of black fruit the acidity is great Right because of this this oakenal Climate so there's some mouth watering Going on but it is expansive the tannins Are chewy and firm and gripping this has Got just layers of fruit Spice from the Oak hint of that little tertiary kicking In with that tobacco that earthy kind of Mushroom note but This is a wine that you know at the Winery is a hundred plus dollar wine Which I can you know see why that we're Going to have that you know a fraction Of that price screaming value fire up The grill throw the steaks on grab a Bottle a bottle of this Titan and you Will not be disappointed available here At Wine Express cheers enjoy [Music] Foreign