Torres 2018 Chardonnay, Milmanda, Conca De Barbera | Wine Expressed

My Chardonnay my white burgundy fans do I have a treat for you It is Torres Mill Monda 2018. From Spain this is arguably the best White Spanish wine that you will ever Taste I've ever tasted This is God Justin Really aromatic intense tropical fruit Jumping out of the glass pineapple mango Melon Definitely that that green and pear Fruit that apples coming out Um but it's got this really nice wet Stone this brininess like a salinity That comes out Super intense I mean look at the color On this it's just Deep deep gold Um Really intense really layered This has a intense Waiver profile On the palette all those tropical fruits Coming through all those baked apple and Pear but Cinnamon spices then nutmeg spices They're layered with this salinity in This searing acidity that comes across The Finish just goes on and on this is a Really complex intricate line Um that's you know drinking amazingly Now but will age you know just like a Really quality white burgundy so It's not an inexpensive wine but I

Promise it'll be not only one of the Best but easily one of the most Interesting white wines that you'll Drink all year so cheers enjoy