Tom Cannavan’s complete online wine appreciation course.

My five-week wine course is certainly Designed to educate and inform but it’s Also designed to entertain if you’re Going to give me five weeks of your time Five winter evenings i want to make sure You enjoy them with plenty of time for Discussion plenty of time to have a Light-hearted look at wine as well as Finding out a little bit more about Everything every aspect of wine from Grape to glass and also honing your Tasting technique a little bit The purpose of it all is to enjoy wine Even more the course is suitable for Complete beginners because we’ll go back To basic concepts but it’s also really Suitable for those who already have a Love of wine because we will treat each Subject in some depth and by the end of The five weeks i hope that you are kind Of empowered if you like to enjoy every Glass even more because of the little Bit of knowledge and a little bit of Technique that has been taught through The course I hope you’ll join me [Music] You